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    Quick LD

    by , 09-23-2013 at 03:14 PM (429 Views)
    So i just went to take a nap
    turned music on.

    sleepd about 20 mins and one moment when i just in ym dream dont know how
    i went to bathroom
    closed door ( BUT I DIDNT LOCK)
    to take shower i heard some ppl came in house.. so i try to check if door closed by opening it and someone opened it and laughed..
    then i realised im dreaming ..
    i was like going to wake up but i went hard and continued the dream
    what the fuck but..
    i went again to this bathroom and i was eating gum.. what i saw was 2 friends of me
    inSIDE THE BATHROOM cooking and i took my gum and throw it on the food where he was cooking on the pan , some potatoes and meat and i said good ,
    he said yess good..
    and i woke up LOL.

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