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    1. 1/19/12 No Dream Recall

      by , 01-19-2012 at 06:05 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      No dream recall (Non-lucid)


      I couldn't recall any dreams, I think it's because I'm more worried about waking up early and getting adjusted to the new schedule of mine in college.
    2. Zune HD Memory Sale, Wolf Link, and Aelita In Sector 5 from Code Lyoko

      by , 11-09-2011 at 11:35 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      Iím with my parents and my mom is showing me something thatís on for sale that would give me more memory for my Zune HD. The prices were really cheap. She pointed that I should get the 30 GB for like $29.99.

      Then Iím playing Twilight Princess, and Iím playing as Wolf Link and Midna is riding me. There were dark ominous clouds in this grass land area. I think even a Beyonce song was playingÖ

      Then I see Aelita from Code Lyoko was in Sector 5, but it was split off. It was like she was playing a Mario Game where she had to go to pipes to go to different areas. She could build her own pipe to transfer back and forth from point A to point B.

      Then sheís teleported to a secret area from a random pipe. I think an enemy hits her, so she came back to her original spot.
    3. Me and Some girl chased by agents, Riding a bicycle, Knowing that I'm Dreaming but not moving.

      by , 11-04-2011 at 10:29 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      When I woke up around 4 AM, I drank some water and went back to sleep. I repeated that “I become aware that I’m dreaming, I become aware that I’m dreaming.” Then I decided to pause a bit before saying it and after a while, the sound of my ears make that sound as if I was going at the speed of light.

      Images started to come up, yellow eyes, I open my eyes a little bit, but the images kept coming as I closed them back.

      After a while the images stopped.

      I saw the fan rotating but it was moving pretty slow.

      Then I have this dream where I’m on a chase where these men were trying to freeze some girl. She had black hair and was probably wearing a school uniform like Kagome from Inyuasha.

      I think that I’m with them too, but while one is chasing the girl, another guy is chasing me.

      We’re in a store and I saw a box or bag of cookies and decided, “Oh I should eat some.”

      I saw the guy’s body and shadow coming near and ran in circles to confuse him.

      I had to put my hands back and then fling them forward to let ice freeze the agent looking guy’s feet.

      But I couldn’t do it too fast or else the ice would be weak.

      Dream fades….

      I’m running up this hill, but it looked I was walking with my bicycle but I was riding with someone. I asked him if he knew what lucid dreaming was. He looked at me weirdly, and then I asked if he thought I was crazy.

      He said “Well…you know…” Then he started speaking and I couldn’t hear what he was saying.

      Then I’m riding the bicycle and this ominous music was playing called Sensui’s Territory.

      As I’m hearing this music, I say to myself “I’m aware that I’m dream” two times and become lucid. Everything was vivid and was just riding the bicycle in traffic, dodging traffic and buses coming out of nowhere.

      There was this ledge of a sidewalk I had to jump over with the bicycle and I did it, then when I’m going down the road. I do a reality check by plugging my nose and I could breathe.

      Then when I turned right my eyes opened, at least that’s what I thought at first, and I managed to do a DEILD….

      Then I’m in another dream where I’m walking with my bicycle and I see two black people. One black female in front of me and the black male behind. I walk past him and leave my bike and kept walking.

      It was bright as day and I’m walking by the edges of the dirt, there was no sidewalk.

      Then the same guy with the red shirt passes by took my bicycle, but I didn’t want to accuse him, so I looked at the bike a little bit more.

      It was definitely my back because I knew I had headlights in the front and back. I told him to give it back to me.

      Then I’m in this random place and go into a house and a police car was on the outside and this random DC drove off from the same area. The place looks as if we were moving in or it looked like it was searched.

      I see my laptop on a computer desk and on the right there’s another computer desk with two small Acer looking laptops. This dream was weird, I felt fear because I literally thought it was reality. I asked my mother what was going on. Apparently I stole the guy’s bicycle even though it was CLEARLY mine. I even had pictures with the code and model-number taken by me.

      Then my goes to this weird site with a “/tamu” at the end, which is something that’s used for Texas A&M university. I’m trying to find the pictures of my bicycle but I can’t find them.

