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    Crazy Nightmares Lately..

    by , 09-18-2015 at 01:21 AM (276 Views)
    Crazy murder mystery thing where S goes insane and starts threatening me with a butcher knife and holding me down and drawing it across my face so that it almost cuts me.. it did not feel pleasant.


    C and I are driving through a neighborhood filled with bright red pretty houses and somehow I end up stuck in one at the edge of the neighborhood. There's some kind of demon ethereal being that lives there and it traps me and commands that the only thing I will have to eat is it. Like, I can only eat raw peices of "human" flesh for the rest of my life. I end up sticking a human steak in the microwave and hoping that this doesn't break the rules because I really don't want to eat it raw. There are a bunch of scary scenes that flash, including one where I'm holding an eyeball by the optical nerve and flipping it around, contemplating eating it, trying to convince myself that this is all okay...


    Ugh.. hate this crap D:

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