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    1. 041115:A Party With Cake, Prophetic Dream of Eating Ice Cream with a Spanish Guy?!?!

      by , 11-04-2015 at 09:11 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm at a party, the girl is a friend of a friend who is hosting it. I eat cake as other people get wasted. I eat a chocolate mousse cake followed by another fruit cake. They are excellent. A kitten comes up and rubs up against me. It is doing it really hard, it must really like me. As it rubs its nose into my eye socket, it starts getting weird, it this cat sexually attracted to me or something?!?

      At a McD's, a Spanish guy I know from school orders a sundae, I look into it and see it barely has ice cream in it, let alone sauce. The staff mustn't like him much. Suddenly he becomes the shift manager, uniform and all, and we sit down and start to talk.

      Like in a real-life Springfield. Maude is there, no one likes her, she is very crabby and petty. No one likes Ned Flanders either, he is a religious nut. Bart, looking like a real person, says that Maude should be dead. There is a vibe can Bart can see the future.

      *Note: Today in school we had ice cream. The Spanish guy from my dream, someone I've never talked to, comes up and talks to me at my table. If I were more of the free-minded type, I'd be calling this a prophetic dream.