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    moving party? and the car

    by , 08-26-2010 at 08:56 PM (485 Views)
    So my dream started and i was alone at a little house party, im confused as to whose it was. I remember sitting on a big couch with one of my friends to the left of me, and someone else to the right, whom i was talking to. They got up and walked away, so i turned to my friend and tried to strike up a conversation. She dully pointed to the doorway, and two old friends walked into the room. Every time i dream about one of them in particular, i feel like a pointing dog. They sat down on the couch with us and at that point my bf, Dan and close friend, Lindz appeared, they are definitely my comfort zone here. There was a little scene with the entertainment unit, i dont remember specifically, but i knew it was haunted..

    The night skipped forward a little, we were in an elevator and i was told that we were going up, to the top floor of the building. But i could see the floors going down. We got off and an old neighbour and her family was there, they were moving. So we tried to help.

    Then my bf and i were at my old house, and we had stuff that we needed to bring to our apartment(which i dont actually have) so my parents offered to drive the stuff over, and i was in the back seat. Dan was driving his car(which he doesnt actually have) behind us. We were heading up a local street and a big wall appeared in the middle of the road ahead of us with a big gate in the middle. My dad got angry and floor'd it, hoping to just bust open the gate. But we hit a cement block on the bottom of the gate, and the car went soring into the sky.

    It was not good, i saw everything in slow motion. It felt like we were up, above the rooftops for minutes. I got really scared and started to wake up, i asked myself, "were we ever going to fall? or did i just wake up from a flying dream?!"

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