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    Night 1 of Spring Comp

    by , 04-15-2017 at 07:21 AM (247 Views)
    Dream 1 - Fireworks

    It's night and I'm out partying with school friends. My mental map tells me I'm around the area where my university is, but the buildings are different. The party is moving, people leave with bikes and cars. I just arrived from a gym and left my bike there. One of my old friends asks why I did that and calls me stupid. I don't mind, I start running to the bridge going across the lake. People with bikes and cars can't take this short cut, so I might even arrive before them. I notice I don't tire from running and I can run really fast. While running over the bridge I notice a massive explosion in the sky, like a meteor split into hundreds of orange shards that continued to fall in every direction. I stop to admire it. I look around to see if anyone was following me and saw this amazing display, but I'm alone. I look back up and see several more explosions and realize they are fireworks. Incredibly beautiful looking though, and massive. They light up the whole night sky.

    After a while I continue to the location where the party was supposed to continue. It's not a party at all, it's a mandatory church ceremony. (We used to have on at the beginning of every school year. Involves preaching, singing etc.) At the doors we are supposed to also donate some money. I have no cash on me and panic.

    Panic leads to waking up, so I WBTB.

    Dream 2 - Kids of the Slums

    I'm a DO and see slums next to an odd looking frozen river. The ice is light blue, but isn't reflective or transparent like it should. TotalBiscuit is looking after the boys of the slums. There's a radio playing music. One of the kids led TotalBiscuit to the river. There was a spot with some hardhats stuck in the ice and a few small rocks sticking out. The kid took TB to a dangerous spot on purpose. TB slips and hits his head into a rock. His skull cracked, he's dead. The kids go back. One of the boys goes to the group of girls that were playing in the slums and asks one of them to help with something. A girl in a green dress with flowers comes back with him. She asks what it's about. The boys don't say anything other than they need her help. The group starts walking somewhere and the dream ends.

    Dream 3 - I teach history?
    I'm in a school. Dumbledore is the headmaster and I teach history. Dumbledore tells me I'm going to speak in front of the whole school. We are in a big dining hall. I have nothing prepared and panic. Students arrive, I recognize a few of them. The students want to eat first. That buys me some time. I get the dessert, which is a piece of pie with some purple jam. I have a chat with one of the student I know from waking life. Pie tastes good. I start thinking about my lecture, while eating. Stuff of nightmares, this dream
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      It must have been nice to see fireworks in your dream. Their so pretty~ Sweet how you had dessert before the lecture started in your dream too. X3
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