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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    Rock Wall and Fight Pits

    by , 07-17-2023 at 05:46 PM (109 Views)
    Rock Wall (NLD) 07.17.2023

    I am currently between jobs IWL but in the dream I have a job that required a lot of communting. After work me and some friends from the job car pool to a convention in full cosplay. I think we chose a theme of Star Wars and I am Darth Maul. At the convention we get to have some fun mock lightsaber fights. It is time to get in line for some event but to get in line you have to climb a rock climbing wall without a harness. My friends ditch me and one of them even makes fun of me saying I will never make it. I feel like he reminds me of a couple of my ex friends combined into one person I no longer like them very much. When I make it near the top of the rock wall the hand holds become very parilous and I look down wondering how hurt I would be from the fall. It is very far. A few people in cosplay at the top try to help me up and when I am locking hands with them I wake up.

    Fight Pits (NLD) 07.17.2023

    When I fall back asleep the dream continues but it is changed. Now instead of cosplaying at a convention I am am playing a computer game where I am playing a kobold character. The friends from before are now a clan I was in that betrayed me. There is a big gladiator PVP minigame I am joining. It is a lot like Runescape and I know my chances of winning are really slim. I have a oak long bow with iron arrows and a bronze scimitar. My armor is leather. I tell a much higher level wizard that my friends abandoned me and he says he will look out for me durring the fight.

    It is time for the game to start and the coloseum gates open. Everyone runs in and starts fighting eachother. I use my long bow to widdle people down and somehow get the last hit on some people! Finally there is only one other player left and I am out of arrows. It is a woman with mithril armor on. She says she is impressed I made it that far and raises my hand saying "And in second place!" The crowd is very happy. Then she finishes me off. lol
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