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    1. Dream - Searching For Company

      by , 05-05-2017 at 01:42 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 5 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 107 - Searching For Company

      I originally thought it wasn't worth recapping this dream because nothing much happened, but then at 8:15 PM, I decided I would record it, so my memory of this dream has faded.

      I was at some strange place, a shopping centre that was a mix of Waverley Gardens and Knox. The scene did transition into a vision of Canberra Camp, I forgot what Mrs G was saying to me though. I was then at the walkway towards the shops of this shopping centre and I felt like talking to the people I passed by... But they all seemed to be ignoring me and this was making me upset. Still, people were ignoring and so I kept calling, “Dreamy WB!”. There was no response from the “environment” either and so I then eventually went, in a distressing tone, “Oh, where is my dreamy guardian?!”. Just then, I felt some sensation that there was some portal nearby and thought that maybe she would be through that portal. But then when I was actually at the portal, I was hesitant about going in as I thought I could possibly die if I went through. That's all I can remember.

      I think my dream memory is also affected due to the fact that I have a cold, so my dream memory may be wonky for a few days. Additionally, I may not even have good night sleeps at all due to these chain-saw like symptoms... So let's just hope for the best.

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    2. Dream - An Unreachable Seminar & The Dock Of Fort Beach

      by , 05-04-2017 at 09:51 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 4 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 106 - Separated Sections

      Dream 106 A - An Unreachable Seminar
      It was Monday the 14th of February in Katrina's accounting class and she mentioned that we wouldn't be having class on Tuesday the 15th of February because we were going on some kind of excursion. It then skipped to Tuesday and we arrived at the building that this seminar was going to be in. The accounting coordinator, named John in the dream (his name isn't John in real life and his appearance in the dream was also altered) said that we all had to take the lift to the 12th floor. As always, I was scared of taking the lift and so I hesitantly approached John to tell him. Grumpy John followed after me while I tried to find stairs.

      I eventually did find stairs but they only went up to six floors and then it was a dead end. At the top, he grouched at me that we would have to take the lift but I wasn't having any of it. Once we got to the bottom floor again, I said to myself, “Nope, I'm going home”. Just then, my mum appeared and said we could go to the shops. The dream scene then skipped to these shops which looked like a good shopping centre but it was really just one, long, bendy corridor. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 106 B - The Dock Of Fort Beach
      I forgot what I was exactly doing at the start but I do remember these to baby boys, one with hair and one without. My dad would give me one baby to carry but the baby would appear extremely heavy and I'd start to drop him. The dream would always make me lower the babies to the ground and unintentionally hurt them. As I'd then give one baby away, my dad would always offer me the other one and the process would repeat itself. I eventually told my dad that I had enough and so he stopped giving me babies.

      I then found myself walking along a wide version of Canals in Venice. I was on the skinny path side next to the tall buildings while my brother was on the open side which on-looked to distant scenery. He then asked why I was on this particular side and I told him it was so I didn't have to cross later on. He then had to find somewhere to cross over himself... He eventually found a skinny metal bar across the river which he crossed over.

      We then ended up this place called The Dock of Fort Beach which actually wasn't an open coast, it was more like a contained which I remember calling the “basin”. One end of of the so called basin had steep cliffs on each side and as you went further to the other end, the terrain would become more even. My whole family was at that place, including RC (and no, her full name is not "Reality Check"). I wanted to try and “fly” up to the top of the cliff from the lower end of the basin... So I would flap my arms and each time I did that, I would get slightly higher (just how Kirby moves in Super Smash Bros) but I would never be able to get high enough to land on the cliff. I tried again a few times before I gave up.

      I then said to my parents that I was going to “go to sleep for a few minutes” but what I was really insinuating is that I was going to see Dreamy WB for help but I didn't want to say that to my parents. Then I actually shut my eyes and it was just like I was having a light sleep in real life. Although I couldn't see Dreamy WB, my mind was still visualising her (like in real life when you think about things). The basin had no water around but I felt these waves coming over me like I was at an open coast. Each time I knew one was about to come, I'd take a breath in and hold it until the wave went back down. Eventually, a wave went up and completely covered me and that's when I woke up to find myself still in the basin dream scene.

