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    Dream - Choosing A Wedding Outfit

    by , 01-12-2020 at 02:24 PM (58 Views)
    Date of Dream: MON 9 DEC - 2019

    Dream No. 634 - Choosing A Wedding Outfit

    I donít remember much about this dream. From where I can remember, I was in a completely unknown area. I couldnít make sense of what was going on specifically at the start. Itís when I saw a few people around in fancy clothes that I realised there was some wedding that was about to take place in the grand foyer of what looked to be like an exhibit building. There were familiar faces I can remember as well, including Elsie Lovelock (a singer from Hazbin Hotel) who was wearing some sort of white-gold dress, as well as my high school friend CF who was wearing a dark pink dress; half way between hot pink and plum.

    Elsie looked like she was generally showing off, whereas CF seemed to have this energy towards me, without saying anything, that she wasnít my friend in this dream, like she didnít care about me or even want to associate with me. The fact is that I was not wearing clothes that were suitable for the wedding and so looking at Elsie and CF was a huge discouragement for me. I then also came across EBo and he wasnít wearing suitable clothing either (he was just in his daggy casual wear) but he had a stone cold look on his face, like he knew I was going to approach him for help but he didnít want to hear one bit of it.

    Just then, my dad came up to me and said that ĎDreamy EBoí was willing to take me to find a suitable wedding outfit. He added that Dreamy EBo would take me via room 68, 69, 71 or 72. As my dad was saying this, the dream camera showed a foyer with four elevators in it; two on each side. So I realised that 68, 69, 71 and 72 must have been the elevators, whereas room 70, which was not mentioned, must have been the small sub-foyer. The result of this dream would be multi-functional with Dreamy EBo taking me for a wedding outfit but also elevator practise at the same time.

    As my dad finished describing what would happen, I felt a large hand on my back and it was the exact same energy as EBo, only I could see EBo still standing in the distance and looking cold and unwelcoming, so through the process of elimination, this was believed to be Dreamy EBo himself. As my dad now got left behind and Dreamy EBo escorted me towards the elevators, I woke up.

    Dream No. 634

    Dream Guide: Dreamy EBo
    Lucid?: No

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