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    1. Crazy Nightmares Lately..

      by , 09-18-2015 at 01:21 AM
      Crazy murder mystery thing where S goes insane and starts threatening me with a butcher knife and holding me down and drawing it across my face so that it almost cuts me.. it did not feel pleasant.


      C and I are driving through a neighborhood filled with bright red pretty houses and somehow I end up stuck in one at the edge of the neighborhood. There's some kind of demon ethereal being that lives there and it traps me and commands that the only thing I will have to eat is it. Like, I can only eat raw peices of "human" flesh for the rest of my life. I end up sticking a human steak in the microwave and hoping that this doesn't break the rules because I really don't want to eat it raw. There are a bunch of scary scenes that flash, including one where I'm holding an eyeball by the optical nerve and flipping it around, contemplating eating it, trying to convince myself that this is all okay...


      Ugh.. hate this crap D:
    2. LDs 12th? Night of Comp.

      by , 08-30-2015 at 02:57 PM
      -DILD because S is with me and C in some kind of music store. I get really excited about her being there and try to get C pumped up about it too, but he doesn't really care too much. Me and S hang out at a rack of what looks like post cards. On the cards are sexy pics of Mu that both of us freak out over. C is not impressed lol. S is wearing some clothes that are not normal for her; they have lots of bright blues on top of the usual black. Her attitude is unusually perky, too. She leads us out to her car and as we go outside C turns into Mu, now wearing a baggy black sweater, dark jeans and some sexy shades. After S shows us the awesomeness of her ride, which seems to be a black Chevy Neon, Mu gets in the driver's seat and S climbs into the back where I'd been planning to sit. Surprised, I say, "So I get to sit next to Mu?" and she seems surprised that I even questioned it. I speed around to the passenger side and get in and my recall ends.

      -DILD again on the back porch of some semi-familiar house. It's dawn and the sun has not yet risen. Pink light bathes the open field and treeline in front of me and creates a beautiful scene. The air feels great, too. I am astonished that this is a dream, but I just KNOW it is so I start singing to the beauty and floating up. I "take a chance" and fly out over the trees. The light begins to fade and it seems more like deep twilight now. There are big, incandescent floodlights spaced far apart throughout the forest I am now above and I go to each of these like a moth. I land at each light and look around. There's a crude dirt road (not big enough for a reg. car in my opinion, more like for an ATV or 4-wheeler) that winds past each of the lights and nothing else around but the pine forest. I'm no longer singing, but there is some music that has taken over with the same tune and I'm really enjoying it, very peaceful and happy. I fly up and land on top of something tall, I think a tree, and take a good look around. Big fluffy pink clouds are gathered along dips in the land like steam and I start to see tribal-looking DCs running around. Some of them are singing to the song and some are dancing with each other. Some young ones are playing with each other, just tumbling around on the ground. I get caught up in the fun and lose recall for a bit.

      -Recall starts back up and I'm lucid again with a couple of generated cat anthro DCs, a girl and a boy. The girl is a soft pink and the boy is dark stripey blue/black. We are exploring at twilight and find ourselves at a creepy wooden shack. I go inside alone and start exploring. I start to see chopped up pieces of anthro bodies all around and as I get deeper the quantity of these increases. I find no doors and start to hear crazy cackling laughter echoing all around. I confront my fears head on and continue walking through, determined not to give in to the freakishness. I finally reach a room that is practically FILLED with bloody, skinned body parts and the cackling is REALLY LOUD. I turn the last corner and all there is is a small table and chair. On the table is a rotten green-fleshed cat anthro head with a huge grin and white eyes. I sit next to it, grin in its face, and laugh. I figure I might as well go out the same way I came in, so I do so without incident. The girl cat anthro is still outside, so for fun I throw her in the door and slam it behind her as I leave.. so mean lmao. Recall ends here.

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    3. LDs 11th? Night of Comp.

      by , 08-29-2015 at 02:43 PM
      Got to bed really late and had no hope of getting lucid, but somehow it worked out! Woke up several times and the last bit was lucid!