      My mother called my father and I asked her what will happen now, and she said “Wait till your father gets here.” I felt so scared for some reason, and I’m like “crap I’m screwed.” Even though I know I had pictures that it was my bicycle, the thought that my parents aren’t even near my apartment in college in waking life never came to mind.

      Then I woke up and was like “That was dream….” I sighed in relief.

      I had this dream where I’m looking at my Zune mp3 player, and this guy in some anime said he was going to rape this girl.

      It was weird and they were singing some song. I knew I was dreaming, but I couldn’t move. It was crystal clear too, the video that is, then I woke up.

      I do another DEILD instead of giving up,…then I recall another dream where I’m sitting with a bunch of people like a mini-auditorium and we had to listen to these people who were apparently the top ranked students give a small speech. It was like being in the commons and the podium in front.

      Then when the principle decides to give a few words, the people on the right of me decided to say “Oh God….” Then the principle asked “Who said that?!” My Chemistry Professor even rose her hand, which was kind of funny because she didn’t get a piece of the principle’s mind and possibly getting fired.

      Then this microphone is being passed towards these people and I was going to be next. People were saying “Children, children.” And then it comes towards me and said “Family.” She asked me to say that again because my voice was too low. I repeated “Family,” and she asked me if I was okay because I didn’t sound too well.

      Then I’m up again, and I’m holding my Zune HD again and painting on it. There was this red castle playing in the Zune. And I knew I was dreaming because I knew I wasn’t holding my Zune in waking life. I put my Zune away and got out of my bed and did a RC plugging my nose. I could breathe, but I did another RC to make sure.

      I put my hands to each other but they didn’t go through each other. I did another RC where I summoned a small object. So I looked at my hands and said “Ball.” A kneaded eraser in form of a ball, at least that’s what I thought at the moment, appeared.

      Then I go towards the door to get out of my off-campus apartment from college, but I looked through the blinds to see what was outside.

      Clearly by now this was a dream, because the environment was altered.

      I still had doubt because I didn’t want to go outside with my underwear and I end up being in waking life and people see me.

      The dream fades away and I wake up.

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    4. No dreams D:

      by , 11-01-2011 at 01:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Couldn't recall any dreams, guess I just needed to think about someone else I love for once instead of isolating reality to try and dream.
    5. Splinter Cell, Blonde Lesbian and Friend, Code Lyoko

      by , 10-29-2011 at 09:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      The most recent dream is that Iím playing Splinter Cell again, but I felt as if I was Sam Fisher.

      It was dark and there was this big black gated mini fortress, and it was filled with landmines and sensory bombs.

      Then I reach the exit and had to make sure that I timed how I released the sticky bombs or else the whole place would blow up.

      Then I continue crawling and see a guard and aimed for his head.

      I killed him, and there was another guard that was close to finding out the body, but I shot him as well.

      Then the guardís radio started and asks if the area was secured. I just ignore the call and keep going.

      Then there are a lot of civilians, with some guards, and I decide to shoot them anyway. The gun was silenced so the guards wouldnít have heard. More guards started to come when I left the area and went back to the two guards I shot.

      Then Iím in this area with a backyard with an ocean surrounding it, it was massive with a few more islands near where I was.

      There was paper on the grass that seemed to be chat logs of a IRC channel I go to talk to this girl and other people.

      Sheís a blonde in waking life, and I also dream of the lesbian blonde I know from Netherlands.

      They were complaining on how men are so insecure or some nonsense like that.

      Then Iím in another scenario where Iím with Yumi from Code Lyoko in the forest sector, and we had to figure out some digits on a machine that would materialize a certain object.

      This dream was weird, but eventually we figured it out and we were screaming ďYAAAAAAAAAAYĒ like we were a bunch of 5 year olds.

      Then the Code Lyoko Theme Song started to play at the end, not the introduction, but the shortened version that was used for the credits.

      (This isn't the Credits, but in the Credits, the song is just shortened)

    6. Splinter Cell Sniper Mission and Random Stealth Mission with Flying Gun Turrets

      by , 10-25-2011 at 02:34 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I was probably playing a video game. It was a Splinter Cell game, and it was a pure assassination mission where I had to use a sniper to kill three people that would come out to see where the bullet shot came from one by one. I believe it was on the rooftops of some building.

