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    Dream - Parking Difficulties

    by , 05-16-2018 at 11:09 AM (110 Views)
    Date of Dream: WED 16 MAY - 2018

    Dream No. 333 - Parking Difficulties

    I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was in my local area but I forgot specifically what I was doing. There was building next to the primary school that doesn't exist in real life and it contained a cinema in there. JS and her mum were there but I forgot what we were talking about; I think I was following them around the car-park.

    Then I actually went into the primary school area and I had some classes but I forgot what they were about. Out in the school yard, I catch sight of my year 12 maths teacher Ms McM; she looks angry but it's not directed at me. There is this little girl there and Ms McM starts chasing her furiously around the school, literally running after her and the girl is squealing and begging for dear life.

    I was feeling down about something, so I decided I wanted to take a walk on the nature track near the creek but the sky was a really dark grey and I could sense the bad weather coming. When I was about to descend down the hill to the track, I asked “Dreamy WB, is there anything you can do in regards to the bad weather?”. What happened next was the worst. All these bright psychedelic colours appeared in the sky and there was a heavy growling sound to go with it... The dream had corrupted Dreamy WB. This made me scared for my life. I ran for my house, screaming like a little kid.

    When I was in the driveway, I found myself in my mum's car, heading into the garage. No matter what I did and how careful I was, the dream would never let me centre the car into the garage to park properly. That's all I can remember about this dream.

    Dream Tasks
    - Re-stabilize in-dream performance from Dreamy WB; she hasn't been appearing lately (Achieved? Partially)
    - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? No)
    - Investigate where my SML postage has gone (Achieved? No)
    - Reach the Gyeongbokgung Palace (Achieved? No)
    - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)

    Dream 333: Results (Competition #3)
    Competition Night: 15
    Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
    Dream Guide: None
    Emergency Team: None
    Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

    Points For This Entry: 1.0
    Calculation Details:
    - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)

    + Previous Total: 97.5
    Total Accumulated Points: 98.5
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    1. FireFlyMan's Avatar
      Oof. This the first time DreamyWB showed up as a nightmarish figure for you?
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    2. KarlaB18's Avatar
      Yes, unfortunately. But last night, I made a new discovery; both Dreamy WB and Murray were prevented from helping me as I called for either one and neither one responded. So whereas I originally thought it was just Dreamy WB being played with, I believe a mysterious dream force is hindering any dream guide assistance... Something I need to get to the bottom of.