      -WILD into my livingroom, feeling very prickly. I feel like all my hair is standing on end and really hard, like plastic. In some spots the hairs feel like plastic hooks like on velcro. Sounds are really loud and clear and things feel freaky. I push through this and float out the front door before immediately thinking of the moon rock eating task. I zip back inside the open door and down a hallway. I hear my daughter whining and getting closer quickly. I reach a table at a corner of the hall and it has a bowl of rocks on it, among other junk. I look through the bowl and find a grey rock filled with holes which I KNOW is a moon rock. It feels really hard and I'm hesitant to bite it, but I do so carefully. It hurts my teeth a lot but finally breaks in half. I try to chew the half in my mouth but it won't break up anymore. It tastes like salt and minerals. I finally just swallow it like a pill. When I turn around, my daughter has crawled around the corner and is watching me. I grab her and phase out of the house through the window. I figure she's gonna follow me anyway and I might as well take her with me. This turns into a long non-lucid about live action D&D in my grandma's old back yard, very fun.

      -DEILD back in (an actual chain! It's been so long! ) to my living room and Lk is there walking around. It feels odd and very real and I'm not QUITE sure I'm dreaming so I do an RC and sure enough I am. Lk has some kind of problem going on or some kind a question he needs answered and we both know that H can answer it. I tell Lk this and he agrees. I figure H is coming over, but Lk just sits down and gets on the phone with him. I refuse to give up on H coming here, so I decide to help it along with my expectation powers. I think to myself that they're just talking on the phone while he drives this way. I walk towards the door that leads to the car port and I see headlights pull up into it. I walk out and H is in the driver's seat of a big, nice SUV which I think is white. He gets out and I move stuff out of his way so he can get to the door. As he goes in I stay really close to him and put off an intimate vibe and he leans down and kisses me on the forehead... I'll take it lol. This devolves into a NLD where we all try to figure out the problem or whatever it was.

      I'm gonna count that kiss persuasion as mind control because I didn't use any language or signals etc.

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    4. LD 8th Night of Comp.

      by , 08-26-2015 at 01:58 PM
      -Long NLD about preparing to run from a tornado which eventually gets me lucid as I'm standing outside. Like my previous tornado dreams, I've been left behind as I try to gather things. I do a nose RC as usual and look around to see that the storm is gone but the sky is a flat grey. I think hard about tasks and points and finally think that I want to eat a moon rock, but then I immediately remember I want to summon someone first. So I turn around with a joyous feeling, expecting C to be there, and he is, standing down on the ground looking up at me (I automatically float when lucid most of the time). I happily call him up and he floats to me and we fly off together. He seems weird though and I look over and he's a weird-looking toilet brush in my hand. I just drop it and let it fall to the ground, sadly not thinking of the new Challenge task. My awareness fades pretty quick after that, I need to remember to stabilize..
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    5. LD 7th Night of Comp.

      by , 08-25-2015 at 03:06 PM
      Lucidity and points at terrible cause.. awful nightmare spurred by stupid show I watched last night involving a dead baby :<

      -My daughter has some kind of problem and somehow we decide the best course of action is to euthanize her ourselves, painlessly of course. For some reason we're going through this process on the roof of some unknown public building here in town in the middle of a bright, hot day. As the process goes on, my daughter just keeps playing around like nothing is going on, since it hasn't taken full effect yet. This is just all way too much for me and I freak the hell out. The sheer amount of awfulness springs my lucidity and I channel it all towards getting the hell out of there. I immediately run and jump wayyy up into the air and fly away in a straight line as fast as I can. Scenery speeds by in a blur and my recall ends.
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    6. LDs 6th Night of Comp.

      by , 08-24-2015 at 05:49 PM
      Still a little sick, but got enough sleep to make up for it and get me lucid!

      -Something tips me off while I'm alone in my house and I decide to do an RC, which makes me fully lucid. I go out the kitchen door and my recall ends there.

      -Same thing happens again: lucid in living room, RC, walk out kitchen door and everything ends.

