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    Winter Competition 2024 One Naps

    by , 01-08-2024 at 01:37 AM (155 Views)
    I took a nap and had more ludis.

    Winter Competition 2024 One - Nap One (DILD) 01.07.2024

    I think I wake up but it is a false awakening. Normally my false awakenings are at my childhood home at night but this one is my current bedroom during the day. I was planning on starting dating in a few months but in the dream I feel like making a Bumble account right away for some reason. I find myself staggering because gravity is all sorts of off. I do a reality check and confirm it's lucid. I am really suprised and remember my goal is simply to take off the VR headset. I reach up to my head and try but I can't feel one or force one to be there. I think it's because I didn't bother willing there to be one before trying. I wake up.

    It is super hard to get out of bed. I sit up and do another nose pinch RC and it is still a dream. I am always in awe of how really flase awakenings feel. I sit up in bed and try swiping up the VR hud from my left wrist but nothing happens. I say, "Clara", the name of my AI assistant and she doesn't respond. These things never seem to work as well in FAs as they do in other lucid dreams.

    I wake up into two more FAs before my real life eyes open and I am awake.

    Winter Competition 2024 One - Nap Two (DILD) 01.07.2024

    I am in a Dungeons and Dragons lucid dream. I don't remember the beginning of it. We defeat some hard enemies but one of our people gets cursed and becomes a powerful Oath Breaker Paladin or something he kills everyone, me last and I respawn inside my childhood home. It is dark. Familiar teritory. I know he is outside ready to chop me in half again. I have a bunch of D&D minis that I turn into full size fighters that I send outside. I hear them all get defeated and then the paladin comes inside and kills me for me to go back in time and start over. I send more and more minitures at him each time. The last time I send 8 powerful constructs after him and notice the house is getting surrounded by drow and vampires. "Even more trouble!", I think when I wake up.

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    1. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Cool trick with the miniatures, there! I'm definitely gonna keep that in mind.

      EDIT: It just occurred to me that Son Wukong did something similar in Journey of the West, didn't he? Did you have that in mind when you tried that?