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    When is Angie's party?

    by , 04-14-2013 at 01:40 PM (392 Views)
    Angie is a friend of mine whom I have not seen in person since we were eightteen, and we really were close friend when we were sixteen. She lives in Europe, I live in the US. We are Facebook friends.

    In my dream I had been invited to Angie's birthday party, and was eager to go. However, I kept getting confused: when is the party? Is it today or tomorrow? Check on phone. Tomorrow. When is it? Am I in the car now because I am driving there? If so, I don't have a present. No, the party is on Friday, and today is Thursday (in my dream).

    Will I even need to drive there? Couldn't I just walk? But it will be late at night, and the party is barely walking distence. Could my mother drive me there? As long as she stays in the car: it would be awkward if she came in, unlike for that other party of another friend where that was ok.

    I am not entirely sure whether I was an adult or a teen in this dream. I think it may have switched from adult to teen in mid-dream.

    I was not aware not even a bit, even though with all that confusion I should have questioned that something was wrong. I kept not remembering from one moment to the next when that party will be. When I thought of walking at night, I briefly visualized that, too, but it did not raise any weirdness flags. The dream was quite vivid however. A prime example that vividness and awareness are so separate.

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