      I managed to shoot two out of the three before they called spoke on the radio that there was an intruder. The third one I had a hard time steadying my aim at, and his head was moving a bit too much.

      I missed one time, tried to focus and shot him again. However, before he died, he managed to get the radio and signaled to security. So when there was no response, they sent out guards to see what was wrong.

      I decided to run towards this small area of darkness where they wouldnít see me, and I turned on the thermal goggles, but somehow they found me and started to shoot me while I was in a prone position. I managed to kill 2 out of the three guards, but you know how in Splinter cell games that your life goes away pretty fast if the enemy uses automatic weapons, so it only took 4-5 hits to die and the mission ends.

      Then Iím in a different scenario where Iím on a stealth mission. I couldnít tell if it was me in the mission or if I was playing another video game, but I opened the door crouching down and saw a floating gun turret.

      I only remember bits of this dream, but I think one door I opened had a gun turret stuck in the bathroom, so I decided to be silly and give away my position, but not turrets were nearby. Then the dream fades away.
    7. Meeting random math teacher and Thought I was late for Biochemistry class

      by , 10-24-2011 at 05:21 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I was going towards some exit in some random place. I look back and see my Pre-calc math teacher from High School (Damn it Iím in a university yet I still couldnít be aware of that).

      I was doing random things like balancing some object that was falling on another personís backpack, and I was avoiding the edges of some stone ledge in a building.

      Then I had a dream where I was with my parents for something, but it wasnít that long. Then I realize Iím late for my Biochemistry class, like 30 minutes late. I decided I should go anyway and see if the professors would let me in. The class ended, but the professor let me sign in anyway so I wouldnít get 1% of my total grade shaved off (they actually take attendance in this class in a UNIVERSITY). I believe it was the professor Iím normally in during discussion days, which are on Thursdays.

      My professor told me that just try to be on time next time or they would have to take 1% of my total grade off. I was going to talk to her about lucid dreaming, but she seemed to be in a rush to go into another meeting and apologized that she didnít have time to hear about it.

      But weíre suddenly in another lab and Iím trying to sign my name on a paper. She said Iím signing wrong and that I had to split every other a while writing in cursive. I eventually get what she was saying, but it didnít make sense she would tell me that.

      Thatís all I remember. Hope I get to find my DG again, if the last journal entry I did really was her.
    8. College and The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker

      by , 10-21-2011 at 04:24 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      SORRY I DOUBLE POSTED THERE. I forgot to put this as non-lucid so, when I clicked post now it did a double post. Sorry! The real entry is above this.

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    9. Random Party, Evil Children & Helping Someone Out

      by , 10-20-2011 at 01:09 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      1:17 AM I woke up.

      I was looking for where my tutor was having some meeting, I canít recall it that well but Itís dark at night.

      (It was like this area, only dark)

      I thought I was at the right spot, so I wait a bit longer to see if she would come, but I finally decide to go into the place I was waiting and saw some pretty blonde girl wearing a faded yellow shirt with light blue pants (OH MY GOD, ANOTHER BLONDE, I SWEAR, WHY CAN'T I RECOGNIZE THAT AFTER SO MANY BLONDE FIGURES AND VOICES OF CERTAIN BLONDES )!$!$%.

      She thought I was a bit creepy and asked what I was here for. I told her I was looking for someone that said she had some meeting here, and she recommended I go to the other side of where she was.

      I followed her suggestion, open the door, and BAM! Iím in a party, and I see my father and mother near the entrance and wonder why they are here. I see all these people near them, and I believe one person hugged me for a little while. Thatís all I remember there.

      Then Iím in my bed and I see this man I knew and his children in bed with me too.

      The children are very annoying to me in waking life, and I even consider them to be demon spawns as well, so maybe thatís why these two dark figures were annoying me.

      After the father slept a little more, because he was stopping them from doing stupid things, one of them said something like ďHeís finallyÖ.Ē Something and just dump some random things near me while Iím sleeping.

