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    1. Party

      by , 06-23-2011 at 03:37 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      This dream was short, I knew I wasn’t lucid at all. But anyway, there was this party invitation with some weird guidelines for both men and women. Like men had to sing one of the several genres of song, and ladies had to do something else, I don’t remember. I’m not having a good recall lately because I’ve been busy with some things, and some people keep waking me up…-.-
    2. More school dreams

      by , 06-23-2011 at 03:36 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Again, I’m dreaming about something school related. The earliest I can recall is that I’m going to receive my letter jacket. I was in Cypress-Lakes, and I believe I was climbing up these miniature stairs, and I believe we couldn’t climb on them, in fact, some school staff was telling this guy he couldn’t climb these small stairs, and neither could I. Anyway, as I’m suddenly back to my house, I’m wearing my letter jacket, which was after I had to deal with some official of giving out the jackets said to me that even though I climbed up these mini-stairs, I would still get a letter jacket because I was a senior or something. Anyway, I could see myself walking towards a mirror in my room, and the back of the jacket had a CRIMSON “A” on it. I think I even had the older letter jacket, which I think was the one with the “A” on it. The new one had a mix of some school logos attached to it.
      I also do recall see some girls come out of this house, or abandoned house that was near the neighborhood I used to be in, and it looked like 3 Indian girls were coming out, wearing their custom clothing. There was one I knew for sure, but I didn’t really bother to see them at all. I think she looked at me, but it was probably just to see who was outside. I also think I was in this random conversation in school with some guys. We were talking about how ladies react to certain things, and some other things. I was attempting to do a WILD before ACTUALLY sleeping, which probably explains the vagueness of my dream recall. Anyway, time to try another WILD, and hopefully it’ll be better.
    3. School, random dogs in dark area, Sitting at a computer between black wires seperating me from some1

      by , 06-15-2011 at 05:29 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I don't know if this dream came first or not, but I was in school, and I believe I was in my chemistry class. Instead of having the regular teacher, I had some young girl who looks to be around 18+ years old, and she is the substitute apparently. She had that “Like ooooh mah gawwd” accent, and used “like” in almost every sentence she declared out of her nasally sounding voice. Anyway, class was dismissed, and she was surprised. She wanted to make sure it wasn't for something else (the bell rang), but everyone told her it's for us to leave. And she goes “Like seriously?” I think we responded, “Like yeah seriously” or something like that.
      I didn't do any reality checks (I have not done those a lot in dreams lately, maybe one, but I wasn't too sure). I was walking in some random places in the school. Then everything was dark, and I believe I was going to the back-side of the school (which was mixed with environments from other schools). I kept walking, then I walked to this unknown environment, which looked like an area with a lot of dogs on the loose. I keep walking blindly into this area and I see two dogs (it was hard to tell since it was black), and they are trying to attack me. I think I waved off one, while quickly turning to the other one. Then suddenly I fell (for some odd reason) and that's all I can remember of the dream.

      I had another dream that day (but I don't know if it was after or before the prior one). I was at the first school I moved to (Cy-Lakes) and everyone was trying find a way to do some insane stunt that involved applying something at a specific area to reach and stab something (weirrrrd). Anyway, we eventually find a way to do it, and we're all cheering. Then we go inside one of the gyms, which had a polished wood floor that was bright-brownish with some yellow in it, which was the same as the actual school's gymnasiums. There was some line to sign in, and I'm wondering what this thing is for. Then I saw some guy not doing anything, and someone said for him to find something to do, so I guess it was like a study hall or something inside of a gym. After going through the signing process (I don't think I did), I walk to these people and I see one person from another school I've been too in the group, and I was going to sit with them, but I don't remember anything after that.
      Then there was this dream were I was on a computer, and there was some barrier on the left of me, I think it was black wires, and I could see a gap or two to look at what was on the other side. There was this lady on the computer too, and I was see if she saw me on the other side as well. So I pretended not to look at her, like just use my peripheral vision to see her looking at me.
      Eventually, she looks at me, but I quickly turn my face as if I was sleeping while resting on my left arm. I didn't look at the computer, but I was staring at this lady. After a while, the dream ended.
    4. Study Hall and Code Lyoko Elements

      by , 06-14-2011 at 09:57 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Before this dreaming, I was attempting to the the WILD method after I woke up by sleeping around 9pm on 6/13/2011. That failed, (just a newcomer at this). Anyway, I decided to sleep again normally, and not think about anything at all (maybe my fan and my breathing), but I think I lost consciousness for a while. Anyway, I was at school. I was headed towards Study Hall for 5th period, I didn't think that being in school was weird, because I already graduated recently xD. Anyway, the warning bell rang, BUT IT WAS DIFFERENT from how the actual one rang! I don't know if I thought I was dreaming, but I just went with the flow with the dream. (Normally the bell would make the ping three times, but this one made the "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH" sound.

