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    Why Dreaming is Progressively Inspiring to Me

    by , 12-21-2014 at 09:16 AM (641 Views)
    Temporary opinion:

    Even though I have sporadic results, skewed interests, and spotty motivations in my dreams, I feel itís a source to keep trying to find ways to connect those experiences together. Or in other words, even if some moments may not hold much value in the life Iím living right now, I feel the more I recall them, and start seeing patterns, and hear certain things that validate why these things are happening in my dreams, it sort of gradually removes my doubting on dreams holding any learning potential.

    I had a few dreams today that were blatantly obvious in how I could associate it with the present. Before, I would be left questioning why things are occurring, and itíll probably be an up and down kind of adventure with meaning and no meaning, but thatís what makes it fun; whatever dream character I interact with, non-lucidly or lucidly, is a chance for me to test my means of apperception, i.e., taking new ideas/knowledge/experiences, and assimilating it to whatever is already in my mental repository.

    It seems like the conquest to know more about myself, and how I assess myself in my life will never stop. It seems to be my source of inspiration, reflecting on things, finding ways to rise to the challenge; finding ways where I canít control something and overcome adversities, but knowing that itís okay; itíll all be alright in the end, because the more I keep my center in any circumstance, dream or this reality, I can persevere and find new outlooks on things. Whether itís finding meaning in life (e.g. existentially, psychologically), how to interact with others, how to appreciate and care about other peopleís lives, itís always there for me to tap into.

    And even if those moments in my dreams are transient, and imaginary, thereís a sense of liberation when realizing that even if thereís potential irrelevance and meaningless in my dreams, and even in life, itís alright; just keep going.

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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Its great that you are inspired by your dreams to make changes and that you don't mind even the meaningless parts of your dreams. Frustration can build a wall for us but finding the inspiration we need allows us to move forward. So I think your opinion is a good one cause that's how I feel and felt about dreams and life too. : )
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    2. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      Beautiful, thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are very interesting.
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