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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. 7-30-19

      by , 07-30-2019 at 06:51 AM
      Dream 1: I am planning to go to go to my friend mirs house but get caught up in the moment. I am doing something else and completely forget until it's one o'clock

      Dream 2: A dream where I play characters from different video games

      I wrote notes when I woke up at night but couldn't finish writing my dreams when I woke up because I got busy
    2. Wbtb's

      by , 07-28-2019 at 06:25 PM
      I keep on getting multiple dreams but I go back to bed with out recording bits it them. I'll have to remember.

      Dream 1: I'm in some type of camp. Almost like something you'd find if you're on vacation. I don't do too much in this dream so ima just say the key parts.
      I'm at a bench just hanging out and thinking. After a while some girls I know from school show up and start talking. They play a game with a weird type of toy. It's a lady inside of a small hexagon. You look at her with these weird glasses on your face and she tells you how you look
      (like a 8/10 for example)

      While everyone is playing I have a conversation with this girl K. At some point i pat her shoulders and she flinches hard. I ask what's wrong and she says that she pulled a nerve there. I say I'm sorry and we continue talking.

      At some point we hug, it was a rare, but great feeling hug. Eventually it's my turn and I turn around to face the toy. K starts hugging me from behind, which was also a great feeling. I put on the glasses and I get a 4/6 which Is kind of weird, but we continue on. Eventually everyone in the camp is getting up to go somewhere.

      I join my friends, but I have a very noticeable erection. So I bring a blanket. I say something and someone tells me to be quite. We reach our destination. And we have like 2 seconds to get into groups.

      Me and this other dude get in a group. we are asked a question such as "who do you think is the best in your group" we both look at eachother because we are the only ones in our group.

      I don't remember any thing else

      I had like 4 wbtb's but I don't remember any of the dreams(I know I had 3 more)
    3. Close to getting lucid

      by , 07-28-2019 at 06:12 AM
      Dream 1: I forget when this dream starts, but I'm some sort of supermarket. Me and my mother are walking around and we go to the upper left side of the store. Apparently there's some sort of therapist In the store.

      We start talking about my friend S, I tell her about how she's horrible at relationships. After talking for a while she ask me what I'm thinking of doing. I tell her nothing. She gives a slight sigh and says "no, you need to teach her to lucid dream!" Super enthusiastically.

      I give her a loud high five and then I think of reality checking, after about 2 seconds I decide not to. I don't know why. I think I forgot.

      We say our goodbyes to the therapist, and me and my mom continue walking through the store. Now I'm shirtless too.

      We leave the store to see people packing the streets. They're all buff people on workout mats. I have my own workout mat and I get on it. I don't remember the rest.

      I remember four other non-lucids, but they're too confusing and I've been up too long to remember.
    4. Trouble sleeping

      by , 07-27-2019 at 12:07 AM
      Dream 1: I have a dream about the game rust. I have multiple parts where I'm just shooting guns at people, I'm inside the game. I didn't like this dream so I'm not putting more detail

      I've had more trouble sleeping due to me being busy
    5. 7/25/19

      by , 07-25-2019 at 10:35 PM
      Dream 1: I have a FA where I'm writing down my dreams.

      Dream 2: I had a dream where Tony stark was my father Nd that he has a son that has mental disabilities. I am inside of this big hospital of some sorts. Me and his son then proceed to play games together.

      I think this is a continuation of the same dream. Some reason Tony starks suit is sentient, it's like thor's weapons
      (that it only chooses people it thinks are worthy)

      Well one at one point it chooses someone and it basically just forces them to wear it. I don't remember what happens next, but at some point their are two people and they get into a fight. The suit chooses one dude. And something that I con only describe as a upward storm happens. It's like a storm that is centered in one part. Forcing these two in the sky.

      Dude with the suit is getting scared, and the dude who didn't have the suit is changing. Something about him the suit likes. So half of it latches on to him
      (one has the torso one has the legs)

      I don't remember much else but at some point Tony is very mad. He summons the suit off of those two people and it instantly covers him. I don't know what happened next
    6. More asthma

      by , 07-25-2019 at 05:06 AM
      Dream 1: it was a normal FA

      I tried to do wbtb but I woke up a hour early due to asthma.

      Dream 2: I took a nap and had a dream about playing tlou once again, i believe it was on the map checkpoint. I can't remember much aince I'm just now writing it

      I know I would of had a lucid for now if my asthma would stop acting up. It keeps on screqing with my recall too. But that's fine
    7. Horrible asthma but okay recall

      by , 07-23-2019 at 06:13 PM
      I did wbtb once again last night. I got closer and I recall more dreams.
      Dream 1: a friend and I are talking and suddenly we start dating. I go to her house. Which in the dream she lives in a small hotel, she's in one of the rooms in the 400's.

      For the remainder of the dream we just sleep together. Things get pretty saucy at one point

      Fragment 1: I am in a very big building with many other people. We're doing something i don't remember. Maybe with cars.

      Dream 2: me and some others are taking a class of some kind. In the class we compare two things and get points for the more details we notice.