      It TICKLED THE HECK OUT OF ME around my neck and I couldnít resist it, it was just too ticklish! I woke up and tried to remain calm and go back to sleep, but I figured I should write this down.

      (Like how Samus is being tickled)

      This dream I probably had before all these ones.

      Iím in a class where thereís this African-American guy I knew in my last High School before being a freshmen in Texas A&M University. Then I see another person like him that probably could be his relative. The teacher was wearing a pink shirt and shorts, so in my mind, Iím thinking that Iím in a class with gay people (I have nothing against homosexuals).

      Then I was helping this same guy how to put a bike lock or something on a bike, and this random Asian dude in a white hoodie I believe just randomly takes out the air of the bike with a device. I basically went ďWTF!!?!Ē

      And the guy I was helping got really pissed, but I donít know what he did after that.

      Then this other dream is where I'm in this random house, and some guest is taking too long in the bathroom. When he finally comes out, random things happen. A hose is inside the house, and NEAR an electric socket. Can't remember much after that.

      Then I dreamed some girl was saying "Hi" to all these guys. She was being really nice and was in a cheerful mood, but I forgot to say "Hi" back to her. She looked at me one more time because she probably thought I was busy, and I finally looked up and said hello to her.

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    10. Dream about High School again lol

      by , 10-17-2011 at 11:51 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I wasn’t able to become lucid this time.

      I was in High School again (I’m in college now lol), and I’m sitting with a some people I know and a few that I don’t. Most of them were the top ten of *NVM* of 2011.

      It seemed to be like a study hall since everyone was talking most of the time. There was one person bragging about how some guy was able to go through 100 plays in just 2 minutes or something like that. And another person asked how many she did, and she responded while laughing, “Like 12.”

      Then a teacher gives one of these students a free meal ticket for some Asian restaurant. The student was obviously happy and then we all got up and went somewhere, but I heard someone talking about getting a job somewhere, but I can’t remember where. I saw this kid near some small blue lockers asking a teacher if he can get something there. That’s all I can remember.

      Probably because when the alarm woke me up, I didn’t do a WBTB, I just fell asleep immediately. :/

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    11. Zune HD Trouble

      by , 10-15-2011 at 02:16 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      (NON-LUCID) I was in an area where we had to wait for some testing. Some voice said that we had to take out our electronics and give them to one of the people in charge of guarding them. I take out my Zune HD, and give it to one of them. They all went outside, and one of them is turning ON my Zune HD! (CRAP CRAP CRAP NO NO DON'T SCROLL IT UP PLEASE!!)

      It was as if they knew how to use a Zune, and they were playing one of the videos that Mike Adriano did with a girl in a POV porn scene. I started freaking panicking, this girl that was next to me somehow saw what they were looking at and was like "O.O" I just paused and continued freaking out ...More people started grouping around the guys to look...then MIKE ADRIANO appears! (He's a porn director/actor)

      I FINALLY FOUND MY EXCUSE to make people think I had those videos for Mike Adriano (They believed apparently, but the dream was kind of hazy). Mike started looking at it, and I asked him if he remembered any of the girls' names on the videos he saw. He said while laughing, "No."

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    12. Old collection of dreams I was too lazy to post (Some lucids, some not)

      by , 10-15-2011 at 01:50 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Non-Lucid, LUCID


      It was dark as night in the backyard of a house. I think someone was with me, probably my mother, and we were running away from something that was trying to kill us. We kept going around in circles literally around the house and backyard. Then when we got to the left side again, I told my mother to hurry and just move on without me. I waited for this killer, and it ended up being Betty Boop with a knife on her right hand I believe.

      I wasnít lucid, but it obviously wasnít that scary anymore. And suddenly the knife broke loose of her grasp and flinged somewhere else.

      Betty started panicking because the knife was the only thing that made her threatening. So I think I ran towards her and smashed her head into a few big pieces. I canít remember much after that.

      A dream I had before this was me with a laptop, and I was downloading something. Then this guy told me to SEED a torrent file I downloaded. So I did and it uploaded it pretty fast. Thatís all I remember.


