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    Job interview with comforter and dictation

    by , 04-17-2013 at 11:38 AM (621 Views)
    4/16/2013 recorded outside of dreamviews first - late morning dream after awakening after each sleep cycle with no other memories

    I was interviewing for a job with an elderly lady in her home, which was like a fancy mansion. Out of some reason i had the down comforter with me - for comfort? I was shown from a hallway to a living room / salon. The comforter stayed in the hallway. Another woman left just as I arrived, and she was going for another job interview and worried whether she looked good in the yellow blouse - it was very canary yellow, but suited her. The old woman among other things asked me to take dictation using a video which told me what to write. I tried, but then admitted defeat: I was making too many mistakes, not catching up, and the next set of dictation was going to be even harder. I said that I seldom write with a pen any more, and I don't type well fast either - never had to. But I do regularly use the computer and also type on my phone, but generally not dictation. I realized that the reason why she had me do dictation was that when she interviewed for a job decades ago that's what she would do. It showed a difference in generations: what was expected of a woman in a job interview. I expected that I had failed the interview, but to my surprise, I got a job offer. She realized that dictation was not needed for this job, and she liked me.

    I think even though this dream was set at a job interview though I decided that I am not actively looking now after all for now, I think this dream is actually about my desire to be accepted by others for who I am despite faults. I think the setting was a home not an office because this dream was personal not official.

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