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    080116: Getting Yelled At, Burn-Victim Barbie, McD's?!?!?

    by , 01-08-2016 at 10:21 PM (747 Views)
    I'm in the city on a cold winter day, I see snow around. I make it to the modern art museum. I'm supposed to go on a cruise with a couple I haven't seen in years. They really want me to go and tell me they will pay for it. The woman goes away and I'm with the guy, he has darker tanned skin and pretty heavy metal. As I follow him I see a female friend I know mostly through another couple I know. I try to wave to her but it's like she doesn't see me. She is person that does a lot of things with culture circles, she is talking to a foreign male friend who also has dark skin. Did she ignore me or just not notice me? I continue walking.

    Inside the hall of the modern art museum, or around the corner of it I play a game like Galaga on a small screen. We play together with him giving advice. I mess up and start taking damage. They guy yells out and I apologize. As I continue to play I ignore his advice to the most part and try to get a feel for the game through trial and error like I usually do. He keeps on yelling at me, saying how I messed up so bad and that I suck at this game and I'm losing. I tell him it's just a game but he keeps on hounding me. I get up and leave, I don't have to take this kind of abuse.

    I'm by the registers in a large grocery store. There are no windows or anything. The registers remind me of the store near my friend's old place but the store is much larger in the dream. I'm sitting on the floor with my back against the wall. Pinhead from the Hellraiser movie comes up to me. To my left. on my bag, there is a small Cenobite idol, it's like a bust but made of geometric forms, dark but abstract. Pinhead wants it and I give it to him. In return he give me a Barbie doll, the chest is all melted and burnt, the hair is in splotches. I think it's a Cenobite Barbie maybe? She looks burnt and hurt, a burn-victim Barbie.

    Outside the modern art museum at night, I walk in the snow, it's much warmer now, the snow is slushy. I walk, looks like the courtyard of my childhood home but I don't recognize it as such. Going to meet my mom?

    I'm in a McDonald's near my mom's place, I try to be really polite to the cashier person. I see that there is a special Big Mac deal, two meals for 7 bucks. Not sure I can eat that much. I go up to her and try to be really nice, I smile a lot. I try to order something that is really easy for the kitchen to make. Despite it, I go with the vegetarian wrap, since I'm a vegetarian. In my wallet, I find enough to pay for it.

    Later, on a bridge near my childhood home, bright and cold outside, as if I phase through the bridge?!?
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Aww pinhead such memories hahahaa....Cenobite barbie kind of a late xmas present but still cool