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    Dreaming - Chicken or Egg Dilemma

    by , 03-04-2013 at 12:17 PM (371 Views)
    This dream fragment was about dreaming. Upon waking it occurred to be that it was a chicken or egg type dilemma. But that that's all I remember.

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    Tags: dreaming
    non-lucid , dream fragment


    1. Darkmatters's Avatar
      Wow, that's a funny coincidence that you had a chicken and egg dream - I just realized last night that all the groceries I've bought for meals for the coming week are nothing but chicken for lunch and dinner and eggs for breakfast..
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    2. JoannaB's Avatar
      LoL. That is a funny coincidence - since I don't believe in this kind of "mental projection", I think this was a coincidence though, not me dreaming about the contents of your fridge. LOL Upon waking I really thought I had reached some profound insight about dreaming in this dream, but of course since this is all I can now remember, I can neither confirm not deny any profound insight.

      Oh, I just remembered something that may be significant: just before going to bed I had a conversation with my seven year old son, which was essentially about a chicken or egg dilemma: my son wanted to know, if got created heaven, then where was God before heaven was created? If God is outside of space and time, then where is he? I bet this conversation had something to do with my dreaming in a chicken or egg dilemma theme.
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