      When the person on the intercom announced that there will be a tardy sweep (where teachers lock the doors and students still outside of class would get detention or something). So I ran like heck to class, and the door was ABOUT this close from locking, but I grabbed it and went into class. The class was like a lab, where there were black tables and those gas outlets, with two rows of regular seats in the middle of the white space. It was just like my study hall class, but with a few different people. I didn't do any reality checks, I just noticed FROM reality that things were odd. I sat down in my regular seat, and did my regular routine for that class (which was to sleep for a while before starting any kind of work). But I didn't, I just rested my head and arms on my backpack (which was like a cushion for me to sleep on). I was looking around to see these Dream Characters that were students, some of which I didn't know, but one looked like a person I knew from another school than this one.

      Anyway, after that, I think I was practicing bending metal objects with my mind (Telekinesis). I think it was from watching Code Lyoko, where a character named Yumi had the ability to move objects with her mind when she was virtualized to Lyoko. Then someone had a glass dish of Lasagna (like the Pyrex dish that's rectangular). The lasagna was almost out, probably in the form of an L-shaped remaining of it. So I decided to use telekinesis on it, but I ended up SPAWNING ANOTHER ONE?!!?!? JUST LIKE THE LASAGNA TOO!!! I kept that thing for myself haha, I didn't remember any reactions from the DC's of how I did this, but WOW. Spawning from Telekinesis? Then I did it again to see if it was just something, but I think at this point, I was semi-lucid, I could feel my fingers touching my head to perform telekinesis (just like how Yumi did from Code Lyoko). And a FULL amount of Lasagna came up instead, so somehow I was able to spawn and move items with Telekinesis (or psychokinesis or w/e)

      After that, I was eating the lasagna I created before the full one quickly, and then a short scene of seeing the words "Code Lyoko" on a screen, JUSt like the show I mentioned before, and then there was a timer starting from 10 seconds. As it was counting down, I was quickly eating my lasagna, and then after I was done, this girl also finished eating her food as well, but she ate it from a plate. So I kindly helped her by carrying her plate for her, and she said "Thank you," but I didn't bother to look at the facade of this girl. I came up to my study hall teacher, who suddenly looked like JIM from Code Lyoko! (I still didn't do any reality checks, dang it!!!) I was having a short conversation with him, probably saying "Here you go Jim." There were small metal pins on the plate, and I believe Jim was checking his chin area or something. Anyway, I said said "See ya Jim," and he responded, "Cyaaaaa."

      But after this, I do recall a very very very short dream fragment of me doing telekinesis, but all I could remember was this blue surrounding, but I could step on something solid though, and I was probably telling myself how if I just believe, that I could do something like Telekinesis. That's all I can remember.
    5. Possible Dream Guide and Law and Order Actor passes out

      by , 06-14-2011 at 09:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Okay, I don't know about this one, but I think I found my dream guide at the end, but it gets a bit weird after that, so I may have had one of those DC's that plays around with you (I don't know). Okay here goes.