      These two dreams make me think of a messed-up car trying to start, like the engine trying to turn over for a second then going caput lol. Or maybe a shitty electrical connection trying to light a bulb which flickers.. It's like the physical parts of me that help with lucidity are still getting over the sickness and it's making them "short out" lol

      -Lucid in my house again, another RC. I'm in my daughter's room with her and she's crying and it's hard not to be distracted, but I firmly remind myself she's a figment and turn to the window. I look out, focus on a tree far above and let myself be "pulled" out (phase). It's a nice, overcast day. I think of the Challenge task to go into a house in my neighborhood that I've never been in before. I've never been in any of them except my own, so I just look for one that looks nice. I fly over the neighborhood, scanning for something good. I finally see one, land and go inside. There's a bed in the front room that looks like somebody is in it. I rip the covers away and my old coworker R is there, giving me a mischievous grin like she was hiding from me in some kind of game. I say something to her that I can't remember, then continue exploring the house. She goes to the couch and sits there on her phone. I find her old boyfriend Cody in the next room and I hate him so I grab him off the couch and throw him to the side. Unfortunately as I turn, he's still there and just walks by me as if I never did anything. Everything in the house is much more clean and organized than I'd expect from R, tbh. I end up in a convo with R that turns me non-lucid and fuzzy for a while. Later on in the same house I get close to full lucidity again but don't think of any goals. For some reason I think to summon Co. I do so (I think I use the around a corner type thing?) and he follows me around and we talk as I try to find a good private place for us to get it on. Always people everywhere when that happens! Finally we find out that inside one of my living room chairs (at my house now, yes) has a PORTAL inside it under the cushion. So, with the help of some unknown person who's trying to keep others from following us (thank you SubC!), we get through the chair portal with much laughter and find ourselves in an old but clean bedroom, like at a granny's house. Co turns into C and we laugh and talk on the bed for a while, me now non-lucid.

      Not sure if the portal counts for anything, it just happened naturally so I guess I won't give myself any points for that
      EDIT: Nvm, totally taking it.

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    7. NLDs 3rd Comp. Night

      by , 08-21-2015 at 03:10 PM
      Terrible night for sleep, my daughter is getting a cold D:
      Had so many sleep sessions, some were lucid but of course I don't recall those anymore because I was far too exhausted to record anything.. ugh.

      I remember 2 NLDs:

      -Hearing/Seeing a story about an eel who was adopted by a school of fish. The fish like to live at the surface of the water while the eel wants to live deep down in the dark. The fish always tell him it's not right and that he shouldn't, but one day he's just like, "Screw this, I'm going down there because that's the way it's supposed to be." As he goes, all the fish follow him deep deep down. And apparently later on this enables them to evolve in high-tech ways and they become a humanoid race (looking NOTHING like fish, all like human). I see a black ship rising to the surface of the water and the Asian/American looking guy piloting it is talking to another pilot on some kind of radio thing.

      -FA (I think?) that ends up with me inviting some DV people to my house. Two guys show up, one is CanisLucidus and the other might be Sensei?? The maybeSensei one is darker and skinnier while Canis is very normal looking. C comes home and is surprised and maybe a little put-off by the unexpected guests. I sit there talking (mainly with Canis) about how I just had a lucid dream about being a wolf and doing something odd. Canis and I share dreams of beings wolves. (I've never actually been a wolf in-dream.. that I know of)

      So that was cool! First time hanging out with a DV person in-dream.
    8. LDs 2nd Night of Comp.

      by , 08-19-2015 at 01:47 PM
      -Hanging out with about five people in a room in my house. One of them is M and he's the only one standing up, right across from me, playing guitar with a somber expression. I can't remember where the conversation was, but after some guy to my left says something, M chimes in by saying that he regrets "making (girls?women?) wait for hours," then he leans forward, stops playing, gives me a pained, meaningful look and says, "Do you think that was a mistake, too?" I almost cry looking into those eyes, so I turn mine down and think before being honest and saying, "Sometimes.." M looks conflicted between hope and despair, then I say in a lower tone, "But this is another life.. y'know?" M just sadly nods, gets his things together and leaves. I feel terrible, like I've torn out his heart, and the extreme emotion makes me semi-lucid. I start floating, phase out of the house, then fly after M, who's just turning the corner. It's sunset and warm light is streaming down from the left. I swoop around to get a good look at M and I see that he's as close to crying as a guy can be without actually shedding tears. I feel awful, but something about all this makes my lucidity rise up and I realize I don't care. I start flying back towards the house and see a female DC with short black hair walking towards the neighbor's house like she lives there. There are a few more DCs waiting for her on the porch. I fly rapidly up to her face and point at her, screeching. I just feel like scaring the crap out of something. At first, her eyes widen in surprise, then she settles into aloofness, giving me a look like, Ha! you can't do anything to me. I then "remember" that she used to be a powerful, evil witch, but her soul was taken out and put into this new body so that she would no longer have powers. At first I'm a little uneasy, then I get cocky because of her having no powers. I buzz around her head like a giant, annoying fly for a bit, having fun teasing her, before fading into some vague non-lucidity then waking up.

