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    limitless' limits

    the map

    by , 08-31-2010 at 08:08 PM (530 Views)
    Havent had a proper recall in a while..
    This is my dream from this morning:

    Someone, somewhere had a map of Canada, and they folded it and shook it. And all of a sudden, all the provinces were mixed up. Like boggle. My mother was telling me about it, so we turned on the news and it was real.

    The biggest thing that i cared about, was that a part of Newfoundland was now in Manitoba. So my mother took me there to see Newfoundland! There was no travelling, my dream just skipped forward. There were reporters and people everywhere, it was kinda like one street from St.Johns was just sorta added to the edge of manitoba, by the Hudson Bay.

    The street looked like this:

    The street was on the edge of a cliff kinda like this, except Straight down:

    I sat on the edge of the cliff, and decided to Jump! As i was falling i saw a huge whale below me(my biggest fear) so i directed myself a little closer to the cliff side, hoping it would be too shallow for the whale.. it wasnt.

    He didnt bother with me, he actually went away because of the big splash. But two manatees swam up to me, which is okay cause they were cute. Then all of a sudden i was back on the edge of the cliff. And i woke up.

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