      We do this twice. I can't quite remember the 1st one. I believe it was over gravity and something else. The second one is the only one I participate in. It's over the differences of a robot vs a person made from millions of different robots/nanotechnology.

      Our teacher which I notice is a fairly small and young looking women, tells us how this works and what we're trying to do.

      The first thing I look at is the robot. It had kink in it's neck that was open and exposed showing many different wires. In a way he looks depressed. Though the whole class know that both of these human/robot variants aren't alive.

      The human made from nanotechnology is extremly weird. His head is very big but his limbs are all small and frail. He is getting held up by another machine which makes the whole thing look even weirder. I had to stare at it for a bit to get what the hell I was seeing.

      In all honesty his head looked a lot like thanos lol. The dream goes on and class ends. We are to draw the details we noticed and the robots. I tell our teacher/guide(she have me a weird feeling. Kind of like she's not like other DC's I can't tell. I hope I'm getting closer to finding my dream guide/guides) after all that(I never drew anything) class is dismissed. But I'm hungry. Me and my friend find a microwave nearby and pop bags of popcorn. I accidently opened the first bag but popped it anyways. You'd think popcorn would fly everywhere but the bag stayed normal.

      My friend try's to put his bag on top of mine but I take mine out. Dream ends here.

      I'm getting closer to pulling off FILD. I'm going to try one more time today, after today I'll give myself a full night's sleep without doing wbtb(I did twice today). I want to experiment with FILD and SSILD. I am thinking there may be a way to combine them. But I will save that for when I'm much better at LD's
    8. Failed wbtb

      by , 07-22-2019 at 01:49 PM
      I had a failed wbtb last night

      The only dream I remember is a false awakening. It was a normal one
    9. 7/20/19

      by , 07-20-2019 at 06:49 PM
      Fragment 1: I'm in a the last of us type of setting trying to escape a town.

      Dream 1: I am in a house of some sorts and I am blowing up doors with small explosions, there are 2 children with me and following me. At a certain point I blow up another door with a grenade. One child gets super close and I yell at her to move.

      The grenade wasn't lethal at all and only bruises her legs. But then I'm sentenced 15 yea re s in prison for child endangerment.

      The rest of the dream is just me feeling sad talking to my friends and sneaking the game.

      At one point I'm secretly playing a mobile game where you have to kill the enemy's inside of a big white room of sorts.

      Dream 2: I'm inside of that game that I just mentioned. I have to fight and kill bosses. I don't remember much. But I do remember casting magic, running very fast, and fighting.
    10. 7/19/19

      by , 07-19-2019 at 05:50 PM
      Dream 1: I am at my grandma's house.
      Ima skip out on details but I have sex wuth someone I don't know

      Dream 2: this dream has a fantasy game like feel to it. I am doing task for a king to unlock something. I think It was a dragon. This dream has a very big plot, I'm trying to rescue a kingdom by doing many different task.

      I choose the task by looking st a wall that shows them. Many of them are scary or weird. At one point I am observing a very small dragon(think of a very small Chinese dragon.)

      I think there was something else but I forgot.

      Dream 3: once again I'm inside of apex legends. I spawn in a town. I believe I was supposed to kill people to help someone do something.

      All of my team members were dead and I fight many teams with a R-301. At some point I am running through a forest to get to another town.

      Once again I feel closer to getting a lucid. Right now since I'm a beginner, every lucid counts. So I will list off when I feel I'm about to have a lucid. I'm sure once I'm a veteran I will not have to do that
    11. Lucid? Close but not

      by , 07-17-2019 at 02:24 PM
      I can't tell if I was lucid or if I had a dream about lucid dreaming.

      Dream 1: this was a very long feeling dream. I am on the bbn couch watching a video that was scary. I am surfing dreamviews. And I come across a tutorial. It was a very mysterious and weird. I think it was a technique that uses spirit. Guides as a gateway to lucidity. But I can't recall.

      I'm pretty sure this dream had a horror aspect to it. Because I remember seeing something scary, something trying to kill me.

      The tutorial. Is very long and it uses her dreams
      (the creator) as examples. Well as I read those I notice that she has two spirit guides or whatever they were. After all of that I fall asleep.

      In my dream I become"lucid" but I think It was a dream about lucid dreaming. It just didn't have that lucid feeling. (I can't remember the dream I just know i became "lucid" in it

      Dream 2: I remember a dream but it's too long to write it all down. But basically my brother and i raid these sheds to get back at people

      Dream 3: I remember a dream where I was inside of the game apex legends as watson killing multiple teams. It was also very dramatic.

      Dream 4: I also had a dream where I find some very strong tape of many varieties because my brother failed to get it(and a weird weapon that uses it. I was confused because it had no stats). As we run from the killer we tape up the doors and hiding spots so it can't get to us.

      I remembered one other dream but I forgot it as I was typing it up, I'll see if I remember later today.

      Dreams today were really chaotic. I also forgot a lot of details for some reason.
    12. Inside of my favorite game

      by , 07-16-2019 at 02:10 PM
      I know I had many dreams this night, but as I'm fixing my schedule I still have poor recall. Many things I remember are just little pieces that i can't put into anything tangible.

