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    1. 161115: Flying Around in a Lucid Dream

      by , 11-16-2015 at 08:35 PM (The Dream Journal)
      During a nap, I talk to my sister, who is being unusually friendly to me at our old childhood place. She mentions she was pregnant at some point, and it confuses me, but it feels good that she shared that with me.

      I'm clearing snow on a dark road, light of a car come by, I have to hide, or at least pretend to be 18. (?) I need to keep clearing snow, it's the only way out of here.

      I see a mage and a shaman from Hearthstone fighting 5 evil statues, they are hooded and in a ring. As one is defeated a gentle light goes out in its hood. As we defeat three of them, they surrender, but as the mage approached them there is a trick attack and it almost drops us to zero health. The mage calls forth a bright light that comes out of a mirror like portal that banishes the statutes for good. I hear a voice, authoritative, that says that the portal can be used to visit other worlds.

      I touch the mirror and suddenly the scenery shifts and I'm by a family altar in a fancy house. I see fancy looking things that look like they belong to my grandma. I step away, is this an alternate reality where my family was rich?

      I suddenly go lucid. I look around, amazed at the detail. I yell out "more vivid!" and the house becomes more stable and detailed. I walk around looking around, wondering what to do. I see a little girl and I follow her, just wondering where the dream will lead. I follow her for a while and see my sister. Knowing I'm in a dream, I float up in the air to impress her. She asks me how I did it and I sat "magic".

      I go up the stairs, the place is now my friend's parent's old place. I go up to his room, thinking it is empty. My friend is there, sleeping. I try to get him to vanish but it doesn't work. I walk down the stairs and look out the window.

      I go on the ledge and decide to fly. David Lynch comes to mind for some reason. I begin to fly, admiring the absolutely beautiful summer day, sun up high and a few trees looking so beautiful and green. I try to fly around, hard to control. I grab a branch as I go down, I sink and sink and the branch bounces back up and sends me into the air. I think of flying to my other friend's place close by. I fly and I'm suddenly by the parking lot of a gas station, a taco truck comes by and sells tacos. I am a but hungry. I wake up.
    2. 0211125:On the Brink of Lucidity, Weird Dance, Bomb Goes Off

      by , 11-02-2015 at 07:36 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I feel myself going lucid, like an energy going up my body, I feel like I'm "falling" in lucidity but I suddenly feel a weird knot, like something close to my stomach, a ball forms? I wake up before I can totally get control of the dream.

      I'm in a warehouse with my elementary school class, big windows in front of me show a field and some trees in the distance, sun is coming up. We start doing a dance and I somehow take over, leading it, everyone dances around me in synch except I'm doing different moves. It ends with me doing the Sun Salutation as the sun rises in a golden haze. Afterward I walk to a teacher to my left who commends me for the dance. I say that it wasn't too good, offering a far too simple view of native cultures as close to nature, a modern view imposed on them.

      I follow a man with a brief case down a city street. We enter a large glass, modern hotel or office building. I think he's going to do something bad, like rob the place or extort money. As he does that I go up the transparent glass elevator. In the hall there is a bunch of people sitting and standing, like a reception for someone, or a party. I talk to the CEO, a young, handsome guy. He says environmentalist have put a bomb in the building. I panic, instantly accepting my fate. I'll die here. Then I suddenly gain some courage. Can I escape? I go down the elevator, almost out. In the lobby by the front door, sun is shining through the windows, I see a young woman in a white baggy t-shirt and a sign, an environmentalist protesting. As I exit I whisper to her "I agree with you."

      I walk briskly out, the bomb can go off any second. As I cross the road and head toward the train station I hear a rumble, behind me a cloud of dust and chaos. I run toward the central train station, people are screaming and trams are crashing. Inside the train station, trams are crashing through the walls, and so are buses. I don't know where to stand, any false move and I'm dead. I stand paralyzed. A mutilated and almost blind bus driver comes out of the break room, he's been out of work for years but because of the emergency he can now work as everyone is now preoccupied.

      I see a rat catcher that looks like John Goodman. He says he's killed almost all of the 5000 rats in the train station, but the remaining 800 left are as tough as nails, the fittest survive the longest.
    3. 261015: Astral Projection after Sleep Paralysis?! Flying and Feeding the Birds

      by , 10-26-2015 at 06:57 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I tried some FILD before falling asleep.
      A little after falling asleep I go lucid, surrounded by darkness. I'm unable to keep it up and "fall" into an awake state. I immediately begin falling asleep again but I'm still a bit aware, I feel myself becoming paralyzed. At first this is exciting, I haven't experienced this since childhood. As I lose more and more control I begin to fear a pang of fear, not sure I want to go into SP after all. I begin to try as hard as I can to turn on my stomach and as I do I feel my body lumber toward the left. As I turn I see my body flump over and I'm looking down at it in the dark room, slowly floating up. Thinking this is also a sort of bad idea, I push myself back into my body and fall into the darkness of sleep.

      I'm in the shoe department of a department store with some skater dudes. As I follow them I get bored and try to do a handstand but accidentally hit someone in the head with my feet, a father passing by. I feel embarrassed that I did that. The skater kick me on the ground as punishment, I accept it. As they kick me in the face, I feel that it is becoming a bit excessive.

      I'm in a large, fancy house. One side of it has large windows that show the street, it's in the city. It's night time and I go up to the second floor where a hall circles the first floor. There is a show on with William Shatner about UFO's. I decide to draw aliens with ink in a notebook, perhaps they will come to life? (??) I draw one from behind, his large black eyes visible from the sides of his head despite it.

      Back on the first floor of the house, it's now late afternoon, golden sunlight. There are a bunch of my friends down there. (The house must be one of theirs?) A friend bring chocolate mousse cheesecake, it's really good. I ask a friend of mine I see there if we are going to reschedule our meeting up that we missed last week. She says Tuesday would be good. We can meet in the local McDonald's.

