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    Jade Green Sparring Match Two

    by , 07-06-2023 at 08:13 PM (371 Views)
    Jade Green Sparring Match Two (WILD) 07.06.2023

    My partner K wakes me up when she is getting out of bed earlier than me and when I fall asleep I feel the dream set in before I lose awareness. I do a RC and confirm I am in a WILD. I get out of bed and summon my robes and put them on in one swoop of my arm. I try pulling up the heads up display with the gesture of swiping up from my left wrist but it doesn't work right away. I wake up but DEILD.

    I try again and this time I get the holographic HUD to show up. Instead of being futuristic, this time it looks like Windows 11. I tap the search bar and say "Noma". then I snap my finger and get teleported to a beach. I focus on the details and notice that the plants are exotic and have black leaves. I am indeed on Woue but not in the Noma desert where we can fight without causing damage to the environment. I destabilize and DEILD.

    I repeat the teleportation process from our room. This time when I snap my fingers I find myself laying on a red sandy dune. When I stand up and look over the top of the dune I see a red desert with crashed space craft scattered around! I look behind me and see Hade. He looks like he does in JadeGreen's art! Unfortunately Manei and Jay aren't there. Hade ignites his rockets so I guess it's time to fight! I try throwing a rock at him with telekinesis but it is blocked by a purple hexagonal shield that pops up infront of him. I realize I am a little taken off guard and don't have time to remember my strategy. We both fly at eachother and I try a Superman punch but it is blocked by his shield. We then tangle together (because I grab hold of his arm.) and then we spin around eachother midair. I realize being in close is not a good idea because I have had problems with wrestling in dreams so I let go and we both get flung away from eachother by centrifugal force.

    When I float from the tumble I feel a pain in the leg from where he hit me with a staff in the last dream we fought in. I wonder if I got hit but I realize it's just a bruise. I learn that I don't have healing factor like Hade and Manei do. Hade pulls out a bow and arrow and I know I have to deflect any arrows he sends with telekinesis or I am done for! Unfortunetly the dream starts to destabilize even with neither of us landing a clear hit.

    I DEILD again but this time I don't think I have the energy for another match. I experiment with pulling up the HUD again, trying to study it's buttons, but I keep destabilizing for the rest of the REM cycle.

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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      So of course thus far the most intricate dream involving my own wonderland and a superpower that I have been working to develop isn't even a dream I've had. I feel conflicted about this. But I guess it's good to know that the visualization sessions we were doing worked so well, congratulations.
    2. MadMonkey's Avatar
      You will get there soon and Iíll be there waiting. See you on Woue!
      JadeGreen likes this.
    3. theshirecat's Avatar
      I like the HUD idea for a teleport! Might use that!
    4. MadMonkey's Avatar
      It is inspired by Ready Player One since all my dreams were taking place in The Oasis for a couple months a year or so ago. I can usually summon the HUD after a few tries and the Robes of Anorak give me admin access!