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    Dream - Twisted Science Class & Recovery Rules

    by , 06-25-2020 at 05:46 AM (20 Views)
    Date of Dream: SUN 19 JAN - 2020

    Dream No. 640 - Separated Sections

    Dream 640 A - Twisted Science Class
    I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was back at my high school and was in science class with my year 11 physics teacher. There was various classmates from my high school life in the scene with me. Mrs C. was talking to the class and asking them to remember some sort of line and dot formation that she had drew up on the board. She then rubbed it out soon after and the middle part of the dream was where everyone got a blank peace of paper and had to redraw the formation as best they could.

    Mrs C. had entered the room again and asked each student to come up to the white board and draw their formation. First up I can remember was CN. Shortly after though, I came up and interrupted her while she was still doing it because I didn’t think she was doing it right. I took the orange whiteboard marker off her and drew the formation as accurate as possible. CN had returned to her seat but she and the other students were all pointing and laughing at me, and so was Mrs C. There was a scene after but I have forgotten what happened for the rest of the dream.

    Dream 640 B - Recovery Rules
    I don’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at my old house and I was talking to my brother. I was asking him some questions about himself and he would answer them. Though with each question, the dream seemed to make the topic get more sensitive. I ended up asking him a question about some sort of lines on his neck area which were whiter than the rest of his skin and were very obvious, and almost like some sort of orderly, geographical pattern.

    For no particular reason, my brother got really nasty and became really angry from me asking this question. In a panic, my response to him was “But this is how you’re supposed to get a girlfriend if you’re looking for one! You let them ask you these kinds of questions and get to know you better!”. My brother wasn’t having any of it and was still going off at me; I ended up walking away.

    I was now in my current house and was inspecting my high school winter uniform which seemed to be heavily stained with food. I took it into the front room where the ‘washing machine’ was in this dream. In-fact, the washing machine and the fireplace heater were the same complex; the heater was at the front and the washing machine was this hole at the back of the box unit. Though I was worried that if the heater was still working and the winter uniform went into the washing machine part, it would burn to smithereens. My mum came though and she showed me how to turn off the heater; it was a similar way to real life but more difficult as well.

    Later on the dream, I was outside in some sort of small courtyard but I wasn’t shown in the scene yet. It was rather just the scenery of the courtyard and I was speaking above it as if these were my own thoughts playing out. The incident with my brother had greatly affected me and I was addressing the methods that I could use to recover from the situation. I said something like “If Bo--- is there to help you, you must wear summer uniform for 6 hours. If Bo--- is not around to help you, then you must wear winter uniform for 6 hours or summer uniform all day”. This is with the assumption that the incident happened in the morning.

    I then actually walked out into the scene. I looked down and noticed I was wearing my summer uniform but the dress was more thin and breezy than in real life. I thought to myself I’d want to wear winter uniform but there were two reasons I decided not to. It was still in the washing machine and I already had the summer uniform on, so I could just wear it for the rest of the day. My mum then walked into the scene and she was wearing the same clothes as before, a blue house tank top with black tracksuit pants. She was talking to me but I didn’t exactly hear her, but I knew it was about the incident with my brother.

    I was then prompted by energy in the dream to look up towards the sky. A hologram appeared to form a sub-scene and it ended up being Edward (Ed) B. However, in this dream he was not a voice actor. He was a therapist and he was shown to be sitting in his office but just in a dark grey t-shirt and light grey cap, along with his default glasses. Once again, I could only see his mouth moving and him gesturing and not hear him. Once again though, I knew he was telling me how I could handle the situation from now. I then realised that I had made the right choice to remain in summer uniform because I could just shorten the amount of time I would wear it back to 6 hours.

    Back to the main scene of the dream, my brother is with us and he gets a phone call from one of his friends from university, saying that they want him to come and see them at Wandin where they are staying. It was stated though that he had to be a part of a band if he was to get a room. Even though my brother still didn’t like me, I had an idea which could work. I suggested that I could be the lead singer but then I could pretend to call sick on the day and back out because he didn’t want me there. Both my mum and my dad then asked if Wandin would be affected by the bushfires as there were heaps of trees in that area. When the dream then showed my mum and dad talking in the kitchen about the news, I woke up and my parents were in-fact talking about trees, in the kitchen.

    Dream 640 A
    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 640 B
    Dream Guide: EBo
    Lucid?: No

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