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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 110116: Semi-lucid, Friend Breaks Into House

      by , 01-11-2016 at 05:34 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in the kitchen at night. My laptop is on the kitchen table, I look outside through the window, I want privacy, is anyone out there? I close the blinds and head off to bed. I feel an odd stirring. Am I sleeping? I feel as if I'm leaving my body. I try to scramble to my bed, if I can get there I can keep this up and enter lucidity. (???)

      I hear a crash. I get up from my bed and now I'm in my childhood home. I see my old friend from school has somehow gotten in and he has two younger friends with him. They are all drunk. I ask him what does he think he's doing?!? My mom is going to call the cops immediately if she wakes up to this! He doesn't care, too drunk to really know what's going on. I think he is so drunk he has come here by mistake, he lives a floor lower. (he didn't in real life)

      I try to shoo them out but the enter the living room, my friend is in the process of passing out on the bed there. I get angry and frustrated at this whole thing, I try to put my foot down and get them to go. Right when I get my friend and the other young guy out, one of them has made his way to the balcony and is lighting a cigarette. I tell him to really leave now, this is absolutely unbelievable. He stares at me with drunk apathy trying to light his cigarette. He's pretty big and I know I can't force him to go physically. I leave, just muttering "unbelievable" under my breath.

      The other guy leaves and finally with all of them out I close the door and make sure it is locked. I pull on the door a few times to make sure. I see a whole crew of people are there sitting in the stairwell. I really don't want them there making noise but at least they are not inside the apartment. There is a window along the left of the door and I can see out of it (there wasn't one in real life) and as I look out I see they are all showing me the finger and laughing. I try to just make my way to bed.

      My mom didn't wake up and I suddenly see my sister there. She must have sneaked in. She isn't too drunk or anything. I tell her about Ale and stuff, I say his parents are so rich they rented the place under ours for him and he must have made a mistake. Our old cat is on my sister and she get up. I pet her and watch her walk around the mattress, I try to be gentle with her. I pet her and she walks towards my mom's bed.
    2. 231115: Morbid Mittens, Jeffrey Dahmer in the Trunk, Semi-Sleep Paralysis?!?!?

      by , 11-23-2015 at 09:59 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Only recall some pretty vague dreams as I punched my alarm clock into snooze mode...

      I see Bart, Milhouse and Nelson from The Simpsons in a metro tunnel. They all have super powers. Bart starts showing his stretching ability until he is electrocuted by Milhouse's electric ability that is then absorbed by Nelson's super strength.

      Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury is playing bad cop as he interrogates a prisoner in a children's clothes department. I see mittens meant for children, colorful, with words like "dying", "cancer" and "paralyzed" knitted across them. Pretty morbid.

      Nick Fury and his partner are outside an American suburban house. They throw Jeffery Dahmer in the trunk of the car, they finished interrogating him. I don't want to sit in the back seat in case he starts stabbing me through the cushion. I go to the front seat thinking Fury's partner is going to sit in my lap (or I'd be sitting in his) but to my surprise the seat is not taken.

      I have a false awakening, I get up and I'm walking in my old childhood home. Where is everyone? Did I sleep past my alarm and miss school? I'm pretty upset. I try to make out what time it is by looking out at the grey sky outside.

      I wake up in my real bed, but my body is very heavy, can barely swing around and get my feet on the ground. My body suddenly collapses into itself, I'm back in bed again. I try and try, never getting further than my feet onto the floor. How can this be so hard? I then wake up for real.
    3. 121015: Dreaming in the Witch House?

      by , 10-12-2015 at 10:32 AM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Fragment: I see a friend of mine in a university library. He gives me some books I need to read. I meet his girlfriend. When he leaves the girlfriend points out a guy dressed as a woman who is playing a nasty trick on my friend. I'm going to start dating this impostor and then let him know I'm aware of his deceit.

      Dream 2
      I'm in a decrepit house in an American suburb. The sky is an oppressive grey, a muggy day. The front door is by the side of the house, have to climb some stairs. Inside the house is a mess. The walls and floor are stained with filth, the place looks condemned. The path has been made through all the junk and trash on the floor. I walk down the makeshift path to the wall by the far wall. There is a few windows facing the drive with thin curtains. There is a computer there and I start to watch some smutty porn on it. It is as if the women in the clips enter the house? They look manic and desperate and it makes me fee bad. I try to pull the curtains so children can't see this. I can't really get the curtains straight. I get up and try to lock the front door and cover the screen on it.