      -DEILD into a low-awareness lucid in my bedroom. I realize I'm in a dream state, but that's about where my lucidity ends. I just sit there on the edge of my bed and think about the previous dream, which brings me to M. I start imagining myself being very forward with him and asking for sex, but I think that he'd be afraid for some reason. Then something clicks in my head and I think, no of course he wouldn't be. I get up and try to summon him for a second, but decide to stop so I don't end up ending the dream. Instead I go to the window. Outside is the front yard of my Dad's house. I "remember" that C has already left for work, but I see the car parked part-way in the shed. It looks different though. I look around some more and see a more accurate representation of it parked under the trees with C inside. He seems to be on the phone. I phase outside and into the passenger seat of the car. C ignores me and continues talking on the phone. I FINALLY think about the totms and remember the music one first. I turn on the car stereo and the repetitive music from one of my daughter's toys starts playing. I'll have to make a recording of that later.. Only other thing I remember is phasing out of the car and flying off.
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    9. NLDs 1st Night of Comp.

      by , 08-18-2015 at 02:20 PM
      -Shopping for Sims 4 CC online, picking out men's underwear in-game in CAS.

      -Waiting outside church to go in, feel out of place, just here for a wedding in the family. Riding around parking lot in nice tall SUV with rich church people I don't really know, they're friendly though. Finally someone comes out and tells us they're running late but we can go ahead and come in. I see a little boy go in front of me, part of the family. The sky is overcast and it's humid and the church is out in the middle of some pretty, peaceful country. Inside, it turns into a movie party sleepover thing and the lights are mostly turned out. J & Sh are there and the three of us, plus some girl I don't know but I feel like I'm supposed to know, are in our pajamas. It's a bit cold though, so we have light jackets on over them. Mine feels bulkier than the others and I'm a little self conscious. A lady to my right, rich and churchy and a bit fat, starts talking to me and ends up showing me how to use a weird elastic neck brace. I know she has to use it because of poor health related to being overweight, but I avoid mention of that and just be polite. J walks to the other end of the room, probably to find the bathroom, and Sh joins in the conversation, which turns to the topic of health insurance. Sh says her dad still has her on the D1 plan or something. I laugh to myself in my head because she's older than me and far less independent. Irl my husband and I pay for everything we get.

      -Something about being on an alien planet which is being invaded. The bad guys get the upper hand and take over completely, but they leave immediately and take all the stolen vehicles/technology with them (I guess to another planet). While they're gone, me and the remaining natives devise a plan which I don't really remember. I think we take everything they left over and build something awesomely powerful. I just know we're totally ready for them. Not long after, the baddies all come back, shocked to see all the scraps gone. We hit 'em while they're still shocked and it's a landslide victory for us!

      -In a gym-like place, but it's really a big, tall carport with rubbery flooring beneath it. This carport is attached to a large, metal warehouse which seems to be kind of out in the country, or on the edges of things anyway. All the machines are crammed together, some actually tipped against one another. There are a handful of beefy dudes working out which I ignore. I'm here for my own workout. I try to get on a stair-stepper that's shoved between some other stuff, but it just starts to tip over so I spend my whole effort trying to keep it upright with just my legs. As I focus on this, the scene around me changes to a small, wood-shop-like room. There is a group of people around me, most younger than me, though I feel younger than irl. There's one guy who's in his 40s it seems and he's speaking to us as a group with a warm smile. It almost feels like youth group. There are tools and things hung all around the white walls and everyone sits in mismatched folding chairs. The speaker rests his arm on a wood-working table to his right. I'm still sitting on the freaking stair-stepper, which now has a seat, and I'm way higher than everyone else. Someone comments about how, "She's 5'9"!" (directed at me) and it seems to be a good thing because I guess we're going to be playing sports later on. I laugh and blush. I'm not really that tall irl btw.. lol.

