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    Royal Building Crumbles & Encountering the Minotaur

    by , 10-16-2014 at 04:15 AM (557 Views)
    Royal Building Crumbles & Encountering the Minotaur (DILD)


    This dream was most likely a continuation of one before, but because I put off on the recall for quite some time, I canít remember it to exact detail. Though, I honestly felt the rest of the prior dream was necessary, as the plot itself seemed inconsistent, and would require too much speculation to see if there were any underlying reasons involved.

    Judging by how I felt within the dream, I presumed it was a matter of escaping, and not looking back in fear of everything behind me being crumbled; in fear of being part of the destruction as well.

    Iím running with a female thatís just about a few inches shorter than me, and has a visage and body composition of someone who is Asian. She reminded me of someone I know from work for some reason, though I felt this was another dream character that takes the form of multiple Asian females, and has a distinct ďsignatureĒ if you will of someone I met in my dreams a long time ago.

    But it didnít matter on validating whoís who, so I focus more on keeping my feet active, and dodging whatever debris might come by. The environment itself is very spacious, and associating patches of recall I have of the previous dream, this area seemed to be have been a fanciful place to reside and communicate with others, mostly for exquisite banquets and luxurious entertainment most likely. But it also had some element of scholarly spirit as well, so maybe it had served doubly for that.

    The walls consist of a faded maroon color diluted with other colors similar to it in the color spectrum; the roof consisted of a white and slightly milky vanilla color with a natural splattering of dust and age, and the flooring itself had a simple vanilla tile formatting.

    I canít make out the outfit Iím wearing in particular, but Iím presume it was fairly basic as it didnít have the level of eye-candy, I guess. I do know that my companion Iím escaping with is wearing a basic red shirt and blue jeans, which seems odd for us considering the formal implications of the area weíre in right now. So Iím presuming that if she was wearing something casual than formal, I probably was wearing a black shirt and faded black jeans.

    Weíre running up some stairs that are probably 10 feet in width, and the grandiose composition of the building makes me wonder if weíll ever get out of here. And if weíre going up inside of down as I would naturally imply an escape would be, it became more confusing, but going up was the only way we could go right now; otherwise, weíd just be dead corpses under heavy debris.

    I can feel the vibrating and earth-quake-esque sensations all around by body, along with the random shifts in environmental movements. I stayed mostly on the right side of the curved stairs to get a wider view of the left just in case something weird happens, like, I donít know, a Minotaur that should come out of nowhere trying to kill us by using the environment.

    And the more I observe the environment, the setting seems to resemble interiors of Alcamoth in Xenoblade Chronicles. And with more bits of recall from the previous dream snapping back to my awareness, I do recall seeing several High Entia dream characters floating around somewhere.

    They were like the image above, albeit paler, and seemed to have no colors applied to their existence; like a fading white color overlay.

    At some point, to the left of us, a big hole is formed, and a giant Minotaur comes out of nowhere.

    He has black hair, and his body is brown with a subtle hint of burnt orange, and he has glowing yellow eyes as well. His loin cloth is either black or brown, and he looks like heís hell-bent to kill us. He immediately uses his hands to destroy part of the stairs weíre on, and when this occurs, everything suddenly changes. Thereís too many things going on at once, and I am both horrified and bothered on whatís going on.

    I canít even tell if the female by me exists anymore, and I presumed she fell down into the seemingly bottomless pit by now. I do know that Iím still alive in the dream, and I was preparing to encounter the Minotaur. But I canít recall what happens next, other than standing on top of the first apex of the stair set that was broken.

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