      The cliff now appeared lower to me and more accessible. I tried the same flying move and this time, decided to go slightly higher than the cliff top to ensure I wasn't “cheating”. When I was on top of the cliff, my dad was so amazed that he wanted to take a photo of me. I was worried when sitting in my pose that I was going to fall off the cliff but I didn't. He then took the picture and showed it to me... But the preview on the camera wasn't me, it was replaced with an animated lion's face, like something from the movie Madagascar. I then really woke up.

      There is much more to the "sleep scene" and the effect of the environment afterwards than recounted here. I do have some thoughts to share on it... So stay tuned for my first "Behind The Scenes" Journal!
    3. Dream - Stop Calling Me

      by , 05-01-2017 at 12:16 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 1 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 105 - Stop Calling Me

      Someone was attacking me, but I forgot who it was. And so I did the usual, I called out for WB but this time, she was really hard to get. I eventually saw two girls that had some swapped over features. One looked like WB but spoke like KM while the other one looked like KM but spoke like WB. I had a hard time identifying which one was actually WB. One by one, I closely examined them both and figured that it was the one that looked like KM because she did have a small adopted feature of WB's “fat lips”.

      When I pointed out that I knew it was her, her features started to morph completely in to WB alone. I yelled out, “WB!” in relief and quickly hugged her but then as I started to hear some slight growls, I quickly let go. She then got angry at me and was almost yelling now, she said in a low, loud voice “stop calling me” and my answer was “but I'm about to die!” in a distressed tone. And then she left me and soon I discovered where she was actually going. She was going to Ms L to tell on me! And then for the rest of the dream, I had to find ways to hide from the attacker myself. That's all I can remember.

      This has definitely got to be the real WB... Dreamy WB wouldn't act as brutal and she would have taken the attacker out in no time. It seems that when I call out for WB in a stressful situations, I want Dreamy WB but the probability of that is only a 50/50 chance. When it's a less stressful dream, I don't mind who comes.
    4. Dream - On The Hunt

      by , 04-29-2017 at 12:20 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 13 MAR - 2017

      Dream No. 88 – On The Hunt

      All the family were at my house, celebrating my birthday, but within the family, there was a stranger who had claimed to know me more than he actually really does. Typed font in the dream had told me his full name, “Jon Heiner”... He resembled someone that I had seen on the Supernanny show in real life. Each family member gives me a birthday card, still sealed up in its envelope. I appreciate all the things I get but feel slightly intimidated by Jon's for some odd reason. His one is massive and when he gives it, he has some sort of perverted glint in his eye, almost like he wants to own me. No matter where Jon is, his presence always makes me feel uneasy. The dream then skips to a scene where Jon is standing outside my closed bedroom door, staring up and marvelling at it. I end up coming out of the bedroom to see him there and I tell him harshly that I do not like what he is doing.

      Still, he doesn't leave me alone and I decide to tell my mum but when I do tell her how I feel about Jon, she fobs the idea off and claims that he is not a bad person at all. I was surprised when my mum said that, I thought she would be on my case and help me get rid of him. Since she had no idea and let this creep stay, I figured the only way to escape him was to escape the whole house. When I am out of the house, this dream plays a scene where Jon gets into a black car, supposedly his car, and drives it gto go after me. The dream then goes back to what I am doing. In the back of my mind, I can feel Jon going after me and so I push myself to run until the very last straw.

      I end up in this country/bushland area, just at the brink of suburbia. I wander along the gravel road and there I see Mrs G (Not Mr G's wife. Mr G was a Camelot teacher, Mrs G is a Killester teacher)... I ask her if she has seen WB and she says she hasn't. I then reach this accommodation complex which was basically a group of backyard sheds. There I ask if WB's friends, like EL and NBr have seen her, but they also answered “no”. Up ahead, I can see two structures made of silver and gold stone, one small one and then one large to the left of it. I approach the small structure, climb onto it and face the big structure, calling out for WB whom I originally think is dwelling in that big structure. The only attention my calls for WB get are these odd looks from a group of old-aged strangers.

      I head back towards the accommodation complex and as I'm trawling through, I see WB walking in. I am relieved when I see her and when I get close enough, I end up giving her this massive, tight hug that lasted, I think, for a few minutes, which is a long time. I found it hard to let go, as if I was releasing all my stress related to Jon through this hug and replacing it with this powerful energy from WB. When I did eventually let go, WB went off somewhere and I couldn't find her anymore. I cannot remember what happened after that.
    5. Dream - The Block's Secret Murderer

      by , 04-29-2017 at 12:16 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 12 MAY - 2013

      For those of you interested, this is the first nightmare I ever recorded.