      -Watching some little cartoon with my little sisters. It's about a tall, bitter, unhappy lady with jet-black hair and pale skin. All of the girls around her are becoming "twitterpated" over the boys/men they like/love and she doesn't understand because she has no one like that, so she tries to undermine their relationships. At the end though, she meets a woman and falls in love and realizes that she's just like all the other girls and that it's okay to be "twitterpated" lol. I laugh at this and it gives me a happy feeling, but my sisters seem put-off, probably because their dad teaches them that being gay is wrong.. ugh. For those who don't know, "twitterpated" is a Disney ref. (Bambi) and basically means "head over heels"

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    10. Robots, Corn Dogs, Babies, Dryer/Shower

      by , 08-17-2015 at 05:48 PM
      First Half of Night

      -Turning on the shower, about to step in when I notice it's really small. I get a bigger view and realize I'm in what looks like a small laundromat with no windows, but it's all steamy and has a bathroom vibe. Everything is nice and clean and brightly lit; the tile is a light rose pink color while the walls and ceiling are a bit darker and less pink, more grey/beige. Anyway, I KEEP TRYING to get in this "shower", even though it looks exactly like a dryer now, just with a small shower head inside which is spraying water everywhere. I stick one leg in before I realize that this is a terrible idea: THIS one is way too small! So I go to a bigger one.. I get all the way inside and crouch down, then close the door. I sit in there for a minute, wondering what will happen (this one doesn't even have a shower head..) before I FINALLY realize this isn't a freaking shower.. I frantically open the door, get out, and that's all I remember of that one.

      -I'm in some kind of office building. The place is kinda plain, but pleasant and very casual. There are a few simple plants in large pots here and there. I'm with either Li or De and we go into a small, almost empty room. It has two large windows with cheap plastic blinds drawn down and slightly opened to let some light in. There are a few small wood cabinets and a big, thick, quilt-like blanket in the middle of the floor. There are lots of soft, rosey/mauve pinks in this building, too.. hm. So the buidling is filled with all female doctors and nurses, I think all with brown hair, all with hair down, all wearing pretty casual clothes for a job like that. I think we're here to help Li/De get pregnant or something. We somehow use a small, old, convex-screened TV to impregnate ourselves. It works instantly and the pregnancy just happens all at once, so 30 seconds later you have a baby. So, I end up having two babies.. it felt a lot like irl but much less painful thank goodness. The first one is a girl and the second is a darker complected boy that seems really light, like he's a preemie. There was much love and I just couldn't stop gushing over them.

      -Looking at pics on C's phone with him. There are drunk picks of Z and N that I guess they sent him the night before. In one of N, she's IN a metal tub full of whiskey, all the way up to her neck in it! She's smiling drunkenly and one of her eyes is wandering lol.

      -I find an old file for a PS2 game, but in my computer. My Dad's there and recognizes the game as one I'd played with my friends a lot when I lived with him. I open the file and it shows two gifs next to each other. The left one is like a brownish reddish gold-sparkley waterfall thing, like the goldish water is flowing over layers of brown and red rocks, with golden light shining down on it. The right side I think is a zoomed out view of this, but a little different. As I look it seems to change into surreal bleachers, like stadium seating. It's just a MASSIVE wall of them, with the brown representing the far wall (translucent and organic-looking with light shining through) and the red representing PILES of humanoids crowded into the bean-pod-like stands. It's much shadier in here than in the other picture. I see that a few of the people are HUGE and stand far above the others, but they're still just red figures to me for the most part, all waving their arms and cheering. Me and my Dad looking at this turns into us and J looking at an art book about the "most attractive characters in gaming". There's a section of just aliens that I'm curious to see, but my Dad keeps trailing about the beginning of the book. I make him skip ahead to the aliens and me and J just talk about which ones we think look best lol. There's one I like that she doesn't that's like a big, white, non-slimy salamander with really close-together blue eyes. It looks kind of snake-like, facially.

