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    Monk Again, Is this the restroom?, Me vs. Sasuke

    by , 06-24-2012 at 02:26 PM (1339 Views)
    Monk Again (Non-lucid)


    That guy from the show Monk that I'm too lazy to say his name again because I keep forgetting it showed up in some random dream.

    There's a group of men that are chasing Monk, and he eventually gets away by jumping on the side of an opened window on a moving bus. He turns around at the people chasing him, bends down and slaps his rear.

    Is This the restroom? (Non-lucid)


    I'm walking in a school building, and I see a "Geography" sign in front of me, and it seems that's where I want to go. I don't know why though, but in the mean time, I needed to go to the restroom pretty bad.

    I go to the area where the Geography sign was, and there's a bathroom to the right of it. I make sure I look at the Men and Women signs before I go in, and at first it looks like your typical restroom, but things start getting weird.

    Oh, and inside the restroom, the overall color setting was maroon, with a mix of gray and white being the dominant colors of the restroom walls. I go for a spot to pee, and it doesn't look like a urinal to me, but since it's a bathroom, I just assume it is.

    Man, I'm pretty dumb to not realize that what I'm peeing on is a gap under a table and a chair. There's a pile of papers that are locked or stapled together, and since I have no common sense here, I ignore that it could be an important file and piss on it as well.

    There's a guy in front of me looking at me....he looks like the Asian guy from a tennis team I used to be in, let's call him "Al" for short.

    Al continues looking at me weird, and he eventually screams out that I pissed on a pile of paper that was for a certain course for a teacher.

    I start panicking because urine is all over it, and it seems more people are starting to come in, both men and women. I thought this was a bathroom!!!!

    What am I supposed to do now??? I tried getting some paper towels or to wipe the pile of paper on the chair.....wait a minute, there's a bathroom sink in here!

    How can this be a classroom and a bathroom combined? I don't know, because I'm stupid and I'm still panicking in drying this pile of paper.

    Trying to soak up the piss made it worse because the ink started to fade away. Then I see blonde female teacher that looks exactly like the World Geography teacher I had in High School my sophomore year.

    She's wearing a thin black shirt with sleeves that end a few inches beyond her elbow, and is where a black and white skirt with some kind of fancy design on it, and the skirt probably stopped near her knees or just at the end of her thighs.

    She gets closer and closer, and I start presuming that she's the one who probably needs this file.

    I can't even take this tension anymore from typing this! Ugh, I feel so stupid.

    She grabs the file, I think, looks at me in shame, and I could only look away in shame, assuming she'll say negative things at me.

    In fact, I think I reached the point of embarrassment where I started to block out all the sounds in the dream and I just stood there looking down on the floor....

    Me vs Sasuke Uchiha (Non-lucid)


    You have to be kidding me....this dream probably occurred because of the last dream I had a few days where Sasuke needed an electrical outlet for sustaining his Susanoo.


    There was probably a lot more going on before I had to get ready to face him, but me and him are called up. We have to enter separate rooms, probably to prevent a person from trying to kill the other before someone says we can start.

    Before we go our separate ways, the rooms we have to go into are completely red, like some kind of strong red light emitting from above, kind of like the dark room where you turn on the red lights for photographs.

    I get ready to go in the red room, but I said that I needed to use the restroom real quick.

    I don't remember using the restroom though....LOL.

    Anyway, dream shifts a little and I'm back in the red room. I think someone prompts us to go ahead and fight, and I'm still in that phase of "lolwut durp hurp" and standing like an idiot.

    Sasuke quickly stabs the side of me.

    DAMN IT!!!!

    I don't feel anything though, I think it was me that was falling, but I'm not sure anymore. But I do remember Sasuke was basically topless, and wore that bottom part of the outfit where he faced Orochimaru and completely owned him in Shippuden.

    And I couldn't see his eyes, just the outlines of it being darkened.
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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Ahahaha, the second dream was great. What an unfortunate situation to be in.... And what a crappy classroom. Get it? Get it?? Heheee.

      Sasuke quickly stabs the side of me.

      DAMN IT!!!!
      Noooo! That sucks. :c
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    2. Singularity125's Avatar
      Man, your dreams are cruel. I'm glad I don't have any like that. xD
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