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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    Ethernet Hunt

    by , 07-20-2023 at 12:42 AM (111 Views)
    Ethernet Hunt (NLD) 07.19.2023

    I had this dream in a nap. I felt really guilty for taking a nap but this dream was funny to me. I am on a street corner with Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and my nephew. Mark is explaining that there are ethernets running underneath the city and hackers like to go in there to spy on peoples data. We walk up to a manhole cover. He starts loading a large revolver that has a a flashlight on it. Elon opens the manhole cover and I look in. It's dark in there and I can't see anything. I really want to catch a hacker so I jump in. It is much more spacious and lit up now and there are sets of ethernet cables everywhere. I see a person sitting with a laptop further in and he sees me so he picks up and runs. I chase after him and then the tunnel ends and I find myself in a Subway resturaunt. I find this very strange. I see the hacker run out the door and I chase after him. He steals a bike and takes off but somehow I can run faster than he can bike. I push him over and wake up for a moment.

    I see this as a good chance to DEILD so I try to stay still. I am semi lucid and now I'm in a car with Mark and Elon driving on a freeway. I somehow know they are chasing the hacker. They are on the phone with another bilionair who is saying silacious things about my nephew and I somehow know that the person they are talking to is in a car driving behind us. I blink myself into their car and try to stop him from saying these things and I wake up.

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