      -I'm seeing something in my head, like as if I'm imagining what someone is telling me. I see a dark hallway in an old, dusty house. An old woman is kneeling down, reaching into a hole in the wall where a grate has been removed. Next to her is her old robot, lying there, decommissioned, dead. It's kind of female looking, with a cone "skirt" and slender arms and legs. There are spindley, black appendages and wires sticking out of her every which way. I know that this robot was the old woman's only companion for years and years and that she used to have many robots. I also know that there is no human in the world that remembers the old woman. She's reaching into this hole, using one of the robot's extended appendages to attempt to fix something, probably the house itself, because the lights are out. Later on, I'm with C in the lobby of a theater. It seems to be themed like the "old days" because most everything is made of wood, and the fancy stuff of brass. We approach what looks like an old claw machine, but with four small sections and no claw. There's a button for each section and inside the glass part are name tags. They're each characters from a game, I think all robots. There's one name that's in quotes: "Machina". I know somehow that this is a fake name covering up the fact that this is actually the most epic robot from the game who's supposed to be dead (this comes from the robot that was with the old lady I think). I tell C this, he presses the button and the robot's voice comes on. It's old and British and male and we know immediately it's who we think it is. I can't remember his real name but I think it begins with C or CL.. He denies who he is and "hangs up" We go to the next machine, which is identical except instead of "Machina" it says "Corn Dog" lmao. I tell C to press that one and when he does, a HUGE hot dog (no bun or anything) SPLOOTS out of the back wall inside the glass and slides down to the front. I have theory that one of the employees got lazy and just "shoved corn dogs in there" instead of taking care of the machine.. wtf lmao
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    11. Big Party, J & Jon Stewart

      by , 08-13-2015 at 01:20 PM
      Beware: somewhat mature content below.

      Very long NLD in which I hang out with old friends & family for a long time in various places. J is kind of down because she keeps feeling out of place without me because I keep running off to hang with other people. I want to hang out with J, too, but everyone keeps splitting up to different places. At some point I see M and want to hang out with/woo him, but decide against it. This whole thing turns into a party at J's parents' house with all of our family there and all of our friends from that time/place. The back yard is different and doesn't have a pool anymore. There are probably hundreds of people there. I walk around, amazed. I don't recognize probably 80% of the people because everyone invited their own friends, too. People of all ages are there, but not many very old people besides direct family. I run around this scene, inside and outside of the house, for quite a while. Losing and regaining J several times. A lot of this was very vivid, but there's too much to recount and too little time. So eventually, I'm walking up and down this long setup out in the yard. The "setup" is a bunch of garden plots with what looks like corn growing in them in different, weird ways. Jon Stewart is there, walking up and down the line in a grey suit, explaining to everyone how each plot works. I come to find out that these plants are all actually marijuana. I end up right next to Jon as he demonstrates one of the plot setups to me. There's some kind of small, natural stream winding through this one and there's a pipe going over it. All around this are tall corn-like weed plants. Jon tells me that once the plants are established, they build up very thickly around the banks of the water, creating a high-yield situation. He starts ripping plants away to expose very thick, close-together stalks. I'm super impressed by this and I express my admiration. Jon gives a friendly response, but his face belies his general exhaustion and upset-ness at the world's problems. I try to make small talk, but he clams up, so I walk off. I end up far away in a fancy store in the city. I recognize no one and become sad because I've lost J. I'm about to text her when I see her walk in the door with Sh and K. J and I run off alone together, galavanting through the aisles of clothes like fools, freaking out all of the rich ladies that are there shopping. I start chanting, "Fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy!" and J starts chanting along with me. Eventually I leave, alone again. Next thing I remember is watching weird videos online with J and Sh and somebody else. There's some videos of drunk people doing stupid crap, then one comes up of some youngish guys in a weird room all dancing around. They're just wearing cut off shirts and nothing else, but their bottoms are blurred out. The room reminds me of a glorified garage. There's a big table in the middle and cabinets around the sides which have been painted bright green and pink. Somehow I enter into this video and become lucid. I start exploring the house and I talk to some of the guys and wave to the camera that was filming before, making a silly face and wondering if people will see me on the video later lol.. stupid. I make my way to the front of the house and find two ladies cuddled up together in a big bed by the front door. There were kids in some of the rooms, that's important. I talk to them and they seem awesome. One of them disappears almost immediately and I remain talking to the other. I say something to her like, "You got it made, girl! You got [something I can't remember] (we high-five), penis (we high-five harder, laughing), and kids! Kids are cool, right?" We high-five one last time. I know this chick is highly lesbo and was with that other chick, and now she's coming onto me. She walks towards me, pushing me back against a wall. I'm much taller than her and that way I'm looming over her kinda turns me on, too.. I am starting to lose control, so I say to her that I'd love to, but I don't want to lose lucidity before I do any tasks. (Finally thought of them.. jeez) But she doesn't move, only smiles and leans up for a kiss. I lean down a little before stopping myself, but then can't help but grab her butt a little. It's way more realistic than I'd expected and it breaks my brain. I end up dragging her around with me, trying to find a way out of the house, only to find myself trapped and alone again in some dark, cramped hallways.
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. Daniel Radcliffe's 3rd Nipple

