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    Low HR, low recall

    by , 02-08-2024 at 06:26 PM (63 Views)

    Notable day supplements: No caffeine

    I didn't put very much effort into recalling my dreams last night, I guess I've gotten used to them coming to me fairly easily and thought I wouldn't have to try as hard. Turns out effort is still required, I didn't recall that much.

    Dream 1 - Fragment

    In my dream, I wake up in bed (different than my IWL bedroom). I feel kind of odd so I glance at my watch and see that my heart rate is fluctuating between 5 and 10 bpm. I'm alarmed but I try to really freak myself out to get my adrenaline going, which works and my heart rate goes up to normal.*

    Dream 2 - Fragment

    I'm flying FPV, but instead of flying the drone I have it's sort of a hybrid between two different models. I like its power balance and agility, I think I'm flying over the ocean at one point.

    Dream 3 - Fragment

    I'm with two girls and we need to drive somewhere fast, but we won't make it in time. They say that we should try flying. I say 'Wait, we can fly here?' and one of them says 'Yeah, but it's really difficult. You just have to 100% believe that you can fly'. One of the girls can slightly hover, but the other one and myself are struggling.

    * This dream was triggered by a reddit post I read just a few days ago where someone's heart rate dropped down to 10bpm.
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    1. MustardDrinker's Avatar
      telekinisis is a lot easier, then when you get good at it you can pick yourself up
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    2. Lucid-Wannabe's Avatar
      telekinisis is a lot easier, then when you get good at it you can pick yourself up
      Thanks, I'll give that a shot! I was only very partially lucid here so I wasn't fully aware unfortunately.