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    1/16/17 | Celestia, MacGyver, Hitler, Kidnapping

    by , 01-16-2017 at 10:51 PM (381 Views)
    -1-I was in a field with about 20 random teens. The sun was at a 9:00am position. The environment was a grassy field. Trees acted as portions of its border. Beyond them, there were implied buildings. At one point, I accidentally inspired a minor historical event. Also, this scene took place in the recent past.

    I felt human, but the dream labeled me as my unicorn OC. (For all intents and purposes, I wasn’t human at all.) I wanted to use magic to take care of an enemy, but there was a serious problem—if I were to use it, there was a high risk of becoming ‘integrated’ with a certain artificial system, trapping me in something or somewhere. For about a full minute, thoughts were going back and forth. If I used magic, the biggest threat would be eliminated. On the other hand (hoof?), I’d be trapped.

    Suddenly, a yellow ball with a similar appearance to the sun (but dim enough to look at directly) appeared north relative to the sun, and in a 7:30am position. It turned out that Princess Celestia was behind it (not literally), proven by her studio-quality voice.
    Celestia: “Look at me as if I were not a threat.” (‘threat’ referring to the ball’s high brightness)
    “Use your powers to defeat the evil in your world!” she continued.

    Then, it clicked. I decided to use magic to take out whatever antagonist there was. I forgot what it was.

    -2-I was inside my house, watching MacGyver with my family. The episode started with a camera panning to the right over a quiet, lit, residential street. The light was white, as was the supercar parked on the side of the road. Then, I found myself along with everyone else in church, watching MacGyver from the pews. I was reading a newspaper. (what? I never read those)

    -3-In my house, the staircase was completely blocked by presents. Nearby, Adolf Hitler was discussing something trivial with a subordinate. There was a horizontal Nazi banner on the wall near the floor.

    -4-Four kids were kidnapped and placed in a building. When I found theme, they seemed almost bored with their attitude. They were aged around 5 or 6. I asked a boy where my sister and my mom were taken, and he told me, “The apartment building.” He pointed at it. I then left the kids behind in the room.

    Eventually, I and a friend snuck inside that building, and made our way undetected to a room on the ground floor. Here, we knocked out a guard by hitting him with a soft blanket. Later, a female guard spotted us, so we did the same thing to her. We hid both their bodies in the closet. I also looked out the window to find my mum. She noticed me, so I put a finger on my mouth. However, she didn’t give a crap, so she walked up to a window and tried to talk to me, somehow not getting caught. Her voice was inaudible from where I was.

    Right then, the now four unconscious guards in the closet woke up at the same time, and they were all wearing tuxedos, except for the woman, who wore a generic black set of clothes. We were kind of screwed, but it wasn’t of much consequence. The ex-guards seemed pretty nonchalant about everything.
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      Some of your cast are not convincing actors. I think your subconscious may need to gather bigger funds! lol.
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