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    Dream - Catching Is Not Good Enough

    by , 06-25-2020 at 05:56 AM (21 Views)
    Date of Dream: FRI 24 JAN - 2020

    Dream No. 641 - Catching Is Not Good Enough

    I donít remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, I was driving in my mumís car to EBoís house; in this dream he also lived in Australia and not in the US like in real life. While driving, I had this thought that I was going there to do some kind of work and help him but I have forgotten specifically what it was for.

    As I drove up the gravel driveway to EBoís house, I saw him standing there at the end of the road, with a slight closed mouth smile, to welcome me. He was wearing his old glasses along with a white short-sleeve t-shirt, black tracksuit pants, and some running shoes; he was not wearing a cap this time. When I got out of the car, he spoke to me and said that the work was no longer needed anymore; that the tools I needed to work with were no longer there. Because of this, I thought heíd send me back home, but he rather still invited me into his house.

    Apparently, I was going to be there for a couple of hours still and chill out. He got my attention and so I came to him in the kitchen. He seemed to be pouring this weird alcohol which looked like a mix of alcohol and washing detergent to me. Though I said to him that I couldnít have any of the alcohol and this made him look surprised. I explained that I needed a Blood Alcohol Content of absolutely zero because I was on my Green P Plates, which is also true for real life. He seemed to understand and poured the alcohol down the sink, then washing it away. We spent the rest of the scene just talking about whatever topic came to our mind.

    It eventually became time to leave and so EBo escorted me towards the door. Though the house was now on a weird setting; it was literally floating on a grass island and it was a big drop to get down to the driveway. I looked off the grass island and became really scared. As much as EBo encouraged me to jump down, I didnít want to do it and instead, was making some sort of sound, somewhere between moaning, gasping and shouting. EBo realised I was scared... Due to the 'sensitivity threshold', the second half of this dream will not be published.

    Dream No. 641
    Dream Guide: EBo
    Lucid?: No

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