      Dream No. 35 – The Block's Secret Murderer

      It was flashback from the game of Crash Twinsanity. This dream occurred in the so called “Tenth Dimension”. There was some weird yellow writing saying that I was in “Surfing Cables, Damosel”. It looked to me like I was a dark and dreaded island with heaps of wooden barns and thin black cables running across the island being supported by poles.

      I walked into the biggest barn on the island and saw DM from The Block All Stars. Now this was not the same DM and I knew for sure, something was definitely wrong with his personality. He was smiling, but in a crooked and devious way. And something wasn't right about this barn either. It was all dark and there were stocks of weapons laid in wooden shelves attached to the walls of the barn. “I'm a goner” I whispered to myself.

      DM picked up a huge knife off the shelf and said “It's called a slaughter house”. This knife was no ordinary knife, it was way bigger than a meat cleaver! He pointed the blade to the roof and sniggered. “Oh no, oh no” I stuttered. I seemed as though I was doomed and the knife was slowly but surely approaching my neck.

      Now it was so close that I was screaming and crying at the same time. But at that same moment, someone had gripped my arm and pulled me away. I looked beside me to see that the figure was taller than me. I then looked up at the man and he looked down at me, it was MB.

      Geez, if MB had waited another second, I would have been a goner. Now not only did MB pull me away from the knife but he also hugged me. And with DM, MB was not the least bit happy with him. “Oi! DM! Leave the poor kid alone will ya?!” yelled MB. He then followed me out of the barn and that's when I woke up.

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    6. Dream - A Wasted Evening & Multi-storey Target

      by , 04-29-2017 at 10:57 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 29 APR

      Dream No. 103 - Seperate Sections

      Dream No. 103 A – A Wasted Evening

      It was on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School, a random singing teacher approached me and asked if my singing lesson could be moved to 4:30 PM. I asked this random boy when the graduation dinner was going to be but he stayed quiet and did not answer. So then the singing teacher took me into her music room to have the lesson but we did absolutely nothing! She was talking about some absolute garble that my memory can't even make sense of... I did remember it made sense in the dream though. And so the entire hour was wasted with no singing being done at all... She said we would be singing next lesson. So then when I was back on the school grounds, I found out that I had missed the dinner. I had a thought the boy didn't answer because he didn't want me to be there.

      Dream No. 103 B – Multi-storey Target

      I can't remember much of this dream at all. The only things that I can remember is that the Target store was 10 floors and was doing something with my mum and brother. I'd also get really scared and have a feeling of the heebie-jeebies whenever I would catch sight of the two giant lifts nearby.
    7. Dream - Accusations Ahoy

      by , 04-29-2017 at 10:40 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 3 APR - 2016

      Dream No. 74 - Accusations Ahoy

      I'm only writing the segments of this dream that I can remember... So, let's begin!

      To start off with, Taylor Henderson was bound to perform on stage somewhere with a group of 4 or 5 other girls. So they did their thing but when they finished, there was a fairly large riot and people who claimed to be the police were also involved. Now almost everyone was fighting and arguing, all except for me who was trying to break up fights between couples and small groups, and Taylor who was just standing there, looking quite scared and unsure of what he had done and if he had done anything at all.

      One of the police approached Taylor and and actually accused him for being involved in a crime with the girls he performed with. When Taylor left to go somewhere, I approached the policewoman who had also told Taylor of my supposed crime, saying “and look at the girl over there”, pointing to me, “she's also guilty of something”. I had a piece to say to her! I said, “Excuse me, but you don't do that alright?” and as I was saying that, I noticed Taylor watching from within the fighting crowd. I then continued, “Just look at all these people, and you make accusations of the ones who are innocent. They're all at fault but Taylor and I did absolutely nothing. You look at yourself twice!” and I think that was enough to make the policewoman shush up.

      Later on, in the same location, there was one row of seats facing another row of seats. On one side was Taylor, his mate and then his “girlfriend” who was actually light blonde in the dream. Then in the other row, slightly diagonal but more on Taylor's end was me and then a few seats away from me, there was the police woman but she did not move or speak... It's like she was zoned out or a not a “significant figure” anymore. I looked over at Taylor's side, noticing that they were paying no attention as though this side of the chairs was not there, so I say to myself, “I hope it's not true that he thinks I cease to exist”.