      by , 08-10-2015 at 02:12 PM
      NLD from last night:

      - I have somehow "downloaded" Daniel Radcliffe's body and taken it as my own. Like, I AM Daniel Radcliffe, physically. So I go and sit down in a chair in a dimly lit room and I look down at my chest and start narrating lmao. I'm like, "So Daniel Radcliffe has a 3rd nipple, and as we can see here, it is erect!" It's like a tiny pink spot next to the left nipple and there's any even TINIER bump in the middle of it. I laugh quite a bit at this.
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Getting Back into DJing

      by , 08-08-2015 at 03:01 PM
      I've been supremely lazy with my DJ lately, and now I've got that competition coming up! So, here's me trying to get back in the swing of things. An oddly strung-together non-lucid from last night:

      I'm with my best friend J in my old room at my Dad's house. It's late at night and we're trying to go to sleep. Lots of things are keeping me from being able to. J is trying really hard but I can tell she's not sleeping either. There are lights and music on in the room (music task dangit!) and the bed is lumpy, tilted, and too small. Eventually we give up on falling asleep because it's like 6:49am (I remember seeing the numbers somewhere) and my Dad and some other people have come to talk to us. We're supposed to get ready and go to J's parents' house, so we do. I find myself with C, alone inside the house. I'm snooping around, dragging him along with me and showing everything to him. We end up in a back room that's for J's Dad. It's some kind of relaxing spa area and there's a thing that looks like a teeny hot tub. The jets are running and steam comes off the roiling water. I get in and sit down, barely fitting, and it feels great. I think it's for J's Dad's feet after a day of work. I tell C that we need one of these. Everyone else is outside and we can see them and their cars off in the field through big windows. We head back to the living room and as we arrive, so do they. We hang out in there and suddenly it's night time. I have brought with me some kind of oversized glass coca-cola bottle with a weird cloth lid and candy inside. J's mom remarks about how it's just like hers, which is sitting right next to it. We examine and compare them to find there are some small differences. Another transition (daytime now) and J, myself and a couple others are running around the outside of the house trying to avoid some people looking for us on the inside of the house. It's some kind of thing involving law enforcement and D is with them. The house is mostly glass windows now, so I see D walk into a room by himself. I climb up on the glass and Julie keeps running, not noticing I'm gone. D doesn't notice me either. I guess I'm semi-lucid because I phase down through the glass and just attack him and we start making out. We start floating and drift back outside, out and up. D's form becomes insubstantial and he disappears. I look down, awareness fading, and see a group of native people hanging out on a jungle-y shore beside a river. The glass house is still there, too. Over to the left edge of my vision is a waterfall. There are no trees next to the water, just large, fluffy ferns and stuff. The natives are having fun diving into the water and I begin to hear a male voice narrating, saying that they compare dives and see which one can do it better. The voice says "sea level" alot in reference to the depth of the water. Apparently this is the most important thing. I start zooming over the land, seeing different scenes of people and vehicles on different bodies of water. The last one is a 4-wheeler that goes on water. I see it ramp waaay up in the air and land back down in the water, where it becomes a hover-boat. I "zoom in" and land next to it and realize it's my two sisters inside. They're much younger here than irl. I get excited and become me again, saying hi to them. We're at the edge of a waterpark and apparently the boat thing was a ride they just went on. We go to where their dad is (they're half-siblings) and he's already getting back in line for that ride. We