      Dream 3
      Back in the house, it's night time. I'm not sure if this happens before or after the previous sequence. There is a bright, dramatic light inside. It looks like the second floor has collapsed halfway and makes a ramp from the front door up. On the second floor I see a naked woman to the right. She is lying on the floor in a suggestive position. It's as if she has features that are hidden from plain sight. Like they are out of synch with normal reality, I see red muscular ribbons shift in and out around her. There is a demonic vibe to it. Despite this, I approach her like a moth to a flame...

      Dream 4
      In the house, it has changed again. It looks more stable now and not as destroyed, it looks more like an apartment now with filthy and stained wall. I'm in a living room, there is a large window to the right that is letting in a bluish grey morning light. There is a lamp to the left side that is giving off a yellowish light. I'm in a circle with a group of friends. It feels like a normal social thing, just talking, but at some point we begin to summon our personal demons. (?)

      A big muscular demon appears and is seated on a chair in the ring, we are all on the floor. He has a skull mask on that overs the upper part of his face. Metaphysical flames emanate from his body with a weird red and orange glow. He begins to speak to us, he is telling us forbidden things and trying to make us make deals?

      One of my friends summons her demon. It is a female demon with the same kind of skull mask but is pretty petite and is wearing a leather biker jacket. Purple flames are coming from her. It seems to be the male demon's daughter. She is out of control and tries to take over the conversation, she wants to make demands instead of listening. Her father scolds her for this but she yells out an infernal "shut up!" and I focus on her evil skull mask. Her father's jaw snaps locked and shut.

      She decides she is going to take what she wants. My friend's sister has a small daughter with her and the demoness swoops the child up and takes her out the window over the balcony. A large airline trolley full of beer and alcohol is left behind, just popping into existence behind her, as if to pay for the child. The group runs out to try to get the child. I'm left there with my friend. I go out to the balcony and yell out we have beer here, there's no need to leave!

      Alone with my friend, I look around the empty apartment. I guess my party ended. It's pretty boring here now. We go into the kitchen. I see an old fridge that I try to turn on. Inside there is an old bottle of Tabasco in it, extra spicy kind, left by the old resident. It's really warm in the fridge, I think the rolls I left in it are going to go bad. The light in the kitchen is depressing. My friend begins to suggest she is about to leave, I'll be left alone her. It's going to be so boring. I see on an old wooden spice shelf by the door out of the kitchen a plastic beadboard picture. How quirky. I now have a place of my own, it is horrible and rotting, but it's my own. I should change my address.

      I have a false awakening. I write down the details about the fridge and the Tabasco and the beadboard into my dream journal. How real it felt! Like I was really there! After writing it down it all goes black.
    4. 061015: At a party/reality TV show shoot, bike seat sinking, seeing a friend

      by , 10-06-2015 at 09:10 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm walking down a gravel path on a misty grey day through some woods. I'm with a long-haired Swedish reality TV star, he his pretty good looking. We get to a modern looking house my some rocks, do I see the seashore beyond? We enter and their is a group of my friends who are in the creative field sitting in a circle. There are some of their friends there as well that I don't recognize, they all look very fancy and well-dressed like hipsters. I think this is going to be a reality TV show we are all going to be in. I feel special that they wanted me here.

      I worry if my friends are angry at me. I sit down by a bed. One of my friends offers me a beer that I politely refuse. I try to lay down in a cool way on the bed. I do my best to be social, I don't need alcohol.

      I'm leaving the place, on the same road on a bike. Some middle-aged people pass me on their bikes, it gets hard to pedal. I get up to rest and see that the seat has sunk down, my knees were almost to my head. I adjust the seat and feel relief that the difficulty in pedalling wasn't due to my poor shape.

      Waking up in the middle of the night and try to relax, falling asleep only to wake up again. A vague memory of seeing my friend Minna.

      I have memory of writing into my dream journal after waking up, upset that I didn't remember any of my dreams.