      Just then, they all get up and move to my side with the girl, then the mate and then Taylor sitting next to me. Just then, Taylor turns to me and says, “I'm really proud of you”, as he spreads his arms out to give me a massive hug and I'm not joking when I say massive. It's like he pulled me really quickly towards him that my left shoulder went up against his chest with quite an impact (but it was a soft landing). His chest was quite “hollow”, as if someone had dug a trench through the middle of it but this made it so my shoulder and that part of him locked in perfectly. Then just as I start to “relax” and almost actually fall asleep in the dream while he's still holding me, I bloomin' wake up! Much to my disgust and disappointment...
    8. Dream - Am I Seeing Double?

      by , 04-28-2017 at 01:51 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 29 NOV - 2016

      Dream No. 76 - Am I Seeing Double?

      The place mainly featured in this dream was called Killester but it actually resembled Camelot Rise more than it did Killester. So what I remember first is that there were actually two of me! We know that dreams are typically played out in first-person mode and the person in this mode was indeed me... But only one of me. The "me" that was in first-person mode was the one from the real waking life, I was visiting this so called Killester while on my travels through the dream world.

      As I was at Killester, I came across Dreamy Mr H but he was looking at me strangely. This is actually where I come to the realisation that there was another one of me, my dreamy clone. He's going something like this, "Karla, I thought you were going somewhere. What are you doing here?" and that's when I said "I wasn't going anywhere but Dreamy Mr H is still in doubt. I then tell him, "I'm not the Karla you think I am". I actually originate from the Earthly dimension" and that's when he gets a look of massive shock and amazement.

      I think the dream then skipped to Dreamy Karla's perspective (note, she is not in first-person mode and I can actually see her when the dream camera is in her scene). So what's going on is that Dreamy Karla is speaking to Dreamy WB's little sister, Dreamy LB. By what was going on, apparently Dreamy LB was due for her check-up at the dentists, or at least Dreamy Karla thought so. I thought that Dreamy Karla would be a lot more humble than I am... But she spoke in exactly the same way, using some slang and an extremely Aussie accent.

      She said to Dreamy LB, "Let's go for a nice drive in my ute. I know a good dentist that's about one and a half hours away. Dr C (I've forgotten her complete name), she's really good). Dreamy Karla could see the fear in Dreamy LB eyes, so she added "Dr C knows what she is doing. I've been there so many times and she's so patient and gentle in what she does". Then when we're sitting in the ute, Dreamy LB tells me that she has this text on her phone, something about someone else going to take her in her own time. That's when Dreamy Karla asks her "When's the last time you had a check up?" and she replies "February". After a short pause, Dreamy Karla says "And it's November now. Come on, let's go, it's not gonna hurt ya". And so Dreamy LB gives a little sigh with an "Okay Karla".

      Before they drove off, there was just one more thing that Dreamy Karla had to do. She goes to Dreamy LB "Now, we don't want others to see where we are going. So I'm just going to deformat this map and then we can head off". A zoomed camera projection of the map showed with the location point in red and the roads in grey. So with the power of the mind only, Dreamy Karla moved the red point off to the right of the map a bit but what she didn't was also the roads being manipulated. Still, she and Dreamy LB got started then the dream faded from that scene.

      What it did fade to was back to my perspective. I was walking towards one of the gates and what's when I see Dreamy WB. As I was only visiting the dream world, I was amazed... The comparison with the Earthly WB was phenominal. So I approach Dreamy WB, saying to her "Oh wow, you're so much more beautiful than the real WB". Dreamy WB looked extremely slim and curvy and was wearing a dark denim jacket on top of a black/really dark navy pencil dress. When I said that comment to her, she didn't really say anything, only making some sounds of appreciation. Over the fence, she hugged me long and hard, it was like 10 - 15 seconds before she let go.

      The dream then skipped to the time-frame that Dreamy Karla and Dreamy LB had gotten back from the dentist but there was also someone else who went with them. A friend of Dreamy Karla's, Dreamy KH, decided she wanted to keep them company. I was walking around the block of this certain area that resembled the suburb of my old house but then there was this open space up ahead and in that open space somewhere, was a large van. I had suspicions about that van... I thought that van was once Dreamy Karla's ute, just by the way it looked. I stepped inside and it actually looked like the interior of a house!

