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    Werewolf swim festival

    by , 03-07-2015 at 04:38 AM (612 Views)
    There’s some kind of festival going on and people arrive for it. We’re all werewolves. We’re in this big house like my grandma’s IWL and I’m helping mom out.

    As the people arrive, I quickly jump down from somewhere to the carport where mom is, and ask her what she needs me to do as the people walk up the drive. She gives me some task, so I jump back up to do it after kissing her cheek. Only, I end up knocking this roof type covering off and have to fix it, and someone helps me. I’m clumsy because I’m nervous.

    I’m keeping away from some guy I saw in the group too.

    I’m around the front porch area and there are three girls standing on the drive. One of them calls out to me, asking if I’m going to swim. I say no, because I don’t know how to. She taunts me about it and I keep calm at first, but she goes on and I snap and call her a bitch before I storm away.

    Later, a woman and another girl appear. The girl had told on me to the woman. “She called her a bitch!” I respond sarcastically something like, “I would never say that word (that she just said)!” like that girl had done something way worse. The woman calls me out saying that she knows I’m lying.

    I’m talking to a woman about swimming, and she says that she’s not swimming either and doesn’t know how to. She’d rather ‘be buried than drown’. I think that sounds a bit weird and repeat it to her for confirmation.

    I’m working on something, bending over. I realize something isn’t right – I’m not wearing underwear, just a shirt. I remember that dad is nearby and quickly stand up and try to figure out what’s going on.

    There was something about sparkles and candy too.

    Inspirations: Werewolves from one of yesterday’s dreams, same with swimming. Think the no-undies thing comes from me taking off my boxers shorts last night from under my pajamas. Probably took place in a grandma’s house setting because mom told me she was going over there today.
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    1. Schmaven's Avatar
      Were you a werewolf in wolf aspect for part of the dream? That sounds fun either way.
    2. Keitorin's Avatar
      Somehow I just 'knew' about the werewolf aspect but we were all in human form. I wonder what it would have looked like if we were in wolf form?