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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Fly, Flee, Fight

    by , 12-01-2012 at 05:51 PM (424 Views)
    Last night I got to bed extremely early and therefore had awesome recall. To avoid a super long post, I'll post them all separately.

    Fly, Flee, Fight (DILD)


    Looking in the mirror, I am horrified to realize that one of my front teeth has been chipped. The more I look at it, the worse it gets. "This HAS to be a dream," I think, though I'm convinced that it is reality. Even so, I do a reality check and am relieved (and surprised) to find that I am, in fact, dreaming.

    I head to the living room and run into my brother. "I'm dreaming," I tell him. He suddenly morphs into a rather girlish looking boy with long black hair. "Cool," he says. "What are you going to do?"

    "I just want to go out and explore." I say. "A kind of vacation from the stress of earlier in the dream." My feet are cold and I am looking for socks and shoes to put on, then I wonder why I'm bothering with such silly details. Shoes will automatically appear on my feet if I walk outside.

    Sure enough, they do.

    The boy who was previously my brother steps outside with me. "I know of a cool place we could go," he tells me excitedly. "Follow me!" He proceeds to fly off in a southward direction. Wanting to add new places to my dream map, I hurriedly follow, though I have always had problems flying at the fast pace that he is keeping. Suddenly, I realize EXACTLY how to do it and I am flying faster than ever before to keep up with him.
    ((I'm clearly not paying attention to where we're going, however, because though I KNOW we were originally going south, we end up in the northern woods of my dream world.))

    We land in a small area in the woods that appears to be a village of Fairies. The Fairies are human sized with bright, colorful wings. We spend a lot of time talking to them, and they give us some sort of Honorary Fairy status.

    We decide to have a race with some of the Fairies that will end at my house. There are many colorful floating checkpoints in the air that mark the route we are supposed to take. We have to fly as close to the markers as we can to get points and to make sure we're not taking any shortcuts.

    We take off and I easily follow the trail of checkpoints, even when it shoots way up into the air and then does complicated spirals and loops downward. It's amazingly fun!

    The race is interrupted, however, when some kind of strange force crash lands us into a cabin in the woods. Inside the cabin is a large square patch of ice, kind of like a skating rink that isn't round. We are playing around with this when suddenly a door opens in the back and the same force sucks the two Fairies with us into a back room. A sinister feeling suddenly overwhelms us,
    and I temporarily lose lucidity as the boy and I run from the cabin in terror, some unseen evil chasing quickly after us.

    Suddenly I stop, becoming lucid again and realizing that I'm being cowardly. I force the boy to stop, too. "We can't just leave our friends back there!" I yell at him.

    "But we don't have anything to fight with," he stammers, afraid.

    "This is a dream, MAKE a weapon. Like this!" I act as though I'm drawing a sword from a sheath at my side. I can feel the sword in my hand, but it seems to be invisible.

    "There's nothing there!" He yells.

    "Hey, an invisible sword works just as well as a visible one," I defend. At this time, an evil woman and her scary looking cat-creature approach us. The cat lunges at me, but I decapitate it with my invisible sword. I grin, pleased that this actually worked.

    The woman then criticizes my fighting skills, saying that my stance is off and that I'm holding my sword wrong. She says she'll have to teach me. We end up having a mock sword fight with plastic zip ties. She seems rather bored, so I perform a sneak attack with my zip tie to prove that I'm a competent fighter. I barely touch her arm, and if you've ever seen a zip tie it's obviously not sharp in the slightest and extremely flimsy, so I am shocked when it cuts her nearly clean in half!!! She falls to the ground in a pool of blood, a surprised look on her face.

    I wake up shortly afterwards.

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