      I have a dream that I was watching a law and order show, with one of the stars, (MARISKA Hargitay) from LAW AND ORDER, was doing some investigation with some random dude. Her partner's facade was vague, but I do recall him wearing a black cap backwards, and was wearing a black cardigan and goldish-yellowish shirt or something. Anyway, they were doing some investigation, and suddenly the guy does something she DIDN'T want them to do in the first place. This get hectic from her, but I don't remember. All I do remember is him carrying her (she was knocked out, I could SEE HER with her eyes closed with a scar on the right side on her head on the top I believe) to one of those stairs you see at the side of the apartments (look at pictures below). And I think for a moment, I was semi-lucid, and asked what the guy's name was, and he said "John." I asked "Are you my dream guide?" He paused for a little while, as if he was looking at something downwards diagonally, and said "Yes." He proceeded to walk with the lady from law and order, and a door was opened. Then I saw everything went dark from there. With a little light in the middle (like a speck of light spanning an oval or something. Then I see a female's legs. When I asked the dude if he was my dream guide, I asked, "Are you sure?" I couldn't remember anything after that, so he probably didn't even respond. But for some reason, the lady in the darkness was some girl I knew in High School, I asked what her name was, She said "Synne" or "Sinne" or something like that. I was like "synne? As is S-y-n-n-e?" Then she replied, "No, Sim." I nodded (I think), and probably tried to get more out of her, but she left with some lady who was larger than her (probably because I was laying down a bit). But as they opened the door to leave, I was trying to predict who would leave first, it looked like Sim (A girl) was going first, but then the lady, (who i believe had those green rolls females use to help curl their hair) leave, and then her. Then some random dream of Eminem rapping was apparent, and I think he was doing one of those "OKAY I'm PISSED AT YOU, SO I'M GONNA MAKE A RAP SONG TO DISS YOU" raps, but I don't know it was directed at me but I do remember one phrase saying (somewhat), "I'll even like all my Facebook statuses if I have to!!!" or something like that haha. Then he was picking up a bottle of ketchup and was like "UHHHH!" not the uhhh as in you don't know what to say, but like the forceful "UHHHH" as if one was going "YEAH!" After that, I woke up haha. BUT THEN AS I TIME THIS, THE SAME GIRL WHO TOLD ME SIM was her name, I don't think she was my DG because at first it was a guy before we entered the door, but then was speaking to myself in reality, "Sim...sim...sim...SIMONA!!!" Instantly I recognized her face, but I still have to do more dreaming to clarify this, I think I'm having a duality with conflicts on my possible DG and someone I've been ignoring in High School.
    6. Ninja comes out from Attic, and more school stuff

      by , 06-14-2011 at 09:45 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Woke up at around 2:40-ish A.M. I'm going to start with the most recent dream recall. I was practicing the DEILD method to engage into the dream. I told myself "When I wake up, I will not move a muscle." I kept repeating this to my self (yeah I know, it's a mix of MILD method because I was repeating a phrase over and over). Anyway. I imagine myself in my room at night, but I think instead of me actually spinning, I was still laid down in my bed, but it was with resting on my stomach. So what I did, I knew I had my eyes open in this dream, NOT reality. So I did a spin as if I was Madara Uchiha, who would utilized a space-time jutsu to transport anyone or himself to another area. I felt myself spinning. But I didn't do another reality check to see if I could breath through my nose. Anyway, I got up, saw like two X's on a switch to the left of me, (I have two doors that lead to my closet, like either one will take you to the other side of the narrow pathway of the closet). That felt weird to have those two X's. And I think I heard a voice that said to (not to sure what they said specifically) be careful. Here I thought, "Okay something is up." (I should look for more details of my room in the dark lol). Anyway, I open the door to leave my room, and funny thing is, I put a slipper near the door so it wouldn't SHUT COMPLETELY. In this dream, I didn't even FEEL the slipper, not see itself manifest in front of me. Note this was night still in the dream. So I opened the door, which will put me in a narrow pathway to walk a bit forward to enter my parents door, or the other way to go to the mini room that would lead to a door for going into the garage (or out I should say lol). At that same time, I think I saw the attic open, (there should've been a ladder if it was open, and MAN why wasn't I aware of that :/ ) and some random NINJA comes down. I try not to freak out, but I was in the moment of trying to quickly cool the tension. I realized, if this mother freaking ninja came in the attic, that would be physically impossible for ANYONE to do, especially since our alarm system would've initiated and scream like a bitch!). So I try to get my leg up, which I did, and it came closer to me, I got SHIT SCARED when it came closer. This is when I think I woke up after that lol (I think randomly saying MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN (sorry if I get that name wrong Naruto extreme fanboys, I watch Naruto too, but don't have time to spell the kekei genkai right lol)). I woke up, but I didn't move that much, and tried to remember the dream, and I swear I recalled that dream pretty well, ESPECIALLY for the two X's (dark X's) on the switch, or door handle (couldn't remember which one it really was). But I couldn't go into that dream, then I realize, I HAD ANOTHER DREAM BEFORE THAT! It started to manifest itself to me quickly! But it didn't initiate, I knew I was conscious with my eyes closed. As I quickly remembered some aspects, I believe I was in that same dream I just remembered, only a bit altered. Someone behind me, while I was walking into the school I graduated from. And I think someone (maybe my mom, I'm not to sure because I didn't look behind) was apparently mocking how I would drop the F-bomb (maybe because I watched "HOT IN CLEAVLAND" in the afternoon before I slept?) Anyway, yeah they mocked me for a little while, I think I told them to shut up, but I didn't do any reality checks, I just let everything run its course (since this was an imagination while awake I think But with my eyes closed). Now as I'm typing this, I recall (IN REALITY) telling my mother beforehand to NOT WAKE ME UP, and she responded "Why would I do that?" and yadada, it was a short convo lol. Then later, I heard her say, "Are you awake?" but I didn't move at all, because I would've seen the light if I tilted my head to the left (remember I put a slipper near the door so it wouldn't close completely (what's funny is that I was so bitchy to my mother of leaving space on my door so it wouldn't shut all the way lol; should use that for a reality check as well xD) After recalling the dream with the ninja, and the one with school, I was like "Screw this" and woke up with my eyes open, I was back into reality, and I tried to close my eyes again and repeat the mantra while going back to sleep).

