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    #9 - Contest - 01/05/20

    by , 05-02-2020 at 12:10 AM (346 Views)

    This dream starts with me walking with some people out of my local forest and towards my old school just outside of it, where a kid is skateboarding up a single, large ramp. I seem to predict that things will go wrong, almost like a moment of non-lucid dream control, and by no surprise, the kid slips over. He smacks his face really hard on the ground, there is no blood or signs of injury but he's screaming really horribly and desperately. It was a pretty grim scene, causing me and the people with me to back up towards the forest. We head back to the scene and everything seems normal again, the kid is skating and he has a woman standing with a flag near the ramp. This time, the kid reveals the whole thing is a trick in order to distract, but I couldn't make any sense of it. He performs the accident again and someone else appears behind me. The kid and I mutually propose some kind of contest, which we soon depart on.

    The next area is similar to Skyrim and Minecraft in some elements, mostly Skyrim, as usual. It was a sky complex above the clouds, with everything made of stone like a castle. It seemed our contest was a race to gather something, or perhaps kill something within this fortress. I run across a bridge among many, fighting a wraith-like entity on my way, and across a few more bridges until I reached a small separate building. Inside, the visuals turned more towards the Minecraft style, but this section is a it hazy. On the way out, I hear an announcement about three prize winners for a separate contest themed around drums, hosted by a metal drummer. He has a small speech and reads out some names, to which none respond to claim their prize. I think about claiming the prize myself and the dream ends.

    Possible recurring elements:
    -Local area

    -The same forest from my lucid in #5, as well as the same school from #7
    -Skyrim elements again, I've already begun reality checking while playing

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