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    . - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .

    1. Girl , forrest need to smoke

      by , 08-19-2011 at 02:10 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      that was like 5 days ago dream i forgot to write here..

      well i remember i was in forrest and there were like 10 girls and i was with few friends.

      we started throwing stones or balls to em idk what the reason
      and then i found weed somehow and smoked

      then i needed ciggaret but i didnt ahd and i teleported somehow to a school and was searching for 1 cig then idk i wakoe up though.

    2. The Two MissionS .

      by , 08-19-2011 at 02:08 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      well , dont remember good what i dreamed like ,everything etc.. but i remember last dream which looked awesome..

      so it was something like MISSIONS Written

      1. a ship time. rip day
      2. a ship time. the same day
      thats weird but interesting..

      well i was with like 6-7 friends.. in a Bicycle i think in a jungle / forest.. and we had to move ot finish our 1st misson .. so then our enemies cake they were black monsters or so .. we killed them i think and they killed few to..

      well it was like a place with civillians and turn with mobs somehow..
      so we finish killing the mobs and then there was a bridge but broken or so.. and 2 side to go from water.. so i jumped my self and swim to other side of the ship but i walked away to checkthe place it was a man who got headshot with wood spike lol and he didnt know where to go so i sent him to the water when i saw the water i saw like weed leafs, then i saw a china guy with bicycle coming to me and asking me where i go etc.. well i went back to other side cus i left friends and then i told to my friend i think he was litle special cus we were riding the mission together that i found a safe place.. and it was the other side.. and we jumped to water like 7 ppl with byicycles etc and swimmed then in the water just 1 meter there was cement and a button to make the SHIP gates open lol . we clicked and waited.. then i woke up..

      there was more interesting stuff in that dream it was like i had a girl or something i was doing mission for it .. idk .

      have fun
    3. 2pac jumping , hiding idk..

      by , 08-18-2011 at 10:50 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      idk , i dont remember exactly i knew that i was with 2pac and he was eating and i was disturbing him , also remember i was hididing from friends or something in some walls boxes idk for what etc.. i could remember alot before but i went to work so shit happens.

    4. Match , Trains , Police ,Plans , Escaping

      by , 08-08-2011 at 05:19 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So well i sleept alot today .. i saw nice movie before.. so.. what i remember in my dream was..

      i was with 1 or 2 friends.. and we wanted to plan steal money or something like that..
      so i've planned to him that we dont go to trains cus on trains there are on every vagon 2 police mans.

      so later i dont know when we meet in train station and we were like 10 friends
      as i saw i saw 5 greek friends that got busted , so i was like woot.

      then my friend i dont know maybe he was blazed so , police was trying to catch him , he was running and running and so i did and everyone else.. then we were running and they escaped.. then i stopped running and i went to a room i think and i saw those greek friends.. i said hey waht the fuck u doing here etc etc and he had a ciggaret packet a good friend , he opened . i though wat? he has weed or smth..
      in pack nothing was just few cigs but under the pack was 1 joint and so i took it put it under my clothes and run away ;D.. then i woke up and i sleept again and i continued the dream by smoking the joint and woke up again cus i had to go.
    5. My First WILD / SP / FA and Litle Long LD

      by , 08-02-2011 at 01:28 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So i sleept i had few dreams it was in cyprus i dont remember em that good o..i rememebr playing football with homies andrapping cus i was allways winning and goal everytime..

      then i woke up...

      and i reminded abT WILD..
      so i closed my eyes and i said "now i will SP and close my eyes in SP and imagine my dream.."
      then i saw a cat on my window and i could control it like saying come back to me etc.. lol
      so i did that amd joine the LD World.. and i got in FA.. i woke up in my dream and i walked abit around to see if thats dream like i opened the screen of my PC but nothing happened
      then.. i went to the window back to see outside and it was full of people sitting on the grass cus it was just full summer..

      then i look back at my wall .. and i seee my brother..
      was like no idea,, we started talking about stuff..
      i first ask him wahts up and so then i dont know and then i asked him whats your occupation..
      he lied to me.. ofc it was a dream
      then i told him the true occupation he got. .and he was like WTF, then door opened it self and he was scared ... then i said door close !
      it cllosed and he said the same thing and got happy ol..
      then.. it was plus 1 more guy in my room

      dont recognize him but he was weird like..
      when i talked about his occupation
      he brought a POSTER and put it on my wall
      saying something like
      "Takling about EX (Occupation) from 1958 or something like that
      it was aliens poster i liked it.. then i was also like wtf? now what.. cus i was sitting in my bed
      then i woke up ;D it was kind of coool.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    6. Sp / ld

      by , 07-30-2011 at 03:44 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So i took a nap and i had like 6 SP/s allway FA that someone is in my room couldnt move so i woke up anyways...
      but after this at last i guess i went to LD somehow...

      it was so that i was in street with 1 friend
      and we weere walking
      so 1 womn was there and i toucher her tits
      she was like policewoman
      then she wnet to a machine or something and started taking me photos
      but i was running away and away and away....
      then i was walking i didnt know what to do and i woke up o.O
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Work ,Ganja ..

      by , 07-26-2011 at 03:32 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      so i had whole of my sleep all the time dream at work idk ...

      then i hadto go to school it was like 5:55 the time
      and i went outsidefro mschool and i saw 1 guy
      he was smoking weed
      and he gave me
      i smoked smoked
      then he tells me u know how to smoke huh
      then i said should i tell to a friend to smoke
      and i said my self no..
      and gave more 3-4 hits and woke up .;D
    8. hunting diamants?