      Now this is going to sound weird but it felt like Earthly Karla's character no longer existed from this point on, or if it did, she (being I) rarely spoke. Although I was in the house-truck, the dream would only focus on Dreamy Karla's perspectives. Actually, hang on a sec... I was the one being weird! I was actually the one putting the house up for sale on Dreamy Karla's behalf... But I was making out like the house was mine and not hers.

      Okay, back to what was actually happening. I was giving the commentary to Dreamy Mr H and Dreamy Ms A, along with their kids but these kids are not their kids in real life. They were two stranger kids of whom I know nothing about in the Earthly dimension. One very interesting feature of the house were these oddly shaped pillars that could come down as a decoration or space divider. Each time they came down, they were a different colour and a different shape. After a few times of the pillars going up and down, I woke up.

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    9. Dream - All Fear With No Saviour

      by , 04-27-2017 at 12:57 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 22 DEC - 2016

      Thought I'd show you what a nightmare is like... No one to save you from the person that is actually trying to kill you! Now this is not just someone bashing you up... This is large-scale violence and gore! That's nightmares for you.

      Dream No. 77 - All Fear With No Saviour

      It started off normally, I was apparently working at Review for the second time in dream history and what was interesting was that during this scene, there was a flashback to that first time. So in this place, the conditions were similar to that of normal employment in waking life. What was different though was the badges we were wearing. Appearently there were three badges of different sizes, some of them weirdly shaped, that we had to wear. I can't remember anymore of what happened in that scene.

      So then the dream skipped to some strange looking train station and the atmosphere just wasn't right. This is where the dream progresses into a nightmare. There is some stranger woman of whom I know nothing about but she approaches me, yelling her head at me for some supposed crime I had done... But I didn't know anything of what I may have done. I don't think I did anything. Still, she insisted that she was going to call the police. After a long time defending myself, she made a deal... We had to exchange names. That's when I started running but still she calls out her name, Johanna. I didn't call out my name at all because I couldn't trust her, I just kept running.

      Not long after, she was out of sight and I wasn't going to have anything to do with her ever again. Apparently the gates to the train tracks had open but only stupidly when the train took off... Not when it was standing there. This group of people were bound to run after it and I found out that the speed needed to catch the train was somethng like 2 seconds. So I was at the back of the group and at times, I felt like I was falling behind. Then the group actually detoured off the tracks and went down some strange looking alley ways.

      It wasn't long in this detour that I lost sight of the group and so I had to go my own way. It seemed as though the further I got down these alley ways, they would become darker and messier. Then it was at the darkest and messiest point that I had a personal encounter with a toll. This encounter I had was with my deceased grandfather and his face was slightly scarred, with a menacing look pasted onto it. I was on the top of this small concrete balcony while he was at the bottom of it, amidist all the rubble, revealing a dark room in the background... Almost like the appearance of underneath a house. So he was climing the concrete stairs leading up to the balcony and as he would come up, I'd push him down as he looked like he wanted to get me. He did this two more times and I pushed him down two more times, with each push being harder. Then at the fourth attempt, he didn't come back up but he wasn't finished with me either. He brought out this extremely long hack saw and was directing it towards me. As it got close enough, I woke up from fright.

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    10. Dream - Lucidity Quirks (Not Lucid!)

      by , 04-27-2017 at 05:58 AM
      Date of Dream: WED 5 APR - 2017

      Although this dream is called "Lucidity Quirks", I did not become lucid. In this dream, I was seeking becoming Lucid and the entirety of this dream was about WB trying to get me lucid. In the character list, WB and Dreamy WB are seperate characters... But in this dream, WB possessed real life qualities and had all her "cool" friends with her and then this is the same person who is trying to get me lucid.

      Dream No. 92 – Lucidity Quirks

      It all started when I was just randomly walking around on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School. I was looking for WB as I had something to ask her. When I was in the main assembly area, I saw WB walking from the asphalt area where the basketball courts were. We met just outisde the canteen and I spoke to her. At first, I was asking her some random garble but I actually caught myself and stopped. I then asked her my real question which was, “I've always been wanting to become lucid but have never been able to. Is there some way you can help me?”. WB said that she could help but first, she had something else to do.