      Dream 1: once again I'm inside a game. One of my favorite games. Which is the last of us. I'm on the map checkpoint.

      As I start playing I notice the map is different from usual. I also had a point where I found shotgun ammo even though I didn't have one. And I also found a military sniper and used it.

      I played two rounds In total. Both i did what I usually do and shived people. I had a shorty and I think a burst rifle
      (my actual shiv class has the enforcer) I have many moments where my shiv is stolen by someone shooting the enemy.

      Another thing is that you can speak to the enemy. I've had moments where I've said sorry. And other things I don't remember

      I've had so many dreams where I'm inside a dream. But I have no idea on how I should become lucid from them. Does anyone have any advice for that? Like should I think of it as virtual reality and RC everytime I see or think of being in it or?

      Also I've been feeling that I'm getting close to lucidity again
    13. Before the great borderlands battle

      by , 07-15-2019 at 02:34 PM
      As wasn't able to get much sleep last night.

      Dream 1: I am inside the game borderlands. When the dream starts I have already completed a mission. After that. The game starts telling me something I can't remember. I just remember the part of. This woman is very dangerous. I travel to a camp and there I see a lot of bandits. But there's two special ones. A woman dressed in a odd assortment of purple armor. And a man that has red armor.

      I go to speak to them. And I see there dialogue options
      (imagine fallout new vegas's.) I have 3 options. The first is to fight. The second is to do something I can't remember. I think it had something to do with lieing. The third is to persuade them to not fight. I think for a minute and decide to fight for the loot and xp.

      I have a strategy in mind. As soon as we start fighting I get in my vehicle and start speeding away. I am driving up a hill and stop when I get into a town of sorts. As I look into the sky's a see many helicopters vehicles and infantry are filling the ground. As they are coming closer I start shooting. And the dream ends there.

      Yep I'm sad. I want some more action oriented dreams because I know I could easily become lucid from them. Pludt they're a lot of fun. I'm sure I can get my sleep schedule fixed tonight cause I won't be busy. Then I can proceed to beat the shit out of DC's

      I remember a second dream. But it's just me messing around with my best friend.
    14. some boring dreams

      by , 07-09-2019 at 02:33 PM
      Dream 1: I am in my house, looking at social media. This girl I just got in contact with blocks me, and some dudes start texting me and giving me shit.
      In waking life I did just start talking to an old friend. But there's no fight

      Dream 2: I'm playing a weird type of game. which looks to be a mix between the last of us and mine craft. It looks like minecraft. But The game play is a lot like the last of us. With no zombies. I'm inside the game and am playing with my sister and someone else. I'm looking every where for collectibles and my sister keeps on complaining saying it's taking too much time.

      Well later on through all the adventuring which I don't remember. We fight a boss. It is very weird boss fight. You had to shoot barrels from the top of a roof inside the building. There was this dude that got bigger every time you missed and he was filled to the brim with muscles. I don't get the fight at all but dream me does. For a while we do that and eventually kill him somehow. In certain points he got almost big enough to reach us. So I had to hide behind a wall so he can't grab me.
      I don't remember if there's any thing else to the dream, but the way to reach the end is to build a rocket and to leave.

      Dream 3: That old friend is doing a karate class, this is the second time i see my old teacher. Well this karate class everyone did nothing in multiple parts of the dream. And near the end the teacher is throwing a ball at my old friend. I help her out and join. Later the dream just fades out.

      I didn't expect too much for today. That head ache was a big set back it seems. I would love to do great in the competition but I don't know. I know for a fact I'm improving, in recall and vividness, and I'm learning how to get lucid better.

      But why be so pessimistic? This competition last for a whole month, I can and will redeem myself.
    15. sleeping at my grandma's house

      by , 07-07-2019 at 02:21 PM
      Trying to sleep here was horrible. The trains woke me up in the middle of the night, so I tried to wild. But I'm not used to them at all. So I just decided to sleep. After a while I eventually did.

      Dream 1:my first dream was boring but weird so I'm going to do a quick description of it. I was on a toilet outside. imagine a portapotty but without doors. So instead of using the restroom, I'm trying to wild while on the toliet. eventually i get frustrated and go inside.

      Dream 2: I have a false awakening. (I've began to get better at catching those and I will eventually, I've been doing RC's everyday I wake up first thing. I haven't missed a day yet.)

      Dream 3: I am watching youtubers play minecraft. It was like a weird variant of survival games, but with a very big world. At first I'm watching markiplier, but then it switches over to a different youtuber. Most memorable part is when he falls off a cliff, and someone jumps after him and dies.

      fragment: I remember this dream being very story driven. It is about some people who are murderers, are trying to become gods. Well it buds into this romance of two people who don't want to kill each other. But one is brainwashed and starts trying to kill the other. the boy has to try and unbrainwash the girl. I was an observer. Like watching a movie. I had no part at all in this dream.
      non-lucid , false awakening
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