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    My First DHL Mission

    by , 07-28-2016 at 05:14 AM (752 Views)
    08:45 AM
    Lapras, I choose you! (DILD)


    I am in Las Vegas with my girlfriend and some of her friends. We are all in the hotel bathtub together naked for some reason. I hide myself at the edge of the tub and face the wall. I wonder who's idea this was this. I'd like to take a look at their bodies but I am to nervous. I do get a peek of some sideboob. Afterwords, my girlfriend and I are alone and have sex. I become lucid and let her know it's a dream. I say I have some goals but we continue for a little bit first.

    I leave the hotel and explore. I find myself at the beach. I guess I guess I forgot I was in Las Vegas and now it's Las Angles. I remember that I never summoned my Lapras from it's pokeball and might as well do that now. I put my hand behind my back and tk pull the dive ball into my hand. It is a lot more dull than before. I throw that ball and it breaks opens with a red beam. Lapras appears but the dream freaze frames some how and gets all blurry.

    Once I restabelize there are a group of DCs around me. One gives me a shinier dive ball and says that is why I destabilized. I say, "Lapras, I choose you!" and throw the ball at the ground. It just breaks and I destabilize again. I restabilize by feeling one of the DCs shirts.

    After this I use the same technique as last time to try and teleport to my dream guide's staircase. It Actually works great but I keep waking up and DEILDing when I get to the top probably out of excitement. One the last try I go through the hatch but the room is way to small and looks different. There is a bed with a person in it. I run up and it is a redheaded woman but other than that she doesn't look like her. The dream freeze frames again and I wake up.

    10:45 AM
    My First DHL Mission (DILD)


    There are a few semi lucid bits at the start of the dream that I forgot but after I DEILD I become fully lucid.

    I am in a grocery store. I see a sexy brunette who looks sort of like Robb Stark's wife. She is there with her mom they are talking to another DC. I mind control the DCs to not notice as she and I fool around. Her mom somehow still gives me a very nasty look so we go to a different isle. I read the food labels and eat a bag of Limón chips to stabilize. I think I should get on with my goals. I need to find and remove a giant venomous snake that has been terrorizing DCs. My first DHL mission! I go up to two DCs and ask them if the have seen a giant snake causing problems? One says no. The other says, "You should go to a pet store. There are lots of snakes there." I say, "Those aren't the kind of snakes I'm looking for but thanks." I go up to the brunette and ask her if she has seen a snake. She says, "Yes! It was over there and about this big." She indicates about 8 inches with her hands. I point out that is way to small. "But it was really big!" she replies. I go outside to look for the snake.

    There is a convention going on, probably Comic Con. There are a lot of DCs. One guy keeps following me and trying to talk to me but I dismiss him. I have work to do. I am going down a hall to go outside to the otherside. Wait a second. I should ask that guy! He says he knows where the snake is and I to follow him. We go outside and through the parking lot. He runs while I fly above him. About a block down the street he points out a red thin sticking out of the gutter. I use TK to pull it out and it turns out that was then end of a giant red snake. It is about 20 feet long with a head the size of a football.

    I plop it down in the middle of the street. As long as I keep my distance this should be easy. I hold the head and neck of the snake down with TK and twist them in opposite directions. Clear blood shoots out along a line at the neck and the head rolls off. That was an easy 5 points. This head is still dangerous to DCs I think. I look at the guy and see that he is safely on the sidewalk. I realize I never disguised myself. I point my hand in the air and yell Tatsumonki. I look down and see the sleeves of a black coat. I feel my hair and it a weird curly bowl cut. "I looked this way the whole time. Right?" I ask the guy. He nods. "I am DHL hero Tatsumonki. Spread word of my power!"I summon a glass jar and make it larger. I tk the head into it and summon some formaldehyde into the jar as well. Once it covers the head I put the top back on and shrink it down really tiny. I put the jar in my pocket. Headquarters can use this to make an antidote for the venom!

    I go back to the convention to celebrate. The brunette girl is there with her friends and we look at the cosplayers together until I wake up.

    Next target: a mafia thief.
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    1. Saizaphod's Avatar
      "I am DHL hero Tatsumonki. Spread word of my power!" Hahah awesome! Though the way you handled the snake was kinda brutal Good job, well deserved points
      MadMonkey likes this.
    2. MadMonkey's Avatar
      Thanks! It was either decapitation or fling it into space. This just seemed to have less risk involved. haha
    3. AndresLD's Avatar
      Hahaha I enjoyed that part as well. I'm on a bit of a dry spell at the moment but hopefully I will be able to break it soon. I've been putting a bit more time during the day into recording my dreams, reading past dreams, reading articles etc. as well as practicing a bit more ADA.

      Once we're both back to full speed maybe Tatsumonki and Fierce Deity Andres can go fight some evil forces
      MadMonkey likes this.
    4. MadMonkey's Avatar
      We should team up for next months missions! It's been to long since I saw you in a dream. If I see you before that I have to fight you for spellbee2's competition though. haha
      AndresLD likes this.
    5. AndresLD's Avatar
      Hahaha I was thinking that yesterday, it could make for a fun fight!
      MadMonkey likes this.
    6. MadMonkey's Avatar
      We fought once in a semi lucid and that was a draw. This time I want to win!