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    Cop tail-gated by cop

    by , 05-14-2013 at 02:09 AM (381 Views)
    In this dream I was a male undercover cop. I was traveling on an interstate, when a patrol car started tailgating me. It was obvious to me that he was trying to catch me for speeding, but the more anxious I became, the more my foot accidentally pressed down on the pedal. I would catch this, and correct it, though. I knew this was called "baiting", but I was not doing it on purpose. Finally, my pursuier gave up. Then I pulled off to a reststop and sat down at the bar. I told this story of what happened to the bartender, told him that I was an undercover cop, knowing that the patrolman was bound to stop by this bar someday and hear the story, and regret (be embarrassed) that he had done this to a fellow cop.

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