wait with him. His sister is there too, down on the ground (The line for the ride is on a wooden platform). We're all wanting drinks so we call to her to get some. No one seems to know where a drink stand is, so I look around. I see several small concession stands and more wooden platforms leading to rides. One of the stands has a lemon wedge sign and is called "Cold Rock Lemonade". I point this out to step-dad and he calls down to his sister about it. Later on, we're at their house (his sister is gone) and C is with me. It's just me, him and my step-dad. We give step-dad a movie to watch that we really like, then I see a magazine I want to look at. I look through it from back to front for some reason and when I almost get to the front, there is porn. Lots of little icon-sized pics of people. Half are dudes, half are chicks. I flip through this really quickly, trying to see if there's anything else, but nope. I close it and set it down, not acknowledging to step-dad that I found porn at his house.. lol. This turns into some weird movie that involves gay sex, then B (step-dad) and his dad (DC made-up version) get into a fight about gay tolerance and the old man says something like, "It doesn't matter what you're touching as long as it's what you want to touch" or something like that. He's really tolerant while B is not quite so much. They eventually get into a cartoonish fight and turn into big clowns. The old man has a weird metal apparatus attached to his pelvic region and at the end of it (it's really huge, like a crane) is a regular ol' hot dog lmao. He chases B with this, trying to poke him with it, and ends up chasing him into a gigantic pit. B falls all the way down into some really soft dirt with worms all in it. From way above, the worms just look like crushed up pieces of ramen noodles lol. But once the camera zooms down, they are giant meal-worms, flipping around everywhere. B is still a clown and is angrily shaking his fist and yelling.

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    14. Space/Black Hole Attempt

      by , 08-04-2015 at 01:08 PM
      Signing up for Sensei's new comp already spurred some lucidity!! Yay!

      - I am at my Dad's house it seems and I've become lucid I fly up and out, remembering I want to go to space and fall into a "natural" black hole. It's daytime and I can't see blackness or stars, but I figure if I fly far enough I will. I fly up at a sharp angle, not directly up though because that seems way harder. The massive open spaces of air start to freak me out, but I let go of the feeling. Everything starts to get dark and the blue fades away to reveal stars as I fly on. But, now everything starts to feel 2-dimensional and I don't feel like I'm moving anymore. I keep on trying, but the scene ends. Not sure if I wake up or get really distracted.
    15. Parasites AGAIN!

      by , 07-22-2015 at 07:15 PM
      Had another dream about the nasty parasites from my last entry..

      This time I'm getting out of bed (maybe a false awakening?) and notice my big toes feel funny, especially the left one. I look down and it is transforming into one of the parasites! I'm instantly freaked out of course. There are little legs coming off the sides and the end has a head protruding from it. As I walk into the living room each step brings pain from that toe and a tingly sensation from the other one. I sit down at the computer to look up what to do about it and as I glance again at my toe I notice my walking has crushed the head of the bug and its blood is pooling beneath my skin creating a big purple bubble of disgustingness. I'm almost relieved that it could possibly be dead, but horrified that there's a large dead bug INSIDE my freaking flesh, oozing its goop out everywhere. My other toe starts to have twinging pains in it and I think the second bug is growing in there.

      Bleeehhhhh so disgusting..

      Luckily I went on to have some DEILDs filled with adult fun. Definitely helped de-stress me! If I'd woken directly up from the parasite dream I'd probably be having a shitty day.. lol
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