      She went inside the canteen and put all these cookies to bake in a small metal oven, which was supposed to be at 280 degrees. Just then, all of WB's friends started flooding into the canteen and started to distract her. Some faces I do remember vividly were EL, BT and naughty BB. BB actually came over to the oven and put it on the maximum setting so WB would burn the cookies and therefore would have to start all over again. I caught BB out, telling her off and then turning the oven back down to 270 degrees while watching the cookies bake for the rest of the time myself. I then took the cookies out of the oven when I thought they were done. When the cookies were out of the oven, WB's friends had left and stopped bothering us... Maybe they weren't bothering her but they were bothering me.

      When we were back outside, I checked my watch (analogue) and it said it was 1:25 PM. I then panicked and said that there was only 5 minutes before we would have to be back in class. WB reassured me and told me not to worry, she would keep me out of class to bring me into lucidity. I still worried because I thought if the class teacher, Mr G, caught us outside, I would be in massive trouble. So she brought me over to the 5/6 playground, away from all the classrooms, to a private area in between two bushes where there was piece of play equipment that she used as a bench. I was under the belief that I would enter lucidity by falling asleep on WB's lap.

      The only thing that happened when I fell asleep on her lap was that I entered a completely different world with her that was even more fake than the previous one. We were no longer human either... We looked like drawings from someone's digital art. I then woke up.

      This is Dream No. 92 (on WED 5 APR) and the lucid dream was Dream No. 93 (on THU 6 APR, only the next night!), so maybe although the attempt to get me lucid in this dream failed... Some subconscious process carried on into the next dream.

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    11. Dream - Magical Mayhem

      by , 04-27-2017 at 04:47 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 27 APR - 2017

      Dream No. 102 – Magical Mayhem

      I started off in some large room on a wooden ship, the most prominent feature of this room was lots of round wooden tables. Apparently there was going to be some sort of party in this room as all these items began to appear out of nowhere. Most of the items were food but there was other things like plates and cutlery. I didn't stay long for the party though, I don't remember why. I went over to this spiral-like ladder, wrapped around a wooden post, shaped like a log.

      When I climbed out of the ship, I ended up going back to my house. I was then in my garage but the difference is that there was brown leather couch in there... In real life, the garage is solely for cars. I was sitting on that leather couch and my dad was talking to me about something, I forgot what about though. Apparently we were having people come over and I had to wait for them on the couch so that I could greet them when they arrived.

      After that, I went off somewhere unknown and one by one, these strange, glowing creatures were starting to surround me... Each creature adopted a colour, either red, green, yellow or blue. Once all eight of them had spawned, they started attacking me. I was helpless at defending myself, so I ended screaming for WB louder and more distressed than in any of my previous dreams. She came over a hill in the distance and was quickly walking towards me. She then approached the glowing creatures and one by one, she picked them up and tossed them all the way over the hill from where she came.

      I have forgotten the remainder of the dream.

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    12. Dream - Parent Troubles

      by , 04-26-2017 at 10:27 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 23 FEB - 2017

      Dream No. 86 – Parent Troubles

      From the part I can remember; I was doing L-plate practice with my mum in some unknown area. I have to drive off some sort of upwards cliff which drops off to a steep downwards hill. The car ends up flying off the cliff and I can't control it and we end up running into the back of a parked car. The car also slips down into a side, ditch-like road due to some sort of banana grease which was visibly yellow. We end up being trapped in this area and cannot get out if we drive over any banana grease. I thought I was never going to get out of there and so my mum to took over. She managed to avoid the banana grease and we got out of there. To get home we had to drive over this really long, hilly and dusty highway. I was already tired from being trapped and so wanted my mum to drive home as well.

      When at home in the pergola area, things weren't feeling right. My mind was in a state of pain and I think my mum knew. I was still fretting over the real WB and due to it, I was really stooped over and had a really down facial expression. My mum got really angry with me and started yelling at me. I tried to hide the fact that I was hurt, but I couldn't, and she was getting really bad too in regards to her anger. This was a common theme for a remainder of the dream.

