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    #8 - Runescape Quest - 30/04/2020

    by , 05-01-2020 at 09:15 PM (333 Views)
    Forgot to post yesterday, was too busy trying to develop a reality check habit on Skyrim so I could get potential lucids on 90% of my dreams


    This dream starts with me playing a weird version of Final Fantasy, seems to be mostly close to V, but with random, nonsensical characters. I'm taking the party through a stone fortress in a black void, then not much is clear after that. Eventually, after things I can't recall, I find myself in a Runescape graveyard, talking to some people about a quest which involves using a flame gauntlet. I spend some time in the graveyard and surrounding areas fighting monsters in hopes to get some required gear drops for the quest. I then go into a mine, and it becomes a Spelunky-style gameplay. I drop down a few levels until I see a blue disc hidden behind a wall, which then becomes real-life visuals again. I pick the disc up and identify it as one of four discs I need for some Goddess quest.

    I move further along and end up in my bedroom, with a very old furniture layout from many years ago. I search my old wardrobe for quest items relating to the disc and the previous gear situation, but get distracted by something. I have a false awakening, and wake up with a friend of mine in my bed. He keeps making fun of English accents an I join him in doing so, then he squeezes my stomach extremely hard to make the sound funnier. He vanishes when I am yet again distracted, this time by a facebook post from 2 week ago. I see someone insulting my girlfriend on it, so I tell them to "die in Bravil".

    The people then argue amongst themselves and I continue searching my wardrobe for items.

    Possible dream elements:
    -Local area

    -My own house for local areas this time, though nothing much else
    -I've been playing Spelunky lately, might want to keep an eye on this

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