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    Bank Robbery & Potentially Escaping to New Jersey

    by , 10-27-2015 at 05:33 PM (625 Views)
    Bank Robbery & Potentially Escaping to New Jersey (DILD)


    There was a grandiose robbery going on where it seemed more of a series of technical idiosyncrasies that caused it vs. a physical attack. I was an affiliate of someone that was helping me get some gold bars covered in black metal with the monetary value of them. Each one was close to 55k-100k, but I’m not sure about the actual value in terms of $, euro, etc.

    Most of the environment is very bland with blue and gray, and the carpet for some areas were a mélange of fainted warm colors dominated by the cool color. I wasn’t able to recall the visage of the individual that was helping me hoard money, but based on how he escaped, he was of Asian descent. He had a short hairstyle, and seemed to be in his 30s.

    The more I describe him, the more his visage looks like one with a rough visage. Yes, a slightly spiky hairstyle to him, and a bit of a slanted forehead from the 3/4s angle projected in my mind’s eye.

    Anyway, it seems I’m lucid mostly during the end of the operation, and the ending looks like why where everyone is going their separate ways, and moving on to whatever quotidian lifestyle they want to enhance with the wealth that they’ve gathered.

    The robbery itself doesn’t seem to be one that causes moments of consternation for most of the dream characters. I was apprehensive on wanting to give some gold for the Asian male that presumably helped me out. I believe I had at least a million dollars in gold, and was willing to give 100k-150k for the male. However, just as I was about to profess to him, he’s already going his own way, which probably implies he has just as much, or more than I do.

    I put the gold bar encased with black metal back with the other stack, and now had to devise my own way of getting out. There were two dream characters near me; one to the left, and one to the right. The one to the right seemed like another affiliate because I queried, “Where’s the gun?” and they immediately used the side of their shoe to spin it across the floor to me.
    As soon as they did that, they ran away as well, and all that’s left is a random elderly black female wearing a faded purple shirt and some cool colored pants. She’s just casually reading over some documents, and seems to be passive in terms of being aware that there has been an internal bank robbery going on, or she’s feigning her disposition to prevent retaliation from me, and any other individuals.

    I was not made privy to the layout of the bank in particular, or maybe I just had a relapse in memory at the time, but the starting point was unfortunately having to utilize her as a shield. However, I didn’t force myself to do this to her, and merely just ducked under the desk she was sitting around. It was a thin black metal desk and chair, and her slightly grandiose weight was a useful way to cover.

    Then what happened next completely changed the mood of the dream to where I could take advantage of the moment, and get off scotch-free, I guess. I was in the prone position, and I could barely see the top of someone’s head passing through the small hallway trying to navigate, and potentially shoot anyone that seems suspicious.

    That individual looked like one of my managers I used to work, so let’s call him Jess for now (Hispanic one for future reference with black glasses). He seems to notice that someone is near the elderly female, and takes a shot or two, but is only able to make a few fractures to the wall she’s sitting nearby. I immediately declared to him,

    Jess…it’s me.”

    I put my hands up, and his disposition went from earnest to one of enthusiasm. It was the typical long time, no see conversation with a subsequent handshake, and the dream completely influences me to make a complete 180 in my disposition.

    Jess started telling me how he shifted his role from retail to more technological aspects, but I’m not able to pick out the exact job position he was talking about. He was wearing a light gray polo shirt and black dress pants, and puts his hands around his hips while his arms are in a sideways V position.

    The conversation was short, and I feel that through him, I was able to casually leave the building without anyone feeling suspicious. As I’m walking out, I started to question if this was even a bank robbery at all. I noticed to my right that there’s a female with long curvy black hair that looks like a co-worker of mine. For some odd reason, I feel predisposed towards her as if we’ve been in a relationship with each other in this dream for some reason.

    It felt as if those predisposed infatuations and attractions towards her were taking dominion of my preference to just tone my actions down completely. Somehow, the materialistic gain made me more giddy towards her, but I didn’t have the intention to shower her with items. She was wearing a dark navy blue polo shirt that I’m sure she buttoned up with faded blue denim jeans of some sort. I can tell she was wearing her thick black glasses, and I realized how she’s taller than me.

    Just as I’m trying to be gregarious with her, as if it’s the only chance I would get, a random Asian Indian male interacts with me. He’s wearing a yellow shirt, light gray pants, and some brown sandals. He looks like he has a clean haircut going on, and looks like someone name Brian from New York that I used to know. He’s asking me if I want to move to New Jersey, and queries how much money I have. I didn’t question why he would suddenly query this after the event that just occurred, and things seemed like a blank canvas in terms of how I could react to this.

    For the girl, that I’ll nickname Abbey, she was someone that I wanted to query if she wanted to move in with me to New Jersey. Then, the second dream character that is portrayed looks like my mother that suddenly has the accent of Consuela from Family Guy.

    She’s like,

    “No….you can’t do that…nooo. Noo.”

    She starts to scratch me subtly, which is awkward with the music that was playing when I was thinking of Abbey awhile ago:

    I started to move my arm away from her because it was awkward and irritating. My predisposed attractions towards Abbey started to augment, and before I could be gregarious with her, I was quickly thinking on the meaning of having to move to New Jersey when I could stay in Texas instead, and buy a decent house.

    I felt that these predispositions would go in vain, and yet, it seemed that I was guided towards her. This mélange of unconscious guidance and emotions made me query why a certain individual in waking life was querying over what my hobbies her, and from a dream interpretation site that I take loosely, utilizing gold in a certain way means I should find a new hobby.

    Or in other words, find a hobby that I would be able to synch with Abbey, however, I feel it could just be another co-worker that’s using middlemen to extract things I do for quotidian activities. I wanted to make the decision to move to New Jersey with her, but still was attached to Texas as I like the grandiose feel to it vs. the more compact and economical feel New Jersey had in my previous experiences.

    Flustered with figuring out what to do, I figured that the first step was to touch her shoulder instead of trying to calculate everything to declare to her. And just as she’s turning around with a smile on her face, the dream starts getting blurry, and I believe someone wakes me up.

    It’s going to be awkward going to work.

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