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    College Degree: So Close and Yet So Far

    by , 05-26-2013 at 11:41 AM (377 Views)
    Ok, this was one if those dreams that happen about college years after one is out of college.

    In this dream I was three courses short of finishing my Masters degrees, so I signed up for three courses that would allow me to finish. The administration sent my father a letter that one of the courses was full, and suggestion that I take a course in Choreography with the same professor as one of my other courses instead. In my dream my father agreed to this without consulting me.

    Meanwhile I was aware of having a leasurely schedule, so I went to have breakfast with a couple of professors I was friends with in this dream (unknown in real life), the breakfast was more like a huge dinner actually. I also needed to drop of my kids for the day, in my dream they needed to be taking medicines, but they had large rashes on their faces, which was due to allergy to these medicines, but in my dream that was ok for some reason.

    So after I had the large meal and dropped off the kids for the day, I was ready to get to my first class, and I realized that I was so late that I would arrive just as the class was ending! And so I did. The professor was not happy with me for having missed her first class - it was some sort of dance class. She told me something like, I will see you in my Choreography class then, and that's how I first realized that I had the change of schedule. I asked, "But will that course be appropriate for me to finish my degree?" She said "I don't know. You need to check with the administration with whoever you have been working with on establishing that you get all you need to get the degree." I realized that I had not been working with any ody in administration, and this was a problem which might prevent me from graduating. I just knew that this Choreography course would not do to meet my requirement, so my feeling of contentment at being able to graduate this semester had turned into full out dread by the end of this dream.

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