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    1. Competition Night 4: Family Visit, Old Job, Buying Sweatpants

      by , 04-19-2017 at 10:55 AM
      Dream 1: Visiting Family and Skin issues

      We were visiting family in Wisconsin. I was worried that I did not have presents for anyone. There was a side of the family I had never met, and it was clear my mother in law did not like them, but they were there begrudgingly.

      During the visit my husband was worried about a skin problem he had developed. He was saying he would have to see a specialist about it after we came back. I asked why not see a doctor here, but he thought that was not an option.

      Dream 2: Old job working in car

      I was in my old job. I was reluctant to go into the office even though I had driven there and was in the parking garage. So I started working in my car on my laptop.

      The admin sought me out and found me in the garage, and said I was in trouble for not coming into the office. I told her that I was working right there. She said it did not matter, since I had not told anyone in advance.

      In a later scene of what may still have been this dream, I was no longer in that job and had a new one. My old boss sought me out and asked for a favor, but I declined, no more favors.

      Dream 3: Buying Sweatpants Interaction

      We were staying at a hotel, and I was buying sweatpants in the hotel gift store. The cashier as part of the transaction asked about which social network I belong to. I said that I had not found the pants online, we were staying at the hotel, and I just walked into the store, so online stuff was irrelevant here. She still insisted this was information to demand, but I refused to give it to her.