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    Fragment: Victorian Loose Woman Getting Drunk

    by , 05-19-2013 at 06:39 AM (450 Views)
    1:30am Fragment: Victorian Loose Woman Getting Drunk

    Disclaimer: Both the drinking and the promiscuity is completely out of character for me, but I was not myself, so ...

    I was not my self. This was set in the Victorian era. I had the sense that I was a fairly loose woman who had been with many men. in this scene I was in some sort of formal room with two finely dressed gentlemen. We had known each other before, but had lost track of one another, but had recently become reacquainted. One of the gentlemen was pouring vast quantities of alcohol from a bottle into my mouth, and I was drinking it up eagerly. I knew that I was going to have sex with both of them soon after, and I was becoming very aroused in anticipation.

    Failed WBTB attempt:
    2:15am WBTB intension - plan for next lucid dream: I will go back to sleep in a few minutes. I will remember to realize that I am dreaming. Is this a dream. When I become lucid, I will reality check and focus on my hands to stabilize, then I will get chocolate from my pocket and eat it. I will then turn around, find a door, know the Taj Mahal is on the other side, open the door, and then I will fly to the Taj Mahal or through it and out of it if I find myself in it when I step through the door.
    Result: No lucid, just the following fragment.

    Another fragment: work database related 6:30am I remember dreaming of a sample database. Also some questioning by my boss of how much it would cost DBAs to check who used the system when, and DBAS responded that it depends on whether the most competent DBA is given the task or the most incompetent that the price will be different.

    Second failed WBTB This time all I did was write down the above fragment, and go to bathroom,and will try to WILD in a moment. Result: Couldn't fall asleep for a while but when I did, all I got was the following fragment.

    Fragment: if delete something, would help dream? ok this fragment was either confusing computer and mind or using computer as analogy for mind. It suggested that if only I could delete something (don't remember what), is would help with my dreaming effort somehow.

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