      Some girl was trolling me on facebook that I was liking her status and made some long status myself about it because I REALLY liked it. The area seemed to be like a small track field stadium.

      I was under the seats on the field. And I saw some shapes and objects on the field, but I wasnít aware that I was dreaming.


      I was in this room and saw some guy I knew from Biochemistry with this girl I shook hands with the first day of my Biology Lab at Texas A&M University as a freshmen. It was a fairly dark room with some sunlight in it.

      Then I have a dream going to a grocery store and seeing just corn shells, and Iím comparing them with something.

      Then Iím dreaming that Iím walking up to some place, but canít remember much after that.


      I have a dream where Iím in this computer lab looking place in some educational institute.

      I see my professor for Biochemistry (Dr. ***************). Sheís passing out grades to some assignment we had. While I was waiting, I think I was looking at a wall of painted octopuses.

      One octopusí tentacle wasnít painted completely. I decided that I would just paint it with orange paint.

      I think I was even painting a picture of a girl who was repeating something over and over and over again, but I ignored it. When my professor was going to give me my assignment, apparently I did something back and she was whispering that I needed to be kicked out or something. But then she realized she talked to me about something already in advanced, and suddenly I get +10 added to my assignment (83>93). Thatís all I remember. I feel all twitchy now as I wake up.


      Some guy was selling some thin but long brown canoe that went pretty fast on water (the lake).

      This guy that looked like Hank Hill was skeptical at first, but when she saw people buying it and riding it fast, he was convinced.

      Then when the alarm rings around 6:00 AM for me, (my computer alarm), I said to myself that I would lucid dream over and over. I felt tingling sensations all over, saw these images, they werenít even scary at all!!! (I don't know why I typed this, but figured it was something worthwhile since I never felt this way before). (OH WAIT, this is going to be repeated again after this next dream I'm posting below...I probably didn't want to lose my train of thought on the other dreams).

      Then I had some other dream where Iím in my seminar class that I have for my freshmen year in college at the moment relating to memory learning etc. I was explaining and asking this person what I did for my assignment and it was pretty long. I couldíve done a reality check there since I already did the assignment before. Then everyone went back to their seats and we dimmed the lights a bit to go over what we said to others. I saw some people who werenít in the class in waking life, but I wasnít cognizant of that.

      I even think I had another dream related to school, and we were finding the answers for a chemistry exam or something like that. One of the answers I believe was the square root of 278, but no one really paid attention to my response I think.

      Then when my pc alarm rang at around 6:00 AM (I was trying CrazyInsaneís CANWILD method), I kept my eyes closed, remained still, and said that I would lucid dream. Everything was a rush, images started manifesting into my head, and these hallucinations werenít that scary! But this was the first time that I was aware of experiencing sleep paralysis! After the images stopped, I remained calm still, and tried to open my dream eyes, but sadly I opened my eyes in waking life 

      BUT BEFORE I did that, I was standing on some green brown floor, and it felt as if I was getting up from lying down. Iím even more pumped up to try this out some more!


      Iím with these people at the end of class waiting for something our professor wanted to tell us after class.

      We all wait and he lets everyone off based on their last name. MY last name starts with a ďS,Ē so it takes a while. Then suddenly the remaining 11 people including me are on a train.

      The old professor says the remaining 11 will live or something like that. Then I end up explaining to one of the 11 survivors what the professor meant, and apparently the train can travel through time, and we can get on it at will. Then Iím in the bathroom taking care of my business.

      I was trying to pee while getting my cellphone near my ear I think, and sliding it down my arm, but thatís all I remember.

      I had another dream with I think I went into sleep paralysis, and someone was saying ďopen your eyesĒ I believe. But thatís all I remember.


      I was at several locations as once. It was night time. Apparently some dude was making some cult or something where people would kill themselves by committing suicide from juping off high ledges.

      They just kept dying and dying. Eventually Iím in this house where there was a party, and more people were panicking, so we all went outside. Then Iím drinking cocoa with some people and my father I believe is asking me if I wanted any ďPakastaniĒ food, or chowmein. I said No to all, and the other person next to me was a girl named Afra, and we were talking about how some person named Cody convinced people to comimit suicide, but then I woke up after a while.