      We were still in the same place but it's like the dream had gone back to the start of the scene... Although it was a different scene. We were walking thought the back door from the garage as we had just come back from that L-plate trap. There were all these square tables in the pergola area with all these random people having lunch. I quietly went through to my own table because I thought I didn't want to interrupt anyone and rather let them keep eating. My mum gets really mad because I didn't say hello to anyone. Once again, I try explain why I did what I did but then she started to become really irrational and wouldn't accept what I was saying. My mum then comes and puts an extra chair at the table and makes all these people come and sit at it. But I don't ignore these people, I say hi to all of them and even have small chats with them.

      Still, my mum is not satisfied and still I can't believe I didn't say hello to everyone when I walked in from the garage. I start to get scared of my mum and get out of my chair and try to hide further up in the backyard. It is then that my dad joins the affair as he wants to beat me. My dad is even worse than my mum and is yelling at the top of his lungs. As he tries to pull me back for a beating, I fight against him and try to beat him instead. As we fight, we end up ascending into mid-air, continuing the brawl. My dad gets absolutely frustrated that I keep dodging him with confidence that he starts making verbal threats as well. The dream camera perceives him to be violently peering from bedroom curtains while telling me to consume all this chilly for a future dastardly deed.

      As I say no to his verbal threat, he is now back outside and we continue fighting. Rather than me being totally stressed out by him. I have this closed smile pasted on my face, while I make these heroic sounds, trying to appear confident when on the inside, I am actually absolutely nervous that I will be hit. He eventually becomes so hostile and nasty that I feel I have to get away from him rather than fighting back. As I end up flying away, I find that both him and mum are now chasing me.

      We end up having our final showdown on the track next to the Dandenong Creek. Dad increases his violence a notch and therefore, the fact that I am scared, starts to show on the outside... Both mum and dad are closing in on me. I then suddenly get a sense of new strategy in me and I think to myself to call Dreamy WB to come and stop this nonsense before things get even worse. And so I say in a high-pitched screech, “Dreamy WB quick! Get him in the nose!”. That's when an image of Dreamy WB appears in the background and she comes to life... She has the appearance of how I would perceive Dreamy WB in real life. So as I said it, she goes in-between my mum and dad and pushes them apart, which each of her arms going outwards, like someone trying to break up a fight. While keeping my mum away with her right arm, she faces directly left towards my dad and squeezes his nose really hard, which forces him to drop me. He tries to violently scramble back to get me but I cry out to Dreamy WB, “take me away!”. I then come into the background where she is and both she and I start to fade away. In sync with the fading, I end up waking up!

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    13. Dream - Masters Of The Elements

      by , 04-26-2017 at 07:18 AM
      Date Of Dream: SAT 24 DEC - 2016

      Dream No. 79 - Masters Of The Elements

      The dream started at my old house, in the sitting room. I was sitting on the yellow couch with a mobile phone in my hands and I would be receiving constant phonecalls from my friend JO. What was really annoying though was that every time we'd finish a conversation and hang up, she'll call back straight away! This kept happening quite a lot of times. Eventually, I saw that the analogue clock on the wall said 9:05 and I said to JO, “Please, try not to call back until at least 9:30”. I don't remember the events in that scene afterwards. I think the dream had skipped on to another part. So, here comes the more exciting part:

      It's in a building which has a blue vinyl floor, similar to the look of Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft. The main door of the room opens to show Mr B with a massive group of girls behind him. Now I don't exactly remember what he said but what I do know is that Ms A was already in the room and Mr B is saying something to her about his choir. So the girls went in to join Ms A and myself and Mr B left. There were these vendors in the room, almost like cordial or lolly dispencers. What was really happening was that Ms A and all the girls were filling up plastic cups with these random sugar-coated fruits.

      During that time, I approach one of the girls, a stranger that seems to have some weird energy about her. I can see yellow in her and so that's when I come to a conclusion about who she is. It is then that she lets out this giant burst of electricity... The room was now pitch black and she shot out these terrifying volts of light blue electricity, so that's when my conclusion was supported. Now the electricity she let out made loud zapping noises, as if she was letting out heaps of the element, unleashing her power. During the times she would let her electricity work, I was shaken with fear but then electricity was not a bad element as I knew she could only gain electricity through a life of happiness and zest.

      I decided it was time to tell her about the power she possessed and so I go to her, “It seems to me that you are Master of Electricity” and then I also explained further so she would know why. After I told her all this, she became astonished... Her face clearly expressing the new insight she had received. And then I go to her, “And look, I am Master of Ice”. I demonstrated the element to her by trying to deliberately exhale excessively. What came out was a streaming breath of cold air which was proof of the ice element. Once again, she was extremely surprised.

