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    limitless' limits

    chicken and a cat

    by , 08-19-2010 at 11:14 PM (397 Views)
    I had a weird sleep last night, stayed at my boyfriend's, slept from 2-5am, then came home. Slept from 6-9am
    Had two recalls before 9am,
    Didnt fully remember my first dream, but i know it was about chicken thighs. I was someone else, a woman who was cooling dinner for her family. I went to a near by farm for two chickens, and i plucked the feathers and cleaned them myself, all just for the thighs and wings. I got challenged somehow to do the same with ponies, and watched someone put them, alive into a meat grinder. But they looked like My Little Ponies, and were blue..

    Second recall before 9am,
    I was at a bus loop with my cousin Kristen (i think she is a comfort zone for me) and we separated so she could head back to Toronto and i was catching a bus home. I ran into an old friend, which had ended on bad terms last time we talked. We saw each other and immediately started yelling, threatening and cursing at one another, all i could make out of it was me telling her she needs to stay out of Oshawa. We got talking, and i told her how i felt about her and why i had previously ended our friendship. And she agreed that shes Nuts.

    I woke up and had a hard time trying to get back to sleep, woke up around noon after a nightmare,
    My family was having a little get together at my old house, and my mom came into the kitchen and put my cat Boo Radley in the sink infront of me, and i asked her what was wrong and got very uncomfortable. She gave me a very blank look and disappeared into the adjacent room for a split second, when she came back she had Boo's head and put it on the floor. I began freaking out and asked my mom what she did and she started to pick at his head on the ground. I made her pass it to me, and i put it back on. Strangely, boo looked up at me like, 'what happened?' So i tried to do some reality checks, tried to look at my hands and as i did, i woke up. After that i calmed myself down and tried to WILD, but i just fell back to sleep for about half an hour instead.

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