      (LUCID) I wake up in a dream with my fingers on my nose and Iím breathing. I automatically know Iím dreaming. Itís kind of dark, and random DCís are passing by. Thereís a door open, so I can see all of them go around. I ask if I can see my dream guide. I couldnít get a clear mental image of her, but she was pretty old, but not that OLD, old enough to be a cougar (30+). Her name was Yessica Krovezkel or something like that. I think now sheís younger than my fuzzy image of her, but I started to get sexual with her (licking her asshole) instead of asking her questions LOL. I even started to get my penis out to have sex, but I opened my eyes.

      Now I feel bad because that was probably my dream guide because I asked her ďAre you my dream guide?Ē and she responded something about how come I donít believe her or something like that.

      I had another dream as if Iím Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3.
      I started out in the jungle trying to kill the snipers, but end up failing in killing them, so I quit. Then Iím in a different environment from MGS1 and Iím trying to infiltrate a lab, but the guards keep spotting me.

      I even tried to kick with my left leg or right to hit the guard in the face, but I miss and the guard reported ďEnemy attempted to kick me in the face but failed.Ē So I thought ďScrew this!Ē So I got up a long ladder to reset the alarm system.

      Then Iím up this long ladder and meet a lady who looks exactly like EVA and the spy she played as well.

      But apparently she was named Margaret, and apparently she was my dream guide because I tried to ask her a question, but she just gave me a gray card and wrote her name on it.

      I forgot her last name, but I remember the first because she also put a big ďMĒ on the other side of the card for me to remember.

      Then I woke up.


      I had a dream where I was in my UGST class seminar. I asked my teacher if I would fail the class and would have to take the seminar again. He said that I would just have to take a test for a class. He said my essay sucked and wondered what was wrong with me lol. Then some dude explains something random to me.

      Then Iím outside near Cypress, Texas for some reason (I was at Texas A&M University). My bike is parked on bike rail, and I basically walked all the way to college station to texas in just a few seconds (o.O). Then I see these random DCs sitting down. One of them asked if anyone when to some meeting with a lot of people. I assumed it was A&M and just sat down. Thatís all I remember for this one.

      I felt as if I was lucid most of the time in this other dream. I feel myself walking on a brick-layered floor.

      I can see my legs moving and my hands. I focus on them a lot and knew I was dreaming. I tried doing stunts like running fast and flying, but again I failed. Then I met this African American girl and tried to touch her sexually for a while, but then I quit and went somewhere else. Some other African American girl got jealous of me I think and said something about me touching the other one.

      Then this other dream, Iím walking towards a bus stop, and I think before I walked, some girl posted on my Facebook wall on congratulating me on becoming 18 years of age, even though my birthday was in August. I see this girl walking very fast, and I couldnít catch up, so I just kept going to the bus that was near the bus stop. I see her on the other side of the street before I get on the bus. Then suddenly Iím in a bus that looks like that one I was in Cypress Lakes High School. A lot of people were on, and no one sat by me until a familiar face sat next to me, but said nothing.


      I was in some weird looking house other than the apartment I live at thatís near the college I attend. A girl who is my Chemistry 101 tutor was in the house for something, and Iím calling my dad to tell him what I really think about him and how he thinks of me (a random confession). Thatís all I remember for that one.

      Then Iím late for my Biology 111 Lab, and so was another person too, but he is still in High School, so I wonder why I couldnít be aware of that if weíre in college.

      He was an Asian guy that I knew (Khang) from Morton Ranch High School. I told him if he can explain to the teacher why we were a few minutes late because I had to get something else really quick (probably to use the restroom where there wasnít even a toilet, I just urinated on a table inside of this ďRestroomĒ). I come back, and he says she wonít let us come in without a valid explanation, and I thought thatís what I asked him to tell her about.