      I don't where I was after that... I know I was in the same complex but was just in a random area. There I bumped into Mr O'N but he did not have the same appearance as he does in waking life. In the dream, he had a slightly different figure and his hair was a lot greyer. There were people with him who I had guess to be his wife and then all daughters. There was talk that he was the owner of the temple but the problem arose that the temple could be sold to someone else for a low price which was not the wish of Mr O'N and his family.

      Next, I found myself outside the complex. It was a cold day, the sky was grey, the grounds were wet and it looked like it had just finished raining. I was standing in the “entrance” which was undercover. Approaching me was some Asian boy from a school called Beaconsfield High School. We talked but I don't remember what was talked about. Afterwards, JO made an appearance but for some strange reason, she was wearing Mazenod (an all boys school in real life) uniform... I don't really remember us talking about anything though.

      I then decided to take a walk and eventually, I came across this building that was a combination of a house and a commercial building. This was Mrs O'N's dwelling... Note that this one is not the wife of Mr O'N. Now there was all this tall grass overcrowding the place and so that gave me real clue as to what part she had to play in the dream. I had determined that this grass could only “be the work of Mrs O'N and her calm nature as well as her inner and outer beauty”. My next job was to actually find her so I congratulate her but for some reason, I could never seem to find her. It looks like this was going to be a quest for the remainder of my dream.

      I was then going back towards the original area of the complex but I was going a different way. Rather than going from the outside, I was walking fast through some corridor and in that corridor was a billboard, sitting on an a-frame. On the billboard was information regarding a performance from VCE soloist WB which was taking place on “3 June 2017”, hence in waking life she will be in year 12 in 2017. The background of the billboard was navy blue with plain white text.

      So then I was near the complex again but outside, I think this time just at the side of the temple... Although it didn't really look like a temple at all. As I am approachig that area, I see LB, the younger sister of WB, along with an Asian family, a mum, a little girl and a little boy. They are talking to LB but as I approach, LB turns to give me a look of displeasure which yet draws me to another conclusion in regards to the elements... I had just discovered the Master of the last element. And so I tell LB that she is Master of Fire and she can't believe it... But she is not surprised, she rather rolls her eyes at me like I am talking nonsense and I see this as living proof of the raging fire within her.

      But I decide to make my point known to LB and I eventually get her to breath out. As she breathes, she releases hot air which is also proof of her ownership of fire. At the point, she does acknowledge her pleasant surprise with another facial expression but then quickly goes back to her default frown. Currently, the electricity girl is also with us and I tell the girl that she can actually make the formation of a Christmas Tree with her electricity. When I say this, LB looks at me as If I'm a mental case but then I go to LB, “All you have to do is believe... Imagine!” and that's when the tree is made from the girl's electricity which is this time yellow electricity like the colour of her element... With the backdrop of the dream world becoming black again.

      I think I sub-consciously knew that the dream was coming to end because I made another comment that Mrs O'N was still nowhere to be found and then I woke up.

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    14. Dream - A Distorted Chadstone

      by , 04-25-2017 at 07:51 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 22 JAN - 2017

      Dream No. 82 – A Distorted Chadstone

      I do not remember the exact sequence of all events.

      I was driving to so called Chadstone along an empty freeway, I could tell the sky above was grey. My car was mini yellow car, kind of a boxy shape, resembling a car model from the game Crash Tag Team Racing. In the car was myself and “Dreamy WB”. Yes, this time the dream world actually recognised WB as a dreamy clone rather than the grumpy real life entity.

      When at this place called Chadstone, there was another so called dreamy guardian with us but it was a male and he was not recogniseable. Now although this place was called Chadstone, it did not look like Chadstone at all... It was a very weird place. In the area were both lifts and escalators but they had a frightening presence to them. The lifts had strange parting to the doors and some of them even opened in bizarre ways. Due to phobia of lifts in real life as well as dreams, these lifts made for an extra terrifying sight. The escalators were weird in that they shifted shape of some of them were even too skinny to fit on and also bendy. Most areas of Chadstone were considered to be underwater.

      Side note: In real life, I have a fear of lifts and so in dreams, this is always exaggerated to an almost heart-failing scenario

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