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    Goal Archive

    by , 02-12-2022 at 10:28 PM (264 Views)
    I noticed I had a very outdated goals section on the right. They must date back to 2016 from when I was active in the Dream Hero League. I wanted to make a new goals section but didn't want to delete the old ones completely so I'm archiving them here. I'm surprised by how many of them are checked off! It's funny that summoning Gandalf was a goal because I did that this morning.

    Do 10 different RCs in one dream ✓
    (TOTM) Pull something out of my butt ✓
    (TOTM) Jump into a washing machine and see where it takes me ✓
    Practice Teleporting ✓
    (TOTM) Pants a DC ✓
    (TOTM) Fly faster than speed of light ✓
    (TOTM) Ask a DC what would be a good TOTM ✓
    (TOTM) Catch and summon a pokemon ✓
    Learn more about Androx ✓
    (DHL) Defeat a giant snake ✓
    Talk to my dream guide again ✓
    • Ask her name ✓ (Juliana)
    • (TOTM) Ask her to follow me in a dream ✓
    • (TOTM) Ask her a secret about a DV member ✓
    • Ask her if she knows it's a dream ✓
    • Ask her what her natural hair color is ✓
    • Ask her the source of her magic (In laymens terms next time)

    (DHL) Defeat a gangster thief ✓
    (DHL) Do the DHL bomb mission ✓
    Meet FireFlyMan ✓
    Meet DreamCafe11 ✓
    Have Juliana give me a magic lesson ✓
    Drink a stability potion ✓
    Fight AndresLD ✓
    Magic lesson number two ✓
    Chill with Juliana ✓
    Summon the Master Sword again. ✓
    Magic lesson three X
    (DHL) Defeat an evil witch!
    (DHL)Exprlore the DHL headquarters
    Complete Deku Tree Dungeon with AndresLD
    Get a consistent sleep cycle ✓
    Go to the moon X
    Make a pleasing stack of pebbles X
    (TOTM) Eat a chocolate cake! ✓

    Summon Juliana
    Summon Gandalf
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