      I go up the stairs, which isnít even the area of the Biology Lab Iím in. It has a white setting overall, and it almost looks like a prison. But the one in reality had a brown setting and had maroon doors that opened for us to go up the different levels, and each level had a different color. As I finally reach the lab door with my friend, my lab teacher was out already doing something really quick I guess. I go up to her and tried to give her a good explanation, but she just rejected anything I said. She started saying that it was too late for me to start the lab, and the lab room environment wasnít even related to Biology, it was my Chemistry Lab class. (My teacher for Chemistry is a bit more laid back and less strict than my Biology Lab teacher; another reality check I couldíve done).

      After my Biology teacher told me more reasons, she even started trolling on me things that didnít relate to why I was late. She started to speak as if she was Bon Qui Qui or something!

      All fast and a little echo of her accent at each sentence. Then when she was finished, I told her, ďThat nutrition thing was for Physics though.Ē But it wasnít, it was an assignment on nutrition for my Biology Lab 111, so I donít know how I mixed that up (another reality check that I let pass by!). I finally just gave up and accepted being late, and then I came back to the same room that was supposed to be a bathroom.

      I did random fiddling with the objects in this room, it had a small T.V., and it still looked like a prison cell.

      Thatís all I remember for that dream, I woke up by the other alarm that wakes me up to get ready for college. Then I realize that the alarm on my PC didnít start before that one. (I set it to wake me up at 3:50:00 AM since I slept around 10:50 PM last night). I was still practicing CrazyInsaneís CANWILD technique. I did a reality check by pinching my nose and breathing, but I couldnít, so I was perplexed by this weird phenomenon. Then I log-in to the laptop again, and I realized Windows had an update (Windows has successfully installed updates! YAY -.-), so that messed up the alarm from reacting because the update basically did a forced restart on my computer. THEN THE PC ALARM RANG!!$#!#. I knew I shouldíve paid attention to that button on the bottom right that said updates were available. :/

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    13. Recalled A lot of Dreams

      by , 10-13-2011 at 01:52 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I was in this big area with a lot of people on a white floor. They were all eating popcorn apparently, and some person said that one of the popcorns had a very small ball that could blow the place up. But we were able to hear its distinct sound that meant it wasnít going to react to anything. This retard just drops his popcorn box, and has the expression ďoh derp! I had that ball.Ē Everything was quiet, and everyone started to run. I could see myself running, and this guy who was with me was helping me find a way out, which wasnít hard. I feel myself getting faster and faster, but my eyes opened I can think I was making a reflex with my mouth saying ďNO!Ē or something. I tried to close my eyes, but I couldnít do a DEILD.

      I had another dream that probably occurred because I angry at some fat black girl asking me if she could have her bicycle so she can get home, and was giggling with her other incompetents. I had this dream where I was going through an office with weird arrangements. I went on the right side inside this weird structure, and I see one fat black girl sitting down and just kept going. Then I went up and asked someone where the bathroom was I think. It was some black guy with a cap and your typical ďIím a thug with my pants lowĒ guy, but he was actually pretty nice to me and showed me the way. The way was kind of risky, since upstairs didnít have a lot of barriers to keep you from falling downstairs.

      I paused for a while going up a stair, and the guy said he had to leave. I proceeded to go into the room. I canít remember what happened after that. But then when Iím leaving an office, I see another fat black girl, and she was on the computer. There was another computer in front of her facing my direction. It had 4 options to like, and I picked too. I canít remember which, but it was related to her fatness LOL.

      Then I had this other dream where Iím in a room, I go into another room and see this cartoon looking environment mixed with reality. Some guy told this girl was butt naked that I basically never had sex. She had a light green hair and a pretty good figure. She asked ďHeís 18 and a virgin?Ē and said that I basically had to GET IT DONE NOW. She gets herself tied up with a dildo inside her vagina over a bathtub. Water splashed from her from behind, and the dildo went a little slower, but still kept going. I canít remember much after that.

      Then I had another dream where I was at GameStop, and there was one game that was going to be discontinued. The person who said that was Fat Black Woman, so obviously a trend here is big fat black women, but I didnít realize that xD. It was $19.99 for a game, and before I entered the store, a group of guys were saying ďAww man, the line is long in there.Ē Anyway, I picked up a copy, probably the second to last copy there since everyone had it. It was a Sonic game, and I found out by reading the back because the front cover looked like Shadow the Hedgehog, but it was too hard to tell. Then I decide to put it back because I was worried about me buying it would show up on my debit card activity, which I didnít want my parents to see.

