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    The Warrior Queen

    by , 03-13-2014 at 10:54 AM (275 Views)
    This dream was about a worrier queen. In the early part of the dream she was not a worrier yet. There was something about her being emotionless. One of her subjects kissed her and said that he could do that because she had no emotions and this would not care. She replied "while I may have no emotions now, but I still have a brain, and know what you did was wrong."

    There was another scene where the queen was lying down with two young men who apparently were musicians, and their idea of foreplay had to do with drumming on her using their drumsticks. She did not like that. Afterwards her teacher commented that she was wise because while they were good as musicians but as young men they were not.

    A woman passed the queen on a stair case and felt attraction to her, and decided to approach her about it.

    There was a man starting a martial arts school, and she was interested in leading it with him. He turned out to be weak in martial arts, while she was superb. So he recognized that and suggested she be the leader of the school, and he would be a student. She agreed.

    Some worriers were going to hold a warriors meeting, and their leader said "All men meet in this room for a war council, while all women meet in this other room to discuss women's matters." The queen steamed with anger but joined the women. The worrier leader came to seek her out and asked "what are you doing here?" And she said "you said all women are to gathered here." He said "I did not mean you." She "you said 'all women'" He in a put upon voice "Fine, from now on I will specify 'all women except you'." She "No, you won't. Do not generalize about gender like that."

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