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    Keitorin's Dream Log

    Angel search

    by , 11-08-2014 at 02:43 AM (225 Views)
    I’m driving with someone in a van. I’m excited to use the cruise control feature (more like auto-drive) since I suck so much at driving. There was something about wanting to try out a ‘drive to destination’ feature.

    We’re looking for an angel. I see three different people in tan trench coats, although one had a black shirt and the coat was around their waist or something – but none of them are the right one.

    We do end up picking up this older woman (maybe the black-shirt?). She needs help getting somewhere. I think I felt unease around her.

    We had to stop at a bathroom. There was more than one room so I found my own one with a lot of stalls.

    Problem was, I couldn’t seem to find one with a toilet in it. I ended up going into one with a weird, metal, tall and wide sink, but end up making a mess trying to use it.

    When I get out, of the stall, the older woman had apparently been waiting for me the whole time. There was the feeling that she finally got to show her true colors and do something to me.

    Inspirations: Driving from last dream. Yay auto-drive. Angel from me having looked at a post I reblogged on Tumblr with Castiel in it, who wears a tan trench coat in Supernatural.

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