      by , 07-25-2011 at 04:02 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      well wat i remember is
      my friend or smth told me go jump in the water and find diamants i did... then i saw a small fish and i though thats my friend and i had a gun or smthng and took a photo shotting it and the i gavce him , loled there..
      then i hunt again and again but nothing was in that sea. even fish ;D
    9. My First DEILD.

      by , 07-23-2011 at 04:23 AM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So it was awesome that i had to wake up and go to other bed and sleep.
      then i just sleept. and i got a dream FA and i was excited i guess cus it was on other room.
      then i couldnt just control it so i woke up but i didnt moved and opened my eyes nothing continued sleeping.
      then i went to DEILD it was also abit vivd and non lucid but i was lucid all the time then ;D

      i walked to my room .. and was searching what to do lol..
      then my brother comes..
      OH MY GOD I was like pls pls dont let my bro come...
      then after a few secs he come and jumps like a kid
      so happy i was like wtf man leave me alone lol
      he just wanted to play something idk hi's 20 years now
      i told him so..
      " Dude ! ,you know that your dreaming now?! , your are dreaming.. "

      he answers: "yes i am dreaming..."

      i was like wtf? and what?
      then i dont know i wanted to go outside in home it was so loled time..
      so i took the trash i said to my bro man wait ill throw the trash ill be back..
      i went outside then i just idk how i woke up or something but continued DEILD'ing ..

      i rly dont remember more..
      i could remember alot before if i could post it but i woke up and directly went to work ..
      forgot to write it somewhere home .. anyways ;D
    10. Girl stalking

      by , 07-21-2011 at 03:16 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      i dont remember anything of my dreams
      i mean only this..
      i went to some school and met a girl i think she was very silence and so

      then later i went somewhere to change my clothes i think
      and she stalked me and watching me
      then she came with friends of her and making me photos
      i was like huh
      then she suck her own tits haha
      and i dunno
      just continued a dream then..
    11. Weed weed weed , where's my weed?

      by , 07-20-2011 at 12:01 AM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Well .. my last dream was .. i needed weed.. i had and smoked before on the dream but too litle and i wanted aloooot of more...

      so i went to bar or restaurant lol smehting like that ..

      then there was Lilly , real name Lindy i wasnt sure i dont know anywayz..
      and i said i want weed.
      she said ok 4 Euros
      i gave 4 euros and she gave me like 5 Grams of weed
      i was like wow.
      then a old man was watching me like wtf? so cheap ? for him?
      then i just left and i woke up i guess.

      thanks for reading ;D
    12. Fight for 5$ LoL.

      by , 07-19-2011 at 11:58 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Lol it was like that , some girl borrowed my 5 euro / usd ..
      then i dont know wether i lost them or she didnt gave me or i didnt gave back or so..

      then i was walking on the street
      and 2 guys come to me..
      i started fighting lol
      they were punching me..
      i was punching them also so hard..
      they were like laughing hahaa..
      it was like fun fight.. for just 5 euros/usd. .
      then somehow i left them and i continued dreaming ;D
    13. Sun is Shining .. End of the World

      by , 07-19-2011 at 11:56 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Well after the SP i Had i sleept again ofc..
      i had also a beautiful dream .. it was so..

      i was with 1 friend.. my close friend i can say
      and we were like searching for weed and so..
      then i went outside and walked..
      and i saw the Sun ..
      then i saw the sun double time
      and hten triple
      and muliptiple..
      like 1000 Times..
      the sun was coming closer and closer..
      then i went to walk somewhere safer cus it was raining and it was raining lava [ the sun was raining flames]
      i went somewhere..
      then i was lookin UP and everything was fucked up
      i saw a train moving but in other side like the earth is changed.

      i dont remember alot of more on this one
      i remember a name it was all the time in my mind which was "Lilly" but correct name was Lindy or something.
      Tags: end, etc., sun, weed
    14. Long Sleep Paralysis LD

      by , 07-19-2011 at 11:52 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Hey ..
      well ive sleept and had some vivid dreams then i got somehow on SP it was soo crazy that on the whole SP Dream i couldnt move?
      it was like i was doing things which i wanted to but i wasnt fullly controllized
      for example i went in cyprus and near internet cafe..
      and i remembered it then i wanted to get the site of it cus there was on window the url link
      but i was searching and nothing
      i couldnt move and shit i was like wow?..

      then cus i wanted help..
      i got on DreamViews chat..
      and i started writing
      i was name "Puffin on it and Zebrah"
      then i was like to press enter and send msg , but the chat window got shot lol
      it was like worms shoot it [from the game] ..
      then i guess iwoke up ..
    15. Quick Nap , Quick FA + LD , Quick Bandago o.O

      by , 07-16-2011 at 03:22 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So i went to take a nap for like 1 houro r so..

      i sleept normal then i woke up b ut eyes were closed and i said now i want to have SP.
      i slept back then after abit bom i heard "apa Bandago" at my bed and i woke up in dream it was monkey or something who said that and it was like a shadow a black one in my room and it was HI , so then i tried to make it go also i wanted to stabilize the dream but somehow i didnt..
      and i scream
      3 times STOP , STOP , STOP

      Everything has to stop now ...

      Stop STOP.
      it stopped abit then i was like wow lets just better wake up and woke up like a litle angel.

      thats it xD
      lucid , non-lucid
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