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    DJ of lucid goals and how it goes

    Interview with my DC Ri

    by , 06-21-2020 at 09:05 AM (155 Views)

    I'm in a really big space with different areas. One area only has lava, one area has stones and there are some more. I try to dive into the lava but it hurts. I equip some kind of lava resistant vest and dive again. I dive far into the lava and there are different layers of lava.

    I'm by my old school. I see some birds and some small dirt piles. There are worms in the dirt piles and one of the birds eat a worm. I wonder why they don't eat more worms because there are so many of them. A bird fly away and I fly after it. I become semi lucid here. I think about my post on dreamviews where I wrote about how I sometimes try to rule my dreams when I actually need to be guided. I think this is an excellent way of being guided by my dream. I just keep on flying behind the bird. I also think about how to improve my flying. The bird stops by a pillar on a roof and I stop too. I follow another bird and manages to catch it with my hands. I stop my flying powers and just fall to the ground with the bird in my hand. I grab a lamp-post to dampen the hit with the ground in the last second. I think the bird is scared because of the drop from the sky. There is a girl about 13 years old. I grab her and try to fly. To my surprise it's easy even tough she is heavy. She doesn't like being flewn away with so I go back to the ground and drop her off. Her mother is now there and I ask the two of them if they want to fly with me. They agree so we fly over the school. I remember my interview goal and I ask the mother what her name is. I think she said Marie but I'm not sure so I ask her if she said Marie. She says that she said Ri, not Marie. I'm relieved because I thought she was going to take the identity of my mother Marie. I ask her what her favorite color is and she says yellow. I ask her what her lucky number is and she says Schinski with a polish accent. I'm disappointed because that's a part of my last name and it's not even a number. The dream fades.

    Notes: I would like to ask her more questions. I wonder if I can see her in another dream. I can't remember her face so I'm not sure. I remember the girl's face but not the mother's. Here is the interview in a more simple format:

    Gender: Woman
    Name: Ri
    Favorite color: yellow
    Lucky number: Schinski
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    1. monsa199a's Avatar
      This is great!
      in one of my recent dreams, that didn't post yet.. I met This DC, She was in very sexy, kind of pearl green satin pajamas. She has short hair, green eyes, in her 30s or 40s, and tan skin, her husband is next to her. I'm sitting in a round table, with "my wife" or someone else. So to be polite I ask: what are your names? then she tells me clearly ISADORA, then I say out loud: "how would I remember your name?, I notice my back is facing a window with a transparent curtain, to my surprise there is an amazing sunset. (this is the clue), I say the opposite in Spanish: "Y SALE EL SOL", which means and the sun rises...
      So if you notice (Y could be pronounced as "I" in Spanish)I SA------- DORA ( I see a Dora as a short for Dorado ) which means golden in Spanish, golden as the sun!

      So based on this "we ask and we shall receive"!
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      Updated 06-21-2020 at 05:37 PM by monsa199a
    2. JakeMcDake's Avatar
      Wow, your dream totally amazed me. Dreams really are fascinating!