      Then I had another dream where I was going to sleep near a mattress on a floor, and my father said I needed to go to sleep. (My father isnít here, Iím by myself in my apartment near college, yet I still canít be aware of that!!). I cuddle myself up with the comforter sheets and see him changing channels on a T.V that was on the left of me. He came once to change the channel and left. I saw something on the T.V. screen that said ďMonkeyĒ or something like that.

      This next dream I had was weird, I believe it was Arthur from that PBS show, and he was having an adventure somewhere. I think during this dream, I was at H-E-B (a popular store in Texas), and I was going to put a cart where they keep the rest of the carts when you were done shopping and packed your groceries in the car. There was one person who tried to put his cart into the docking station, but someone kept pushing it out. I put mine in and see that they take my cart and kept pushing the other personís cart out. I saw some big vehicle left of me with some people in it, but I canít recall it very well.

      Then this other dream is Yu-Gi-Oh based. Yami, Marik, Kaiba, and Mai were facing each other on a duel. I believe I was a spectator, but I saw I was doing something during the duel. One of the opponents put a card that stopped a personís monster and decreased their attack points. I did the same thing and stood in the way of one of their monsters and started laughing, but thatís all I can recall.
    14. People are having Sex. I Feel as if I'm just a spectator *MAY BE GRAPHIC TO SOME*

      by , 10-02-2011 at 12:55 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I believe I had this dream before my lucid dream following CrazyInSane's CAN-WILD METHOD

      It's probably early in the morning, but I see some girls having sex with someone, but it felt like I was watching it on a computer, but just as if I'm inside of it. I see all of the graphic details of their private parts (that could've been my reality check there, because I'm a nerd in college who hasn't seen a women naked) :*( They were still having sex, and one person looked familiar, but I was still in spectator view...
    15. My most vivid lucid dream and longest! :dd

      by , 10-02-2011 at 12:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      A lucid dream for once after weeks of not hard-coring inducing. I was following the popular CAN-WILD method by CrazyInsane. I decided to sleep around 6:00 PM, and get 5 hours and 50 minutes plus of sleep. I woke up when the alarm rang, but I think I moved, and then I got mad again. Then I decided to not use the alarm from the PC to wake me up, but rather my other alarm clock. This is when I just slept and said a few things to keep awake, and I just stopped from there.

      Then I felt this weird energy, I wasnít too sure of it at first. But I was suddenly standing up. I was in my bedroom, and I opened my door. I tried breathing through my nose, and although it felt weird, I could breathe through it! I even decided to rub my hands to stabilize the dream. I knew I would get excited, so I repress those urges to just go crazy happy. I check the lights one by one in my off-campus apartment near the college I go to. It took a while for them to turn on, so I was sure that I had to be dreaming. I even turned one light switch on and a FLASHLIGHT just appeared near my hand! It was still dark with the nightlight on. Then I realized I took the nightlight off near the kitchen in reality. I did all sorts of stuff like counting my fingers.

      When I counted my fingers, It looked like I had five, but when I got six, I was still on that same hand, and kept going to the other one, which had six as well. But even though these things happened, I wanted to make sure I was dreaming. I even did a little dream-spin to see if the dream-scene would change, but still in my apartment. I went out of my apartment. And the setting was weird. It was a little dark, probably around 6pm where thereís a little sun. Then I see this dude that looks like this guy I knew from another school, but I knew he didnít attend this college at all! I knew he went to University of Houston, but I still came up to him while he was going to open his door and asked if I was dreaming. He took a while to respond, but he said ďYes, you are dreaming,Ē and went inside his apartment. I decided to go back in my room, and see if I could fly. I tried to remove all doubt and jumped, but sadly I didnít.

      Then I decided to do it again, but it failed again. Then Iím suddenly going back to my room and I see the alarm clock near the kitchen, and it said it was 8:57 PM or something, which couldnít have been the time, so I was dreaming the whole time. Then I wake up! I knew I couldíve had a longer dream, but that was by far the most vivid dream Iíve had!
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