      Now to tell you the other dream I had before this, I'm not to sure of this one, but I knew I was experiencing some shit (I think I was even semi-lucid). Okay, I was going to school (no one is behind me mocking me, like I said in the prior declaration of someone saying the F-bomb at me (remember? Scroll up a little if you can't remember (HOT IN CLEAVLAND)). I was sitting down, and all I could remember was this dude who was Caucasian whore a white suit with a purple shirt (I believe, probably because that's the color of the High School I graduated from) and white pants too I think. So I sit near this guy some for some reason. And I think going to respond or socialize with him while sitting down in that position with my back bent a little with my hands folded (you know what I mean?). And I remember myself saying "What's up?" or something like that (SEMI-LUCID??!?!?!?!) And the dude responds in awe, and you know how people say "Thissssssssssss guyyyyyyyyyyy" (like they did something stupid right?) So he proceeded to talk to his other friend I believe, and some GIRL too I think. I don't know which started talking to her, but they were talking pretty DIRTY lol. I believe they were talking if she had her private parts shaved or something like that. (I believe I just let the dream take it's course on that). Then I see some staff member (I believe), she was pretty old I think, and a bit large (you know those old women who are a bit over sized). I was looking at her, but I couldn't recall her visage, but I could remember she said something like "Sorry, you'll have to wait a bit longer." or "Sorry, maybe another time." And that's all I could remember. I probably drove to the school (or got someone to drive me there), but other than that, that's all I remember lol. (Now it's about 3:21 A.M when I'm ending this entry on my NOTEPAD before I paste to my Dream Journal).
    7. Tennis and Assistant Principal

      by , 06-14-2011 at 09:42 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      6/11/2011 to 6/12/2011 (Maybe)

      I was in Tennis Class I believe in a school I used to go to (Cypress Lakes High School). We were going to practice a little bit, I knew I would suck because I haven't played tennis for months. I was paired up to play with a girl I knew from that team, and we were practicing our serves. I was up of course, but I didn't recall any of them on the other side of the court. I threw up the ball (normally I was pretty good at doing kick serves and slice serves before), and the ball completely went the other way on the court. Then another dream fragment I believe was that my assistant principal came to tell me that I was going to have to get a tardy. IT LOOKED LIKE HER, but now as I'm typing this, it may have been someone else. But either way, I realized, "WHY WOULD THEY BOTHER TO TELL ME THAT I WOULD GET A TARDY FOR BEING LATE?!?!?" I mean, I know that I was one of the first people to dress quickly and get out on the courts faster than everyone else, so it bothered me. BUT I COULD NOT GATHER THE ability to do a reality CHECK!! Anyway, I saw her looking at me, not in a freaky creepy way, but one of those looks that was going to inform you on something. (Also when I was serving, I think I could've sense me throwing up the ball to hit it, but eh...) Yeah, I even think I saw her holding a paper, but I'm not to sure, because I didn't rub my hands or do some other method of reality checks. I was so sad when I woke up, because I thought I didn't have a dream in the first place, I remembered while brushing my teeth I think haha. Then I think I had another dream (probably before this one) that I was going on Facebook. And you know how people tag you in a certain album, well it was school pictures. And this dude I knew (who I know jokes a lot), made a comment on me. Normally I would've laughed at it, but I took it so seriously lol. I don't know what happened after that because again, I thought I didn't have dreams when I woke up, so that de-motivation probably eliminated most of that dream fragment lol.
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