      Out back there is a large, fenced backyard with lots of bird cages. I see one on the patio, it has a small delicate bird in it and I feed it. I begin to fly around the backyard, I guess I have a jetpack? I zoom around feeding the various birds in their cages, they are on multiple levels, suspended and resting on large trees. The last of the birds are a bunch of chickens in a coop up on a tree. I try to feed them, but not too much.

      I go back to my friends, it's dark outside and they are now out in the yard. My friend complains he ran out of candy, I laugh nervously saying that happens sometimes. His girlfriend seems upset about it and my friend yells out at me for eating so much. I feel a sting of shame.

      Out back I see two robots that look like they came from the Warhammer 40K universe. A few criminals, badass skater guys, take me hostage as they drive off in a convertible to escape the law. We drive down the sepia colored evening road, it's like LA. There are two demons with us that look like a few monsters from the Nickelodeon show "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters". They try to drive the guys insane, rubbing up against them as they whisper vile things. "I will be inside you soon...."

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    4. 091015: On the brink of lucidity, tuning a car radio/TV, psychonautics manuals.

      by , 10-09-2015 at 04:10 PM (The Dream Journal)
      All these are fragments.

      In the dark, I realize that I'm asleep. I see only darkness. The state I'm in is very fragile, I spin in a circle to try to stabilize the dream but then darkness swallows me whole and no memory remains.

      I'm in a car going down a desert road on a grey day. I'm tuning a car radio. It has a small TV screen. I see Christina Aguilera on the TV screen. She is on the panel of a talent show. She begins to suck on the microphone stand in front of her on the desk very suggestively. All I can think is that the microphone stand must be pretty dirty, why put it in her mouth? For the shock appeal?

      I'm in a cabin kind of place, although the place looks pretty modern. On the floor I find three colorful manuals on psychonautics, they look very interesting. I take them with me and put them in a black velvet bag. My trip to the outskirts of society won't be boring after all, I am sure to learn some very interesting skills.

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    5. 011015: Playing boards games, on a bike in an industrial yard, achieve lucidity at a school.

      by , 10-01-2015 at 06:12 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm at my friends place, he's playing a board game. We're in a laundry room in the basement, there is a window at the edge of the far wall where grey daylight comes in. The board games has something to do with whales. After rolling some red dice a few times and getting predictable results my friend talks about getting new dice. I tell him of some new dice I've seen that look very futuristic and we go into an in-depth discussion on how they might be off-balanced. I suggest 3D printing a tester die just in case.

      There is some confusion about how the game is supposed to progress, I forget what the situation is and what I should be doing. After my friend informs me, a bit annoyed, where I should be on the board (I have a whale piece by the shore that is attacking another piece) I roll and see if I am able to proceed. Another person I know is there as well.

      I turn and see two old women sitting on a wooden bench through a large window on the wall behind me. They are just sitting there, being old women. I turn around and see the game has turned into a kind of Jenga-type thing, there is a cube of made of bricks. I try to pull one out and the whole thing collapses, I feel a rush of shame.

      As we are packing I talk to my friend about playing Magic: the Gathering at some point, enthusiastically expressing how much I want to play it. I remember that I might have ruined the surprise of his surprise party.

      I take my bike back, I'm walking through the place where my friend's sister lives, it is pretty foggy. I talk to my friend Micheal for a bit before going off on my bike. In the middle of the road I see two hedgehogs on tip of each other. I break quickly and look at them. Are they fighting or having sex? In any case, it's dangerous for them to do that in the middle of the road. I try to scare them back into the bushes but they seem pretty unafraid of me, still totally connected. I go to their other side and start to wave at them, they slowly head into the bushes, still together.

      I walk down the path a bit and see two more hedgehogs sleeping by the side of the road. I look at them with great interest, I admire their quills, so long and sharp. I hear someone coming up behind me. Two people pass me and startle the animals, one of them is Ron Burgundy from the Anchorman movie.

      I walk away between two concrete apartment buildings. It's night now and I drive through the unfamiliar streets. Am I deep in the east side of the city? I drive my bike down narrow pathways in an industrial area, not sure where to go. I enter a building, still on my bike, looking for a way out of this maze. It's even more cramped here, tables and chairs, stumbling in the dark.

      I decide this was a bad idea and head outside again. Biking, I see another person walking toward me, I'm alarmed at first, what is he doing here? He passes me by with no incident. I continue to make my way.

      I'm in an inky blackness, can't sense anything. There is only a realization. This is a dream, this is a dream.
      A familiar excitement rises in me from my toes to my stomach. I know I can't get too excited. Suddenly in front of me a school appears. It's a red, brick school, a wing of it stretches to my left. It is a foggy day. I walk toward it, looking at everything, studying and examining, everything is hyper-real. Bricks, windows, the asphalt. I look into the window to my left and see my reflection, it is as I would expect, even my hair looks dopey as usual. Walking down I see a woman teaching a class of children, their faces as distinct as the "real" world. I enter the school, dazed, I don't know what to make of this, what should I do?

      The hall is lit with a yellowish light familiar from childhood. I turn right and walk down the hall. Things get fuzzy, I feel things slipping away. I know I must take action and I begin spinning in a circle to stabilize the dream. I see the lockers on the sides of the walls. The dream begins to feel stable again. I turn to see a balding man with glasses, a teacher, walking out. I look into the room he left, it is a small room with a window at the top edge of the far wall. Something like a bathroom, but there is a bed there. It has a 70's style quilt on it.

      I leave the room and go down the hall in the other direction. I meet two teenage girls sitting on a bench to the left. I hear them talking. The dream destabilizes......