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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    Pirate Rivalry

    by , 06-28-2023 at 07:49 PM (204 Views)
    Pirate Rivalry (NLD) 06.28.2023

    I am in a mideval town and I am part of a crew of pirates who use this town as their hometown. I am the mage of the party, being able to specialize in telekinesis even though I am not lucid. First I pick out an outfit with a fancy hat and then we go to the market to shop. I can't remember much until the part where we run into our rivals. We get in a tussle with them and I use my telekinesis abilities but I don't remember the details.

    The next fragment I remember is we are running into a concert hall and telling the musicians that the rival pirates have placed a bomb in the organ that is set to go off on the final note of the song. They inspect the organ and say they haven't found anything. However, when I look inside I am able to use telekinesis to levitate out the bomb and I throw it into the ocean.

    The next fragment is me heading home. I am worried that we will be attacked by our rivals. My home isn't there for some reason! I have a scale model of the place that looks 3d printed. I think that I can use dream control to convert it into a full sized home but nothing I try works. One of the rival pirates shows up to goad me. She is a young woman with the teeth and eyes of a cat. She patronizes me to come out and play. I realize now that she might have been a dream witch.
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