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    FLYING! and the red head

    by , 09-15-2010 at 12:45 AM (972 Views)
    1. Sept 12th, night 26 of recalling and failing at LDing

    I was with 3 other DCs, didnt recognize any of them. We were in downtown toronto and looking for somewhere to hang out. So we flew above some skyscrapers to see if we could find a good, busy place to have some fun. I can still picture 2 of the 3 people that i was with, but i was mostly focused on the 3rd, i knew i was trying to pursue him.. I got the feeling that i was new in their sort of super powered group but, wasnt clear if the others had any other powers.
    It was awesome flying around, we chose to hang out by this big sculpture on the street. Then all of a sudden we were back home. I didnt recognize the building, but i got the feeling like it was similar to the dorms in xmen.. and i happened to know that cleaning up after each other was annoying.
    Often in my dreams, i dont recognize the house that im in, but when i go to the bathroom, its the washroom from my old house. But this time, when i got there, it was very dark and there was fabric draped around the toilet. It was also very steamy in the room, like someone had just had a shower; but when i checked the tub, it was bloody. I looked at myself, and i was covered in blood, and all of a sudden a slug fell on my leg. Annd i woke up!

    2. Sept 13th, night 27 and still failing to LD

    This dream was quite long, but i only remember that i was in this old building with a bunch of people, and we were getting lost. And there were faulty elevators, ofc. so we were going up and down stairs. I didnt recognize anyone until i got separated from most of the people. I was left with a red headed girl, who had the most amazing eyes ive ever seen. I tried to get the elevator that we were infront of to work, but it wouldnt come. I pulled some kinda crazy succubus stuff on her, and telepathically convinced her that she likes me, so we made out for a bit. The other people showed up and called her, taking her attention off of me. She freaked out and left with them, and i felt alone and woke up.

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Elevators always work terribly bad in dreams!!! Terribly!!!! Since I was a kid I had tons of lucid dreams with elevators and all sort of funny stuff happened.

      Nice dreams.
    2. limitless's Avatar
      Lol, yah. Now if i could only use stuff like that properly, as a RC and become lucid!! Hah