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    Starting at the begining?

    by , 08-18-2010 at 09:03 AM (478 Views)
    I've had many lucid dreams as a child, but i didnt think any of them then. I didnt know they can be so cool; and if you learn more about your dreams, you can control them. Finding this all so interesting obviously leads to me making an account and sharing my story.

    I usually had the option as a child to save myself from nightmares. If i was having a stressful dream when i was in grade 3 and i couldnt get to the after school bus on time, i would step into my own dream to say, "Calm down, you dont have to run on the spot, just walk slowly, the bus wont leave without you, everything is fine. Wake up now"

    Or if i was being bullied in my dream, the same event that may have happened that day, and it turns into a horrible nightmare. I often would step in as my own conscience and tell myself to literally fly away. They cant catch me if im flying above them right?

    I would also interrupt my dreams by accident. I would be having a nice, weird dream and something in real life would wake me up a little, or something out of the ordinary would happen to make me say, "Wait, im dreaming" And after i'd be upset because i will now never know how my dream would have ended if i didnt interrupt.

    All of this just makes me more eager to start my non-electronic Dream Journal and begin to recognize my dream signs that would in turn allow me to control my own dreams!

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