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    College Again

    by , 07-03-2023 at 06:10 AM (183 Views)
    College Again (NLD) 07.02.2023

    I am in the animation drawing class at my old college except instead of rows of computers there are normal desks with seats. The professor is MF and he says we have to design space craft for this assignment. I look in my portfolio for a blank piece of paper and pull one out. After I start drawing I realize there is already part of a drawing drawn in ink and it clashes with what I have drawn in pencil so I need to find a different paper without anything on it. This is when I start to question why I am back in college. After all, I already have my degree. This is a common dream sign but the dream logic keeps me from doing a reality check! Instead I walk up to MF and ask if I am on the list of students. He takes a look at his notes and says I am indeed enroled in the class.

    After the class is over I go to the information desk because this just doesn't seem right. I walk up to one of the people at the desk and ask if they can tell me if I am enrolled in clases. "You see, I often have dreams I am back in school and I just want to know if I'm enrolled." They make up excuses of how they don't have access to this information. "What is my current GPA?" I ask. "You have a 2.2 from missing so many classes." I was an honors student so this stresses me out and I still don't become lucid.

    I go outside and there is some sort of game where you walk around a square shape made of squares drawn on the pavement in chalk. I get hung up in playing this game where you walk around the squares and things happen depending on where you land. This part of the dream is fuzzy now and, of course, I don't become lucid.
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